Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most played esports in the world. This Android/iOS game was launched in the Autumn of 2019 and since then, it has been downloaded more than 250 million times. Its professional tournaments have prize pools of up to $1 million and you can bet on them online. Because it’s a competitive game, CoD: Mobile has multiple categories of players and some of them are stronger than others. In this guide, you will learn more about the CoD: Mobile ranks.

The Basics of CoD: Mobile Ranks

Call of Duty: Mobile has a total of 7 ranks or divisions, which in turn are divided into 5 subdivisions numbered from I to V. A player’s division and subdivision corresponds to his MMR (or Elo) or the number of rank points he currently has.

Here’s the ranking system explained. This is a detailed CoD: Mobile rank list, with all the divisions and their subdivisions:

Rookie Rank (1 – 1000 competitive points)

The subdivisions of the CoD: Mobile Rookie rank are the following:

·       Rookie I (1 – 200)

·       Rookie II (201 – 400)

·       Rookie III (401 – 600)

·       Rookie IV (601 – 800)

·       Rookie V (801 – 1000)

To reach the 5th subdivision of the Rookie rank, all you need to do is play a few hours per day for a few weeks. If you have prior experience with first-person shooters, you will probably reach it very quickly.

Veteran Rank (1001 – 2000 competitive points)

The subdivisions of the CoD: Mobile Veteran rank are the following:

·       Veteran I (1001 – 1200)

·       Veteran II (1201 – 1400)

·       Veteran III (1401 – 1600)

·       Veteran IV (1601 – 1800)

·       Veteran V (1801 – 2000)

Contrary to what the name suggests, the Veteran rank doesn’t exactly make you a veteran in this game. It simply means you’re starting to understand how to play it.

Elite Rank (2001 – 3000 competitive points)

The subdivisions of CoD: Mobile Elite rank are the following:

·       Elite I (2001 - 2200)

·       Elite II (2201 - 2400)

·       Elite III (2401 - 2600)

·       Elite IV (2601 - 2800)

·       Elite V (2801 - 3000)

Once you’ve reached the Elite tier, you can consider yourself to be decent at the game, at least for an amateur. At this point, if you continue to gain points by playing ranked matches and winning them, you will slowly climb toward the higher tiers. The next rank is Pro and it’s quite challenging. Your in-game skills at this level must be very good to win matches. And if you don’t improve fast enough, your ranking journey is likely to stall for a long time. To start climbing ranks again and not lose points, make sure you understand all the basics and get a coach for a while if you have to.

Pro Rank (3001 – 4500 competitive points)

The subdivisions of the CoD: Mobile Pro rank are the following:

·       Pro I (3001 – 3300)

·       Pro II (3301 – 3600)

·       Pro III (3601 – 3900)

·       Pro IV ( 3901 – 4200)

·       Pro V (4201 – 4500)

Just like the Veteran rank and the Elite rank, the Pro rank is a bit of a misnomer. Achieving this rank doesn’t mean you’re a pro. But it does mean that you’re getting good.

Master Rank (4501 – 6000 competitive points)

The Call of Duty: Mobile Master rank has no subdivisions. However, that doesn’t stop you from keeping track of them yourself. Just count from 300 to 300 and you’ll know exactly what your current subdivision of the Master rank you occupy.

Grandmaster Rank (6001 – 8000 competitive points)

The Call of Duty: Mobile Grandmaster rank has no subdivisions. This is the second highest rank in the game. Just like in the case of the Master rank, for the Grandmaster rank you’ll need to keep track of your subdivision yourself. Except in this case, the higher subdivision is 400 points away instead of 300.

Legend Rank (8000+ competitive points)

The Call of Duty: Mobile Legend rank has no subdivisions. Furthermore, the Legend rank is the highest you can achieve.

As you can see, the rank tiers are well-determined and offer no gray areas. So far, this points system or rank tier system, depending on how you want to call it, has proved to be good for CoD: Mobile despite the criticism it has received from some players. To climb the ladder, you must play the game in a ranked mode and win more games than you lose. Without earning points, you will either stagnate or fall to a lower division.

Quite obviously, the highest rank, Legend, is hard to reach and only a tiny percentage of players will get to have it. Reaching the highest rank requires a lot of determination and years of continuous practice. The higher you climb, the more fierce the competition becomes. CoD: Mobile players are not different from other esports players, in the sense that with practice they get really good at the game. And you must do the same if you want to be competitive, develop equal skills, and gain all the rewards.

The Seasonal CoD: Mobile Ranks Reset

In Call of Duty: Mobile, your rank gets reset after each season. However, instead of going back to 0, you go back around 1 division. This basically means that to some degree, you are asked to prove yourself again when the new season starts and show that you really deserve to have a higher rank than you do.

Call of Duty: Mobile ranks tend to be more relevant than those of other esports because in Call of Duty, seasons only last for around one month. Because the game resets so often, you will need to play the game frequently to maintain your position on the ladder.

At the end of each season, players get rewarded based on the rank they achieved while competing in ranked modes like Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, and Domination. If you’re not familiar with this esport, here’s a brief description of each of these game modes.


The first CoD game mode you’ll have to master if you want to improve your CoD: Mobile rank after each season is Hardpoint. In this mode, which is used on some of the game’s maps, your team’s goal is to occupy a contested point and then defend it from enemy attacks. The longer you occupy this position, the higher your score becomes. The winner is the side that gets first to 150 points.

Search and Destroy

In the Search and Destroy CoD: Mobile game mode, the game is similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), in the sense that the objective is to plant a bomb at one of two locations, called A and B. These bomb sites must be defended by one of the teams and assaulted by the other. If the attackers succeed in planting the bomb (without it being diffused) or killing the entire enemy team, victory is theirs. Otherwise, the defenders win. The two sides swap roles.


The third Call of Duty: Mobile mode that you need to master if you want to improve your CoD: Mobile ranks is Domination. The goal of these types of maps is to control as many areas as you can and maintain your position. There are 3 locations that you can occupy, called A, B, and C. The winner is the team that gets first to 150 points.


CoD players get rewarded based on the rank they’ve achieved. And if you manage to finish in the top 5000 in the Legendary bracket, you get additional rewards. This principle applies to every CoD: Mobile season.

Call of Duty: Mobile Ranks Considerations

If your goal is to reach the higher ranks in CoD: Mobile, you need to play the game on a daily basis and improve over time. You simply cannot go from Rookie I to the highest CoD: Mobile rank in just a few months, even if you play 12 hours per day. The realistic duration is 2 – 3 years if you’re natural and strategic thinking and are willing to invest around 25 – 30 hours per week.

Like other first-person shooters, Call of Duty: Mobile is easy to learn but difficult to master. This means that you’ll most likely know all the rules within days or even hours but it will take you years to find the secrets that will allow you to reach the top ranks.

How to Rank Up Fast in CoD: Mobile

The CoD ranking system rewards winning and punishes losing. To earn rank points, you must win games. And to win games you must master the various game modes and their associated maps. Some players are really good on Hardpoint maps but struggle on Domination ones.

Your training schedule should focus on several areas. The most obvious one is aiming. But there are others as well. For example, positioning is a crucial aspect of the game. Timing is another important factor that separates veterans from rookies. Teamwork is also critical, because you’re not playing the game alone and if you don’t synchronize with your teammates while the other team does, no amount of individual talent will win you the game.

To rank up faster in CoD: Mobile, a good tactic is to specialize in a particular role for each game mode and to focus on mastering one game mode at a time. If you do a really good job in a very specific context, that’s a great recipe for success. And while it is true that you won’t have the required versatility to call yourself a Grandmaster, you will certainly have what it takes to win a lot of games and climb the ladder.

Psychological Hurdles

The rank system in CoD: Mobile is quite good, despite what players tend to think. It’s a psychological bias to regard yourself as being much better than your current rank and to always blame others for your failures.

What good players do is the exact opposite: they simply focus on their own game and take responsibility for each of their actions. And when they lose because of someone else’s fault, they realize that everyone gets roughly the same amount of bad luck or terrible teammates. What truly matters is how well you do on average. Because if you win just a little bit more than you lose, on average you will climb the ranks. Even people who currently have the highest rank in CoD did not get there by winning every match. They got there by mastering the game and having a decent win rate.

Without a constructive attitude, you will not have much fun playing Call of Duty: Mobile or esports in general. Because in general, you lose almost as often as you win. And when it happens, if you don’t have the mindset that you’re going to take a close look at the loss and figure out what happened, you won’t learn anything from it and you’ll keep making the same mistakes over and over.

To master the game, don’t aim to win every game. Simply aim to get better.