Updated: May 28
Save the date! DOTA 2 ESL DreamLeague Season 23 kicks off on May 20, straight after the excitement of PGL Wallachia, for an action-packed six-day tournament, ending on May 26.

This time around, twelve of the best teams in the world will compete under the glorious aegis of ESL. With a $1M prize pool on the line and 26.1K EPT points, anything can happen!

Will Team Falcons continue their DreamLeague win streak after DreamLeague S22? Only time will tell. Luckily, we don't have long to wait! Read on for a complete rundown of ESL DreamLeague S23, including the format, schedule, streams, and results.

DreamLeague Season 23: Format

Returning to its OG roots, DreamLeague S23 will follow a format most esports fans are familiar with in this tournament. There will be a Group Stage and Playoffs to keep things interesting, as all this professional DOTA 2 action is crammed into a tight-knit six-day event. 

Group Stage

  • There will be two single round-robin groups, consisting of six teams in each
  • All series will be two games
  • The top two teams from each group, four teams in total, advance to the Playoffs' Upper Bracket
  • The third and forth place teams from each group advance to the Playoffs' Lower Bracket
  • All remaining teams are eliminated


  • Double-elimination bracket format
  • All matches, except the Grand Final, are best-of-three (Bo3)
  • The Grand Final is best-of-five (Bo5)

DreamLeague Season 23: Teams

As always, ESL has invited the four teams currently ranked highest on the EPT leaderboard to complete in DreamLeague S23 (BetBoom Team, Xtreme Gaming, Gaimin Gladiators, and Team Falcons). The latter, in particular, has seen recent success in Elite League and ESL One Birmingham.

The remaining eight teams played through regional qualifiers in Mar 2024 to cement their place, with Western Europe securing two slots. Meanwhile, regions like Eastern Europe, MENA, China, Southeast Asia, and North and South America each get one spot in the tournament. 

Here are all squads competing in DreamLeague S23, including their complete player rosters by in-game IDs. (We don't have any information on players who have been replaced or their stand-in).

  • BetBoom Team: Nightfall, gpk, MieRo, Save-, TORONTOTOKYO
  • Xtreme Gaming: Ame, Xm, Xxs, XinQ, Dy
  • Gaimin Gladiators: dyrachyo, Quinn, Ace, tOfu, Seleri
  • Team Falcons: skiter, Malr1ne, ATF, Cr1t-, Sneyking
  • Team Liquid: miCKe, Nisha, 33, Boxi, Insania
  • Tundra Esports: Pure~, Topson, RAMZES666, 9Class, Whitemon
  • Natus Vincere: Yuragi, sanctity-, nefrit, Zayac, Malady
  • PSG Quest: TA2000, No!ob, Malik, OmaR, Dukalis
  • Azure Ray: Lou, Ori, Faith-bian, fy,  天命
  • Aurora: 23, Lorenof, Jabz, Q, Oli
  • Shopify Rebellion: Arteezy, Yopaj-, SabeRLight-, Kitrak, skem
  • HEROIC: K1, 4nalog, Davai Lama, Scofield, KJ

DreamLeague Season 23: Schedule

DreamLeague S23 begins on May 20, just a few short days away. This six-day pro-DOTA 2 competition will end with the Grand Final on May 26. This will be the final major DOTA 2 event before the excitement of Riyadh Masters as the Esports World Cup in July. 

All times listed below will be in PHT, and match winners will be in bold.

Upper Bracket Semifinals - May 23

  • 6:00 PM: Gaimin Gladiators vs. Tundra Esports
  • 9:30 PM: Team Falcons vs. Xtreme Gaming

Lower Bracket Round 1 - May 24

  • 6:00 PM: BetBoom Team vs. Aurora
  • 9:30 PM: Azure Ray vs. HEROIC

Lower Bracket Quarterfinals - May 25

  • 1:00 AM: Tundra Esports vs. TBD
  • 6:00 PM: Xtreme Gaming vs. TBD

Upper Bracket Final - May 25

  • 9:30 PM: Gaimin Gladiators vs. Team Falcons

Lower Bracket Semifinal - May 26

  • 1:00 AM: BetBoom Team vs. Xtreme Gaming

Lower Bracket Final - May 26

  • 6:00 PM: Team Falcons vs. BetBoom Team

Grand Final - May 26

  • 10:00 PM: Team Falcons vs. Gaimin Gladiators

DreamLeague Season 23: Where to Watch

Just like every DOTA DreamLeague tournament, the Group Stage typically has multiple matches happening at once. As such, there are primarysecondary, and tertiary Twitch livestreams so you can catch all the action. For your convenience, we've embedded the main English-speaking Twitch stream below, the hub for all Playoff matches from May 23 until 26.

DOTA 2 fans from around the globe, don't worry! We've got streams for multiple languages and regions, including China, Brazil, and Spain. 

China Streams

Russian-speaking Streams

Portuguese-speaking Streams

Spanish-speaking Streams

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DreamLeague Season 23: Standings & Prize Pool Distribution


Team Name

Prize Money

EPT Points


Team Falcons




Gaimin Gladiators




BetBoom Team




Xtreme Gaming



5th - 6th

Tundra Esports, Azure Ray



7th - 8th

Aurora, HEROIC



9th - 10th

Team Liquid, Shopify Rebellion



11th - 12th

PSG Quest, Natus Vincere



Final Thoughts

That was our complete event overview for DreamLeague S23, starting on May 20, 2024! Bookmark this page to stay up-to-date. We'll update this article to reflect all upcoming matches, match winners, and standings. If you want to explore your betting options and favorite teams for DreamLeague S23, check out our dedicated ESL DreamLeague betting guide! 

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