Garena Free Fire Max, aka Free Fire Battlegrounds or simply Free Fire, is a popular battle royale game rivaling the likes of Fortnite, offering a free-to-play gaming experience, boasting millions of regular players.

Free Fire is monetized via its premium currency known as “Diamonds." Players use Diamonds to purchase in-game items like Weapon Skins, unique characters, Pets, Emotes, Loot Crates, and more goodies to make their character stand out in the battlegrounds.

Making sure your Free Fire character is suited, booted, and ready for battle can quickly become an expensive hobby. As a result, a question many players ask is "How to get free Diamonds in Free Fire?"

Fortunately, there are some easy ways of getting Free Fire Diamonds without opening up your wallet and spending real cash. Here are all the ways you can get Free Fire Diamonds for free.

What are Diamonds in Free Fire?

Like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Free Fire Diamonds are a premium in-game currency. Using Garena Free Fire Max Diamonds, you can jazz your character with exclusive rewards and in-game items like new characters and even unique weapon skins.

However, the main method of getting Free Fire Diamonds requires you to dig out your wallet and hand over your hard-earned money to purchase Diamonds, which often cost a fair amount of $$$.

Luckily, there are multiple means of topping up your Free Fire account with Diamonds— for free! Be sure to watch out for scam websites claiming to offer Free Fire Diamonds, though, like Diamond Generators, etc. The only legitimate way of getting Garena Free Fire Max Diamonds is via Garena or Google Play.

Ways To Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire

While these won't give you unlimited free Diamonds for Garena Free Fire Max by any means, you can milk these methods for all their worth, getting as many free Diamonds for the battle royale game as possible.

  • Redeem Codes
  • Google Opinion Rewards app
  • BOOYAH! app

Free Diamonds Using Free Fire Redeem Codes

The easiest and fastest way of securing Diamonds in Garena Free Fire Max is through redeem code drops. These limited-time, alpha-numerical codes are often given out by Garena whenever the game hits viewership or download milestones during esports tournaments or events.

These will often be shared on Garena Free Fire's social media platforms, like X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, or Facebook, so keep your eyes peeled on their posts and stories!

Once you have a redeem code, activate it on the Free Fire Rewards Redemption Site and follow the redemption process outlined below.

  1. Open the Garena Free Fire Max Rewards Redemption website on your smartphone or desktop.
  2. Log in to your existing account using your credentials from online platforms like Facebook, X, Google Play, or Apple ID.
  3. Once logged in, copy and paste any of our Free Fire redeem codes and press "Confirm" to redeem your Diamonds and other rewards in Free Fire.
  4. Access your Free Fire rewards by launching the game on your smartphone or device.

Your Garena Free Fire Max Diamonds will be found in the in-game Mail section— they may take up to 24 hours to be credited to your account, so be patient.

Currently Active Garena Free Fire Codes

Here are all the currently active Garena Free Fire Max codes, as of July 9, 2024, to redeem Free Fire Diamond.

The alpha-numerical codes below will be all case-sensitive, so carefully type them in or copy and paste them to claim the premium in-game currency and boost your Diamond wallet.

These Free Fire redeem codes for free Diamonds are also time-limited, typically only lasting a day or so, so redeem them ASAP before they become invalid!

  • L2W9GH3R8X7M5P1K
  • Y4T6BJ7C9D2R8H0Q
  • FM3N8S1L5W9X7Q4P
  • FG1T9Z7Q4P5R3J2H
  • FK5V7N1P3M6T9R8X
  • FS9G6Q3H1N2P7K4J
  • FX4R7H2T8N1S5G6P
  • FJ7K4H6R8Y3W2P9T
  • CF9D2R1H3G4K8J6W
  • FP5Q3R2J8K6H7M9T
  • FN1S8G7H6T5R3J2Q
  • FW9X7P1K5J3R8H2M
  • FH4R7J8K2G6N9Q1P
  • FR3J2H6K4P9W7X5M
  • FG6N2Q8J7R9K1H5T
  • FP9K2J3R5H1M7N6T
  • FW7P5K3H2R9N1M4T
  • FH8K4R7J3Q1P6N5T
  • FQ2R8J9K1H3G6N5P
  • FM7T5P9K2J3R1H8N
  • FHR67U7Y5HU567UY

Disclaimer: Please be mindful that some of the above codes (if any are posted) might not be available in every region or could have already expired. Rivalry is not responsible for any Free Fire codes that are no longer active.*

Free Fire Diamonds Using Google Opinion Rewards

Another trusted method of earning Diamonds in Free Fire is via Google Opinion Rewards. This official application by Google rewards players for completing surveys, allowing Google to collect data and improve the Google Play user experience. Instead of getting Free Fire Diamonds, players will get Google Play Credits to buy Diamonds in Free Fire.

All you have to do is head to the Google Play Store, download the Google Opinion Rewards app, and log in to your existing Google account. Make sure you turn push notifications on to be notified when a new survey is available.

When you answer surveys and successfully complete them, you will be credited with Google Play Credits straight into your Google account, with surveys paying up to $1 USD per survey.

Once the Google Play Credits are in your account, you can launch Free Fire and purchase some Diamonds without spending hard-earned IRL cash. In the payment options, select Google Play Credits to collect your free Diamonds. Ezpz!

Free Fire Diamonds Using the BOOYAH! app

Although this method isn't as guaranteed as the other two, you can sometimes get Free Fire Diamonds via the BOOYAH application. This app has been created by Garena, meaning it's totally secure and safe to use unlike other third-party applications promising Free Fire Max Diamonds.

With BOOYAH!, players can sign in and participate in in-game events to earn more rewards, exclusive items, and free Diamonds to use when they next play Garena Free Fire Max.

Final Thoughts

By following these legitimate methods, you can boost your Diamond collection in Free Fire without spending a dime. Remember to stay vigilant against scams and enjoy your Free Fire experience. GL HF on the battlefield!

Remember — don't trust any shady-looking websites and avoid illegal methods like "Diamond Generators" or modified applications that hack the game to give you free Diamonds. Doing this may result in Garena banning your account forever and ultimately isn't worth the risk.