Bunkers in Warzone are once again a key part of the gameplay experience, allowing players to grab fat stacks of loot and uncover exciting secrets in the game. Here’s everything you need to know about Warzone bunker codes: what they are, where to use them, which one of them changes over time and what you get out of using them!

Call of Duty Warzone bunker locations in Verdansk

Bunkers in Warzone are the best place to find awesome loot and gear to help you outgun your opponents in the match. These bunkers can be found all across the map (such as near the military base) and they require different tools and techniques to access. You can find all the Warzone bunker locations and codes below.

Season 3 of Warzone multiplayer has brought along a complete redesign of Verdansk, Warzone’s bunker map, shifting the map to the 1980s, which marked the end of the older set of bunkers scattered across the entire battlefield, bringing in Red Doors instead for the ’84 edition of the map: instead of those, it was three old abandoned underground WWII-era bunkers that were added in Season 6 as a farewell in Call of Duty: Warzone, capping out the number of bunkers at thirteen.

warzone bunker codes keypad

The Season 6 patch for Call of Duty Warzone also brought along a lot of other gameplay changes, including many teasers to the series’ next entry, which is called Call of Duty: Vanguard, which was released on November 5, 2021, the eighteenth game of the franchise.

Let’s take a look at the Warzone Bunker codes, one by one, with detailed instructions on how to access them, the Warzone bunker locations and every passcode and entry method you could desire!

Warzone password bunkers

The CoD Warzone bunker code lists that you find online refer to these bunkers in the game. They always open with the same password, which are all available on the Internet. Here is where you can find the original bunkers in Verdansk (the “old Warzone bunkers”) and the passwords that open them for you:

Prison bunker

This “bunker” is, well, a shack, a shoddy little standalone building west of the Zordaya Prison Complex. The Warzone prison bunker code is 72948531. Enter this via the keypad and gain access to the goodies lying therein!


The farm bunker in Warzone is one of the most valuable ones on the map- Look for the biggest building on the farm, a humongous multi-story barn: the keypad you’re looking for is under the stairs. The Warzone Farmland bunker code is 49285163. Since this bunker has awesome loot, expect that others are also going to try to make their way to this one with their own interest in bunker codes.

TV Station

Again, a “bunker” that is more like a shoddy little shack, you’ll find this tiny building to the east of the main TV station itself. The keypad should be a dead giveaway that this is the bunker you’re looking for. The code to the Warzone TV Station bunker is 27495810.

warzone tv station bunker

Park bunker

Find the hill between Tavorsk Park and Styor Spomenik. The bunker itself can be found and accessed without a code, but the goodies are locked behind a sealed door protected by the now-familiar-looking keypad. The Warzone park bunker code is 60274513.

The Junkyard bunkers

These locations are close to each other but have two separate bunker codes which you are required to enter. The North Junkyard Bunker code in Warzone is 87624851. You find it by entering the three interconnected bunkers slapped onto the side of a single building. Enter from the right side and you will soon find the reinforced door with the keypad. The South Junkyard Bunker for Warzone has the code 97264138. It is the standalone bunker on the south side of the junkyard. Go down the stairs to find the keypad, enter the bunker passcode and collect the goodies!

Warzone Red Access Card Bunkers

These bunkers were introduced in Season 5 and require a special Red Access Card to enter, a rare loot item that is randomly dropped throughout the games. You will either find them in orange chests or on the corpse of a lucky opponent. (We suggest camping near the military base because of Bunker 11 shenanigans.) These bunkers have no bunker codes.

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Here are the Red Access Card Bunkers:

Bunker 0: The south edge of the map under Zozsni Spomenik, on the cliff face.

Bunker 1: Go to Promenade West, find the kart track and go northward.

Bunker 2: Go further northward from Bunker 1.

Bunker 3: Inside Bunker 2, through the trap door.

Bunker 4: The northwest edge of the map, outside the dam itself, on a cliff.

Bunker 5: A pretty obvious sight on the western side of the Crash Site.

Bunker 6: Go to Quarry (the east part of the map), then proceed to the southeast direction.

Bunker 7: Navigate your way to Karst Bridge, then go southwest. Find a trap door, then you should be good.

Bunker 8: Right next to Bunker 7.

Bunker 9: The prison on the southwest side of the map has a pretty obvious bunker carved into the cliff.

Bunker 10: The south edge of the map, below Downtown and Park.

Bunker 11: Northwest to the Military Base, abandoned and secretive, this is a special bunker with a unique blueprint and an easter egg. Keep in mind that you will need to “activate” the bunker first with the phones to gain access by activating them in the correct order. You can find a detailed step-by-step guide to do so for Bunker 11 Warzone here. We’ve got the code for you further below, in the FAQ section of this article!

Warzone Season 6 bunkers

These bunkers were introduced late into the game, in Season 6, as a WWII-era throwback in the form of three underground bunkers added to the modern Verdansk map. They are in the form of red containers, so they are fairly easy to find if you know what you are looking for. They don’t require a code or a key to enter. This also means that you should expect heavy resistance because other players will also want the loot for themselves!

warzone season 6 bunkers

Boneyard Bunker

Make your way to the Boneyard POI (point of interest). Find the red containers near the graveyard: they’re pretty hard to miss. The bunker is located under them: get inside the container and grapple down the hole. There is also a side entrance near the east in the form of a hole that was dug into the ground. Both ways will grant you access to the loot inside.

Airport Bunker

The second of the Warzone Season 6 bunkers is at the Airport. Again, look for the red containers at the end of the runway, towards the eastern side of the airport, near the blue hangar. There’s a trailer nearby that sometimes serves as a Buy Station, which should further help you identify this bunker. You enter it by simply walking in, east of the trailers. Job done.

Array Bunker

Array was first introduced in Verdansk ’84. It is eastward of the TV station. Go further east to find the bunker. There is another entrance to this one – again, a hole in the ground – which you can find south of the Salt Mine.

Warzone Bunkers: frequently asked questions

These are some of the most pressing issues people can run into with Warzone bunkers and Warzone bunker codes. Have no fear: we’ve got all the answers for you!

What is the code for the bunker inside the bunker?

The bunker inside the bunker in Call of Duty Warzone is one of the two Junkyard Bunkers, so try 87624851 on the north side and 97264138 on the south side.

How do I find my Warzone access code?

The Warzone bunker access codes were found by the community through painstaking examination of many easter eggs scattered across the map. You no longer have to figure them out by yourself as they are available in this very guide! To figure out the Stadium Bunker code, or how to enter Bunker 11 in Warzone, read on below.

What is the code for bunker 11 Warzone?

The code for bunker 11 in Warzone is 346. It is the “secret bunker” with an easter egg hidden inside its walls: the Mud Drauber MP7 blueprint, a minigun and lots of loot and goodies. It is located near the military base. Pressing the big red button also reveals that (spoiler, I guess) a nuke is being built inside the bunker!

Keep in mind that you will need to “activate” the bunker first with the phones to gain access by activating them in the correct order. You can find a detailed step-by-step guide to do so for Bunker 11 Warzone here.

What's the access code for stadium?

The access code for the Stadium Bunker in Warzone is randomly generated and you will need to find three keycards to open it. They correspond to the doors at EL21, P216 and CL19, respectively. It is different from the other Warzone bunkers this way.

The keycards spawn randomly as loot drops somewhere inside the stadium. You can only carry one at a time so make sure you have two buddies at the ready if you want to get inside the stadium bunker in Warzone. Entering the rooms will help you find computers with parts of the eight-digit code on them, and by combining them, you will gain access to the Executive Suite.

Getting into the Executive Suite will earn you the coveted Enigma Warzone (CR-56 AMAX) blueprint and a wide selection of weapons piled onto a table. Make sure to use it well in your battles!

warzone stadium bunker


That about covers it all when it comes to all Warzone bunker locations and codes. Keep in mind that exploring them all will require significant sophistication and teamwork, and most of all a decent chunk of time dedicated to the affair. However, the goodies inside the Warzone bunkers are definitely worth your while and it’s a good idea to find every bunker code Warzone has to offer to maximize the quality of your gameplay experience.