Updated on: April 15

Witness history in the making! The inaugural DOTA 2 Elite League event began on March 31, 2024, and is now well underway. This unique event is a Tier 1 collaboration between huge names in the DOTA 2 scene: FISSURE, ESB (Electronic Sports Broadcasting), and BetBoom.

Despite being a new entrant on the esports calendar, Elite League boasts an impressive prize pool of $960K, which will be divided between all 24 invited teams as they battle it out for the championship title. Some of the teams invited are also among huge names in the DOTA 2 scene, including our very own Blacklist Rivalry and The International 12 winners, Team Spirit.

Keep reading for the complete schedule, current standings, match results, live stream details, and more!

Elite League 2024: Format

Elite League 2024 looks to be one of the most significant DOTA 2 events on the 2024 calendar, with a grand total of 24 teams competing.

Teams from seven regions, Eastern and Western Europe, Southeast Asia, China, North and South America, and the Middle East, will participate in this online league. Many of the participating teams took part in closed qualifiers and worked their way through the screening sieve to earn their slot.

Swiss Stage (Group Stage 1): March 31 - April 4

  • Sixteen teams will compete in a modified Swiss system; seven teams with direct invites and nine teams from qualifiers. This has been changed from the ten teams from qualifiers and six invited teams that were previously mentioned in the run up to the event
  • All matches are played as a best-of-three series
  • The top eight teams advance to the Round robin stage
  • The remaining teams are eliminated

Round-Robin Stage (Group Stage 2): April 5 - 10

  • There will be two single round robin group, with eight teams in each
  • All matches are played as a best-of-two series
  • The top two teams from each group advance to the Upper Bracket of the Playoffs
  • 3rd - 4th placed teams from each group advance to the Lower Bracket of the Playoffs
  • Remaining teams are eliminated

Playoffs: April 12 - 14

  • Eight teams compete in the Playoffs
  • Double-elimination bracket
  • All matches (except the Grand Final) are best-of-three
  • The Grand Final is best-of-five

Elite League 2024: Teams

Only the best of the best are competing in the Elite League. To begin with, nine teams from closed qualifiers were seeded into the initial Swiss Stage. The other invited teams make up the remaining numbers.

Here are all 24 teams competing in the first-ever Elite League event.

Invited Teams

  • OG
  • Tundra Esports
  • Team Secret
  • Virtus.pro
  • PSG Quest
  • Aurora
  • Heroic

Qualified Teams

  • Entity
  • Rest Farmers
  • 9Pandas
  • Nigma Galaxy
  • KEV
  • Blacklist Rivalry
  • Talon Esports
  • nouns
  • BOOM Esports

Round-Robin Stage Teams

  • Team Spirit
  • BetBoom Team
  • Team Liquid
  • Gaimin Gladiators
  • Team Falcons
  • Xtreme Gaming
  • Azure Ray
  • G2 x iG

Elite League 2024: Schedule

Having begun on March 31, we're now over halfway through the second stage, the Round-Robin, as teams fight for their Playoffs slot.

All times listed below will be in BST, and match winners will be in bold.

Elite League 2024: Playoffs Schedule

April 12 - Lower Bracket Round 1

  • 10:00 AM: Gaimin Gladiators vs. G2.iG
  • 12:00 PM: Tundra Esports vs. PSG Quest

April 12 - Upper Bracket Semifinals

  • 4:00 PM: Team Falcons vs. Xtreme Gaming
  • 7:00 PM: Team Liquid vs. Azure Ray

April 13 - Lower Bracket Quarterfinals

  • 10:00 AM: Team Liquid vs. Gaimin Gladiators
  • 1:00 PM: Xtreme Gaming vs. PSG Quest

April 13 - Upper Bracket Final

  • 4:00 PM: Azure Ray vs. Team Falcons

April 13 - Lower Bracket Semifinal

  • 7:00 PM: Team Liquid vs. Xtreme Gaming

April 14 - Lower Bracket Final

  • 2:00 PM: Azure Ray vs. Xtreme Gaming

April 14 - Grand Final

  • 5:00 PM: Xtreme Gaming vs. Team Falcons

Elite League 2024: Where to Watch

Elite League is an online-only event, so viewers will be able to catch the action through live broadcasts. Primary and secondary live streams will accommodate any matches happening concurrently.

For reader convenience, we've embedded the primary English-speaking Twitch stream below, where all the Playoffs will be shown.

For DOTA 2 fans in other countries, there are streams available in multiple languages, so no one has to miss any of the Elite League action. Check below to see if your region has been covered. 



Elite League 2024: Overall Standings & Prize Pool Distribution


Team Name (s)

Prize Money


Xtreme Gaming



Team Falcons



Azure Ray



Team Liquid


5th - 6th

Gaimin Gladiators, PSG Quest


7th - 8th

G2 x iG, Tundra Esports


9th - 10th

OG, Aurora


11th - 16th

Blacklist Rivalry, Team Spirit, Heroic, BOOM Esports, Team Spirit, BetBoom Team


17th - 19th

Virtus.pro, Team Secret, Talon Esports


20st - 24th

9Pandas, Rest Farmers, nouns, Nigma Galaxy, KEV


Final Thoughts

That was Rivalry's event overview for the first-ever DOTA 2 Elite League tournament. We'll update this article daily to reflect all match results, upcoming matches, and overall final standings, so save this page! Keep your eyes peeled for our Elite League betting guide coming soon.

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