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April 27th, 2020

Arteezy's men recovered from a shaky group stage showing to take the BTS Pro Series Americas title in a great comeback win against Quincy Crew in the grand final, proving once again they're the top NA team even if they have to use two stand-ins.

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Fnatic cruise to victory in BTS Pro Series

The masterplan

It turns out there was method behind the madness, and Arteezy managed to figure out just in time what caused EG's struggles in the group stage. Their 4-3 record was a far cry from Quincy Crew's flawless 7-0 demolition of their opponents, only taking third place via tiebreakers over business associates. Once it was all done and dusted, he explained in the winners' interview that a successful adjustment to the current fast meta and the subsequent adjustment in their hero picks turned out to be the difference in the end.

Quincy Crew were the team to beat and no one managed to crack the code up until the very end, as they even managed to dispatch EG in the upper bracket final in a very straightforward series (a 25- and a 27-minute victory for a quick 2-0), but YawaR and co. eventually had to settle for the $11 000 and the silver medal offered for second place.

The revenge and the playoff run

EG's playoff campaign began with a 2-1 win over CR4ZY before their eventual defeat to Quincy Crew in the upper bracket final. Their lower bracket series against Thunder Predator had its fair share of drama as well, another 2-1 against the same side after their group stage encounter:

It seemed like Quincy Crew's run would continue after a straightforward win in the opening game, but this was where Arteezy's big-brain adjustments finally kicked in, playing Clinkz, Riki, Leshrac and Slardar (with a... unique skill build) across the four games. It was a convincing turnaround and EG managed to clinch yet another title, even with two stand-ins for the tournament.

The Dota action continues with top EU and CIS sides competing in the WePlay! Pushka League for their share of the $250 000 prize pool on offer.