With numerous available mobile battle-royale-style headlines, users who are constantly playing video games have various opportunities to choose from. But when it comes to those headlines, one that is definitely leading the patch is Garena Free Fire

The game came out in 2017 but has risen in popularity two years later, in 2019. Free Fire is such an attention catcher because of the limitless opportunities you can find to exploit your enemies when playing. 

By combining different characters with various skills and exceptionally smooth gameplay, the game of Free Fire provides you with one of the best environments for battle-royale gaming, especially on mobile. 

All Characters of Free Fire You Can Use

Before diving straight into the action, you will need to understand more about the game's capabilities. And in the best battle royale games like this, the characters always come on top of the list. As of 2022, there are more than 40 different characters you can use, which makes the game one of the leading in the industry.

With such a vast pool of heroes, you will definitely be bound to come across a character that suits your fighting style and movement speed, bringing the best of you when you are battling with your enemies to rise through the ranks. 

But even this is not the best thing you will come across in Garena Free Fire. Even after the game's release, its developers constantly bring in version updates with features and new characters. As a result, the initial number of around 40 characters will increase substantially in the upcoming years. 

How to Choose Your Character in Free Fire?

In a game with fierce competition like Free Fire, it's not easy to rise through the ranks and get the best results. Choosing the correct character for your specific style and battle ability will always be essential if you don't want to rage every minute when you receive the first shot as the game round starts. But how precisely can you do that? 

To choose the best character for you specifically get the foundation for a better ep conversion rate, you will need to pay attention to a few crucial things: special abilities and attributes. 

Special Ability 

Your character's unique ability will be the foundation of your battling style. As we mentioned, in Free Fire, all characters will have a unique ability and movement speed that separates them. 

Some increase or restore HP with every kill. Others create a force field to block substantial attacks and have a lightning-fast sprinting speed, while there are also characters who specialize in stealth mode, going missing from the mini-map for a few seconds, which allows for an easier HP recovery. 

On top of that, there are als characters who can get your gloo wall deployed in seconds. There are literally numerous characters that can significantly damage you, even if you are on max HP and have healing skills. The damage range of some abilities is just too vast. 

But you should know that even if your character has a special survival skill and a very fierce special ability, you can't simply spam it all over the place and expect to annihilate all your max HP enemies. 

The special abilities can't be used at all times as your character needs a recovery time. And this is when the various types of special skills come into play. These are passive and active special abilities. 

Usually, the best character will allow a quicker cooling period, meaning that you can again use the special ability faster, providing you with a more smooth movement speed. This is why characters with shallow cooling down periods are usually more popular and have a bigger damage range than the rest. 

But there is another side of things. Instead of choosing a character with a quicker cooling period, you can choose one that can use its special ability longer or has an active unique ability. 

These characters will provide you with more room to cause damage to your opponents, which is also a substantial benefit. For example, some characters use their ability with a movement speed of less than ten seconds, while the others we mentioned above have a special passive ability that automatically turns on in particular circumstances. 

Additionally, it would be best to keep in mind that your characters' unique ability power is not fixed. As long as you play and constantly rise above the competition, your character will have to level up and become more powerful by also having extra durability. You can even receive various healing items in the process. 

You will even unlock new special abilities that your characters can use at some point. This will provide you with even more freedom, deadly weapons, quicker movement speed, and abilities to restore HP you can count on, which is why you will be unstoppable if you choose one of the best character combinations in Garena Free Fire.

Whatever one you choose, it should reflect your gaming style the best, making your gaming experience very exciting with every Free Fire new character that comes around.

Free Fire Characters Attributes

The attributes are one of the crucial things you will need to explore carefully before choosing your new character in the game Free Fire. 

Simply put, attributes are various weapons that are used as the primary source of power when you want to cause explosive weapon damage and armour penertation to your opponents, especially in the period of, let’s say, ten seconds when you are not using your character's special ability. Some of these weapons are so deadly that they make HP recovery almost impossible. 

These attributes range from battle marksman rifles to snipers and even flamethrowers. Just like the characters, each attribute has unique features that can be used to boost your battling style and explosive damage. 

That's how you can combine various characters with a long-range special ability and attributes like snipers to cause maximum bullet damage from afar and destroy the competition. 

But for this to happen, you need to be aware of the inventory space you have. The inventory shows the number of attributes you can use with one character. That’s why you’ll need to choose wisely which guns you want to bring on the battlefield. 

The different attributes will also impact the speed with which your character is moving, which is also something that shouldn't be neglected. 

Which is the Best Character in Free Fire?

As we already mentioned, all of the Free Fire characters are unique, and your success with them depends more on your skills with a particular battling style. That said, it's not exactly a secret that some of the Garena Free Fire characters are slightly overpowered. They come with super cool or almost broken special abilities that can almost guarantee armour penetration. 

It's not easy if you are up against one of those overpowered characters that cause significant explosive damage, so why don't you rise above the competition and use one of them yourself? Below, we will present a small list of some of the most used characters in Free Fire.


In case you don't like to take things slow and you want damage delivered fast, your professional bodyguard Skyler has all the attributes and skills to match that. With its unique ability, Skyler unleashes a sonic wave forward that can damage up to 5 Gloo Walls and force field walls in a range of 50 meters. 

If that surprise attack doesn't sound cool enough, you should know that the cooling period of this special ability is set at only 60 seconds. On top of that, his sprinting speed is also significant. This will provide you with plenty of room to quickly rush and destroy your enemies' gloo wall defense, resulting in their significant HP loss.   


Wukong is one of the characters you can easily exploit within the fast-paced action in Garena Free Fire. The character's camouflage ability allows a player to get transformed into a bush for 10 seconds. 

This might not seem like a lot, but in reality, gives plenty of time for you to make a silent kill without any HP loss to yourself. 

The downfall of this special ability is that the cooling period is 250 seconds, but with each kill, the cooldown duration will be reset.


A124 is one of the Free Fire female characters you don't want to face on the battlefield. The special ability of this character unleashes an 8m electromagnetic wave that disables all skill activation and cooling periods of all enemies. 

The effect lasts for 20 seconds, which is more than enough time for you to cause significant damage or even make a few quick shotgun kills by breaking your opponent’s gloo walls. The cooling period of the ability is set at 100 seconds, which is not ideal, but you can easily hold up if you pair A124 with a vital attribute. 

Can You Use a Free Fire Characters Hack?

Losing can be frustrating, so sometimes there are players who turn out to have additional "perks" and "features" that can help them finally crush the competition. But when you are enjoying Free Fire, you won't be able to use any hacks or software. 

The game is played on mobile and has many defense mechanisms that can detect if you are trying to do something that will advantage you over other users. This will result in your account being irreversibly banned. 

Experiment and Find Your Best Free Fire Characters' Combination

Whether you choose a Garena Free Fire girl character or any other available ones doesn't matter. Players can easily cause chaos on the Free Fire battlefield, even with some characters considered weak. 

Finding an excellent balance of great attributes and character with powers that suit your gaming style is the way to go. This will allow you to have fun when playing and easily take down your enemies.