Today, we're all about Garena Free Fire Max and PUBG Mobile. It's impossible not to draw direct comparisons between the two since they're both sitting on top of the mobile battle royale genre. Today, we're all about Free Fire vs. PUBG Mobile, so let's hit the ground running with the almighty question:

Free Fire vs. PUBG Which is Better

Instead of pointing one game out as superior, let's have a more comprehensive and detail-oriented approach. Both Free Fire and PUBG Mobile are mobile battle royale games, so let's do a series of comparisons.

We're referring to essential characteristics like:

  • Core gameplay differences
  • Storage systems
  • Maps
  • Graphics
  • Vehicles
  • Guns
  • Characters

Let's cut straight to the chase and examine what differentiates these two extremely popular mobile battle royale games:


Unlike Free Fire, PUBG Mobile has no limitations in terms of graphics, maps and game modes (because of player count). That said, you'll notice that PUBG's maps are a lot richer than those in Free Fire. Not just richer - PUBG Mobile maps also tend to be bigger than their Free Fire counterparts.

At the moment, Free Fire has four maps:

  • Alpine
  • Purgatory
  • Kalahari
  • Bermuda
  • Bermuda Remastered

As for PUBG Mobile, it has five classic battle royale maps:

  • Erangel
  • Livik
  • Miramar
  • Sanhok
  • Vikendi


When talking about Free Fire graphics, we have to say they're subpar when compared to PUBG Mobile graphics. It's not a massive surprise, especially considering the fact PUBG Mobile is powered by Unreal Engine. This engine is used not just for mobile but PC games too, so it ensures smooth gameplay while retaining exceptional graphics.

Free Fire graphics, on the other hand, are based on Unity. This engine is also often used in PC games, be it on a much smaller scale. That said, Unity is the reason why Free Fire graphics aren't on the same level with PUBG Mobile.

But, there's a good side to this too. You see, Free Fire will play well even on low and mid-range devices, whereas PUBG Mobile demands at least a mid-range phone for proper gameplay. Plus, Free Fire download size is much smaller when compared to PUBG's.

Game Modes

When it comes to different game modes, PUBG Mobile has a lot to offer. We're not just talking about Classic - PUBG Mobile can brag with the following:

  • Arcade (Quick Match, War, Sniper Training)
  • EvoGround (Payload 2.0)
  • Arena (Training, Team Deathmatch, Assault, Domination, Gun Game)

Free Fire game modes aren't too shabby either. Here's what you'll have to choose from if you hop into Free Fire later:

  • Classic
  • Ranked
  • Clash Squad
  • Rampage 2.0
  • Kill Secured
  • Bomb Squad
  • Gun King
  • Big Head


Let's not forget about the vehicles! Both Free Fire and PUBG Mobile have access to vehicles. There's a wide variety of vehicular options available on both ends.

These help players wanting longer gameplay through the use of vehicles. It's much easier to get around the map when you're in a vehicle... but you're a lot bigger (and noisier) target too.

But, we have to point out that PUBG Mobile has a larger set of vehicles for players to choose from. Plus, Free Fire only allows players to purchase motorcycles and cars, while PUBG Mobile covers water vehicles too. This means you can traverse water just as easily as land in PUBG Mobile.

Guns in PUBG vs. Free Fire Guns

Let's start off with the basics - numbers. At the moment, Free Fire sports 45 different weapons, while PUBG Mobile sports 52. The difference is not that big, but we have to point out PUBG Mobile as the winner in this department.

In terms of throwables, PUBG Mobile takes another W because it features four types of throwables, unlike Free Fire which sports just one (grenade). Besides grenades, PUBG also includes smokes, stun grenades, and Molotov cocktails.

Additionally, both Free Fire and PUBG Mobile weapons are divided into several smaller sections like AR, SMG, LMG, Snipers, Shotguns, DMR, etc. The biggest difference in weapon categories is the fact Free Fire doesn't have a separate category for DMRs.

PUBG vs. Free Fire Characters

Free Fire characters come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They all have unique abilities which can help players achieve unique playing experiences.

For instance, one of Free Fire characters is called Caroline and she has a passive skill called "Agility". This allows Caroline to move significantly quicker, ensuring faster gameplay and early game aggression.

Mind you, Caroline's Agility is just one example. There are lots of unique abilities you can choose from. At the moment, there are 32 characters in Free Fire and they all have a unique ability except Adam and Eve, the starting tandem.

PUBG Mobile characters, on the other hand, have no special abilities. In fact, PUBG Mobile doesn't even have special characters, though the game does allow players to customize their in-game appearance with clothing items.

Where to Download PUBG Mobile and Free Fire

Downloading PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is available for download on both iOS using Apple App Store and Android phones via Google Play Store.

Downloading Free Fire

Garena Free Fire Max is also available on both sets of devices.

PUBG vs. Free Fire vs. Call Of Duty Mobile

Another comparison we often see people make is this one. It involves not just PUBG and Free Fire but Call of Duty Mobile too. As stated earlier, comparing these games is way too subjective. If you're interested in concrete differences you can read all you want about them but it will still feel like nothing compared to actual gameplay.

Free Fire vs. PUBG FAQs

Which game has better graphics, PUBG Mobile or Free Fire?

Graphically, these two couldn't be more different. PUBG Mobile is based on Unreal Engine while Garena Free Fire Max is based on Unity. PUBG Mobile is much sharper; it's cleaner and has a more realistic feel, unlike Free Fire which sports a different art style. It's more vibrant, cartoonish, and looks more like Fortnite than PUBG.

Is Free Fire better than PUBG?

Well, I'm afraid there's no clear answer for this one. If you can play both games, the best practice is to give both a try. Their download size is not to be taken for granted. You better download it via WiFi to avoid spending too much of your data. Once you've tested them, it's on you to decide which is better!

Is PUBG Mobile Available in India?

Even though PUBG Mobile isn’t available in India anymore, a proper alternative has been available for more than a year already. Battlegrounds Mobile India (BMI) is the name. It's also commonly known as PUBG Mobile India. The game offers pretty much the identical experience to the original PUBG Mobile. There are specific differences, but they’re minor and take nothing away from the gameplay.

Is Garena Free Fire Max the best mobile battle royale?

Well, the competition is actually pretty tough so it’s difficult to say. On one end, Free Fire Max definitely has a ton of users. But, we shouldn’t take games like Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile for granted. All three of them are good – they deliver slightly different battle royale experiences. Each of them is worth checking out, that’s for sure!

PUBG Mobile vs. Free Fire - Which game is better on low-end phones?

The answer is clear right off the bat - it's Free Fire. Not only does it have a much smaller download size, but it's also much more forgiving when running on phones with limited storage. That said, if your phone doesn't have the latest and greatest in mobile hardware, Free Fire is the better choice here.