Call of Duty Mobile is an excellent FPS game, the mobile version of CoD, and a highly popular esport played by hundreds of millions of people around the globe. Each year, it features multiple tournaments that you can watch on and even bet on if you like. CoD: Mobile has many great features and one of them is its characters. This guide will tell you more about this aspect of the game.

The Basics of Call of Duty Mobile Characters

Call of Duty Mobile Characters are models that you can choose from when you play the game. However, keep in mind that these models are similar to those of esports like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), not Valorant or Overwatch. In other words, they’re more like skins than actual agents with unique skills.

Another thing to keep in mind about Call of Duty Mobile characters is that not all of them will be immediately available to you. Many of these characters need to be unlocked before they can be used.

All Call of Duty Mobile characters are the same in terms of their attributes. But they’re still unique from a visual and lore perspective, which is important for every fan of the CoD series. Choosing one character over another won’t increase or decrease your win rate, but it may enhance your visual and psychological experience of the game. Whether you choose to play a character that’s male or female, young or old, from one of the newer games or from the ancient past of CoD, your choice will not do you any harm from a gameplay perspective.

Call of Duty Mobile characters are quite numerous. At the moment, there are almost 130 of them. These characters come from the various CoD games that have been released over the last two decades and can bring a lot of memories.

The Lore of Some of the Call of Duty Mobile Characters

Each character in Call of Duty Mobile has a unique story. And many of them are quite fascinating. Here are 3 such characters.


Lieutenant General Shepherd began as a supporting character in CoD: Modern Warfare 2 and then proved to be the main antagonist of the story. His signature weapon, a .44 Magnum, can probably still be remembered by those who’ve played the Duty franchise since at least 2009. This is without a doubt one of the most iconic characters in the series.

During the 2nd Russian civil war, General Shepherd was the supreme commander of the US military forces. The execution of Al-Fulani by Al-Asad triggered an invasion. However, the US forces were destroyed by a nuclear device and around 30,000 marines lost their lives. Shepherd was greatly affected by this incident, and he developed a bleak view of the world and politics. However, he continues to fight for his country and tried to restore its reputation and military might. At the same time, he invested a lot of time in secret to restore his own image in the eyes of those he had disappointed.

The story of this character is much longer and requires an in-depth study of the storyline of one of CoD’s best games.

Vagr Modir

Vagr Modir is one of the more recent additions to Call of Duty Mobile and her story is full of captivating details. She is tasked with rescuing Hidora Kai from UAC and is in charge of an armada. Hidora is being held captive on a ship and Vagr attacks its crew. During this rescue attempt, she encounters General Shepherd and forces him to free the hostage.

Carver Butcher

This is another one of the iconic characters of CoD and he was introduced in Call of Duty: WWII, where he plays an important role during the Winter Siege event, as well as everything that happens next during the story of the game. An interesting aspect about this character is that he’s featured in multiple games and gets a significant part in every one of them. Fans of the series will no doubt know him well.

Alex Mason

This is a CIA operative and a hugely important character in Call of Duty Black Ops. He is the main protagonist of that story and your primary playable guy. If you’re in search of intrigue and drama, finding more about him will not disappoint you. Captain Alex Mason has many affiliations, including the X-Ray team, and the Alpha Squad, and is a well-written CIA operative overall.

David Mason

If you loved CoD Black Ops, you will certainly love Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Because David Mason, as the game’s protagonist and main playable character, is extremely compelling. Through his eyes, you’ll get to experience CoD in a very unique way. The son of Alex Mason and a member of SEAL Team Six, so the action is packed with memorable moments.

Captain Price

Captain Price, also known as Bravo Six, is part of the British special forces, for which he serves as a sniper. He is also the main protagonist of the entire Modern Warfare franchise, which includes several games.

John McClane

Who doesn’t know this guy? Anyone who’s watched Die Hard recognizes him instantly and will no doubt have a lot of fun playing him on his CoD account. The world always needs someone to save it and there is always a bigger size villain that nobody seems to be able to deal with. So why not John McClane?

Call of Duty Mobile Character Skins

Just like many other esports, Call of Duty Mobile provides numerous skins for its characters and also for its guns. Some of the coolest looking ones are the following:

·       Green Terror (for Terrance Brooks, from ADS Lucky Board Season 11)

·       Lovestruck (for Outrider, from Kawaii Cat Crate)

·       Where To Sir (for T.E.D.D., from Master III in Season 7 BR Ranked)

·       Precious Metal (for Seraph, from Master III in Season 4 BR Ranked)

·       Rigo Mortis (for Witch Doctor, from Medieval Practice Draw)

·       Artisan (for Nomad, from Adrenaline Rush Bundle)

·       Black Hat (for Kreuger, from Dark Gunman Mythic Drop)

·       Man Hunter (for Rorke, from Season 5 Battle Pass Premium Tier 50)

·       Federation (for Scout 2, from Season 5 Event: Sea of Steel (Red))

·       Mosaic (for Battery, from Season 6 Featured Event: Alcatraz Anarchy)

Different characters have different skins. If you play Captain Alex Mason for instance, you will notice that the creators of Call of Duty Mobile have blessed him with super cool equipment.

How to Change Characters in Call of Duty Mobile

If you want to change your Call of Duty Mobile character, go to your Loadout in Battle Royale or Multiplayer. Tap on the Soldier box located on the right. This will access your available soldiers. The last thing you need to do is to tap the soldier you want to start playing as and then tap Deploy.

How to Unlock New Characters in Call of Duty Mobile

Unlocking new characters in Call of Duty Mobile can be done in a variety of ways.

Draw a Lucky Coupon

This can be done from the lucky board, via lucky draws. The only problem is that to draw a lucky coupon you need to watch ads for a given number of seconds. It’s usually not much but at the same time, it’s probably not what you want to do as a player.

Visit the Credit Shop

This is an excellent place where you can get free character skins in Call of Duty Mobile without having to spend CP points.

Visit the Clan Shop

If you have plenty of clan points, you can utilize them to get characters for free.

Purchase and Open Crates

You can purchase crates like Sigma or Dystopian to get new characters. Just go to the store, tap on the crates, buy them and then open them.

Update Your Battlepass

Every new season, CoD Mobile introduces new characters as Battlepass rewards. Therefore, if you want to obtain these characters for free, all you need to do is to upgrade your Battlepass.

Call of Duty Mobile Upcoming Characters

As was mentioned before, Call of Duty Mobile characters are getting more numerous with each new season. Right now, it isn’t known what new characters will be introduced into the game. But if you keep an eye on the news at the start of every CoD Mobile season, you will discover who else you’ll be able to unlock and play, apart from the 100+ characters that you can already choose from.

Given the popularity of the game, you can find such news in a lot of places: a YouTube video, on Facebook if you have an account, on Twitter if you follow the CoD Mobile’s developer team, and so on. You can explore other resources as well, but if you want to save time and not get lost in the chaos, check CoD’s main website from time to time and you won’t miss a thing.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Call of Duty Mobile characters.

Is there any female character in Call of Duty Mobile?

Yes, there are plenty of female characters in Call of Duty Mobile. Examples include Erin “Battery” Baker, Rosa, Vagr Modir, and many more.

Who are best Call of Duty Mobile characters?

There is no such thing as the best Call of Duty Mobile characters, because in CoD Mobile, characters don’t have attributes. It’s all a matter of personal preference.