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Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends (CBLOL)

Jun 1 - Sep 7th, 2024
CBLOL Arena, São Paulo

Bet on CBLOL with Rivalry | Best League of Legends Odds

The Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends, or CBLOL, showcases the best-of-the-best in Brazil's professional League of Legends esports sphere, with ten well-known teams in the league. As a signature staple in the League of Legends esports calendar since 2012, CBLOL is a highly-anticipated tournament with some top-tier talent clashing on stage for a massive prize pool on the line. 

You can win big alongside your favorite CBLOL teams with Rivalry's live betting! With our competitive LoL odds, betting bonuses, and 24/7 customer support, why would you stray anywhere else? Read on for our dedicated CBLOL betting guide, covering all the bases, like our betting markets, tips, and favorite teams to win the tournament. 

CBLOL 2024: Format 


Each annual season of play is divided into two splits a year: Split 1 and Split 2. Each split has a similar format: a Group Stage and the Playoffs. All teams compete in a double round-robin where all matches are Bo1, allowing no room for error. All teams will face each other 18 times before the top six advance to the Playoffs. Every Playoff game is Bo5, including the Grand Final.

The winning team of Split 1 gets the lion's share of the prize pool and an automatic invitation to the Mid-Season Invitational. The winner from Split 2 gets invited to LoL Worlds to close out the competitive year.

CBLOL 2024: Prize Pool 

Unlike the big guns in professional League of Legends like LCK or LEC, the total R$500,000 BRL prize pool is divvied up among all ten teams in the mix - everyone gets a slice!

See the exact prize pool distribution below; we've also included roughly how that money converts to USD. 

  • 1st place: R$115,000 ($23,337), MSI 2024 qualification 
  • 2nd place: R$85,000 ($17,249)
  • 3rd place: R$60,000 ($12,176)
  • 4th place: R$50,000 ($10,146)
  • 5th place: R$40,000 ($8,117)
  • 6th place: R$35,000 ($7,102)
  • 7th place: R$30,000 ($6,088)
  • 8th place: R$25,000 ($5,073)
  • 9th place: R$20,000 ($4,058)
  • 10th place: R$15,000 ($3,044)

CBLOL 2024: Teams

CBLOL teams

There are ten teams in the CBLOL League of Legends league. Take a look below for the complete team list, including their player rosters. 

  • Fluxo (FX): Kiari, St1ng, Fuuu, kojima, scamber
  • FURIA Esports (FUR): Destroy, Mir, Tutsz, Ayu, Zay
  • INTZ (ITZ): Tay, Yampi, Aithusa, NinjaKiwi, Damage
  • KaBum! Esports (KBM): Lonely, Malrang, Hauz, Netuno, Ceos
  • Keyd Stars (VKS): Guigo, Disamis, toucouille, SMILEY, ProDelta
  • Liberty (LBR): Makes, Drakehero, Piloto, MicaO, Cavalo
  • LOS (LOS): SuperCleber, Seize, Envy, Celo, Cabbie
  • LOUD (LLL): Robo, Croc, Tinowns, Route, RedBert
  • paiN Gaming (PNG): Wizer, Cariok, dyNquedo, TitaN, Kuri
  • Red Canids (RED): fNb, Aegis, Grevthar, Brance, Jojo

CBLOL 2024: Favorite Teams


With ten teams in the league, each with loyal fanbases, the competition and tension in the CBLOL are fierce. Picking the favorite teams to win can be tough, but part of what makes League of Legends gameplay so exciting is the sheer unpredictability. 

Here are the top three teams to keep an eye on when watching and betting on CBLOL. 


LOUD is Brazil's most prominent esports organization, having previously seen success in Valorant and League of Legends. They won both CBLOL Splits in 2023, and are looking to maintain their winning streak in 2024. 

paiN Gaming 

The runner-up kings, paiN Gaming or PNG, have frequently found themselves in second position in recent CBLOL tournaments. With their refreshed lineup and hunger to win, they want to one-up themselves and come out on top this year. 

Red Canids

Having previously won CBLOL three times in history, the Red Canids want to bring back their A-game to League of Legends in 2024 with their powerful roster. 

CBLOL Betting with Rivalry

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Bet on CBLOL with Rivalry

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CBLOL Betting Markets

We have all sorts of different markets available for our League of Legends bettors, whether you're betting typically or with our Same Game Combos

  • Tournament winner: Before the current CBLOL season begins, you can place bets on the one team you think will outright win the tournament based on the currently available betting odds. 
  • Match winner: As it suggests, this betting market lets you predict the winner of a match.
  • Handicap: You can even predict which team will be at a handicap/disadvantage going into a matchup. 
  • Totals: With this betting market, you can predict the total amount of maps played over/under, predicting which team will win within the given margin. 

Try our CBLOL Same Game Combos on Rivalry

Same Game Combos Betting Markets

With our game-changing Same Game Combos, even more betting markets are unlocked for CBLOL

  • Totals - Objectives (Over/Under, Odd/Even): This includes which teams will claim objectives, like Baron Nashor, Turrets, Inhibitors, Drakes, and more. 
  • Total - Kills (Player or Team): These betting markets let you choose which team or player will rack up the most kills in a given match, even with dedicated odds for each player. 
  • Handicap - (Objectives): You can also place bets on which team will have a handicap going into claiming certain objectives, like Drakes and Towers. 

CBLOL Betting Tips

CBLOL betting tips

League of Legends betting can be tricky, especially if you don't know where to begin. Luckily, we've got some simple betting tips to help you dip your toes in CBLOL betting and start winning big money. 

Learn our esports odds

Before betting on our site, you must familiarize yourself with our betting odds. On Rivalry, all our odds are displayed as decimals, which are the simplest to understand. An even money bet in decimal odds would be 2.00. On a 2.00 bet, you get back your original bet plus profit equal to what you bet. For example, the odds for LOUD could be set at 1.65, and their opponent, KBM, could be set at 2.1. Here's what you could win back with a $10 bet. 

  • A $10 bet on LOUD would return $16.50 to you (your original $10 bet + $6.5 profit).
  • A $10 bet on KBM would return $21.00 to you (your $1 0 bet + $11 profit).

Play the game

League of Legends is free to play and download. This means nothing is stopping you from learning the game yourself! Learn who the meta champions are, the latest patch notes, and the in-game systems like Dragons and Summoner Spells. This knowledge can give you the upper hand over other bettors, especially during live betting as the game unfolds and each team's strategies are brought to light.

Follow LoL pundits and content creators

Knowledge is power in the esports scene, and the pundits know the drill – they're already dropping content on the tournament. Dive into YouTube for a free goldmine of analysis videos and VODs that bring a fresh perspective. A wealth of free insights is waiting for you so you can make informed decisions when placing your CBLOL bets.

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