How To Unlock Heroes In Overwatch 2

Last updated October 10 to include Illari's challenges

Overwatch 2 marked a new dawn for Blizzard Entertainment's award-winning hero FPS. It transitioned to a free-to-play model with the controversial monetization of a seasonal premium battle pass and purchasable tokens as in-game currency. Several changes to the previous game also include the new push maps and a 5v5 team format.

While there are several minor changes to the first game, one of the most significant overhauls of Overwatch includes the First-Time User Experience. New players are slowly introduced to Overwatch 2, with limited access to the game's cast and past characters.

Most of Overwatch 2's hero roster can be unlocked by completing gameplay challenges, earning experience, or through the premium battle pass. Ranking up the battle pass requires players to earn XP through challenges and matches.

Rivalry's handy guide will detail exactly how to unlock all heroes in Overwatch 2, including: how to unlock Kiriko, Ramattra, Sojourn and Junker Queen, the latest additions to the roster.

Overwatch 2: What Characters Are Already Unlocked?

Original Overwatch account holders and veteran players will not need to unlock every hero, as they will have kept their access to all the heroes from the original game. They will only need to worry about accessing new heroes like Sojourn, Junker Queen, Kiriko, Ramattra, and any other heroes Blizzard release in the future.

New players initially can only access 13 of the 35 heroes in Overwatch 2. 

  • Tank: Orisa, Reinhardt, Winston, Zarya
  • Support: Lucio, Mercy, Moira
  • Damage: Pharah, Reaper, Soldier: 76, Torbjorn, Tracer, Widowmaker

Overwatch 2: How to Unlock Original Heroes

For new players that did not purchase the Watchpoint Pack, the only way to unlock the remaining heroes is to play the game! To begin unlocking heroes in Overwatch 2, players must complete around 150 games to eventually have every character from the original game unlocked.

This is a tutorial-like system to slowly acclimatize new players to the Overwatch 2 system without overwhelming them with all 35 heroes at once. By completing matches, you can gradually unlock every hero over time.

Genji - Play 1 game

D.Va - Play 2 games

Cassidy - Play 3 games

Ana - Play 4 games

Hanzo - Play 9 games

Junkrat - Play 12 games

Roadhog - Play 15 games

Symmetra - Play 20 games

Zenyatta - Play 25 games

Bastion - Play 30 games

Sigma - Play 40 games

Ashe - Play 50 games

Brigitte - Play 60 games

Mei - Play 70 games

Doomfist - Play 85 games

Baptiste - Play 100 games

Sombra - Play 115 games

Wrecking Ball - Play 130 games

Echo - Play 150 games

Overwatch 2: How To Unlock New Heroes

The six new heroes in Overwatch 2 include Sojourn, Kiriko, Junker Queen, Ramattra, Lifeweaver, and Illari. They all require special gameplay challenges to unlock. They were initially available on both the free Battle Pass and premium Battle Passes from their relevant release seasons.

Players that missed out can buy the previously-released heroes using Overwatch coins, or buy the Overwatch 2 New Heroes Starter Pack.

Illari Unlock Challenges

Overwatch 2 Illari Unlock Guide

Illari is the newest hero to be introduced in Season 6: Invasion as part of Overwatch 2's growing cast. She is the 38th character to be introduced to the game. In Season 7, players can now complete challenges in the Practice Range to unlock her permanently.

Here's how to unlock Illari in Overwatch 2 for free.

  • Wins for Illari: Complete 50 games as All Roles or playing as Support heroes in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or No Limits. Wins grants double progress.
  • Practice Healing Pylon: Attach Healing Pylon to a wall or ceiling and heal 150 damage with it in the Practice Range.
  • Practice Solar Rifle Primary Fire: Deal 400 damage using Solar Rifle's fully-charged primary fire in the Practice Range.
  • Practice Solar Rifle Secondary Fire: Heal 200 damage using Solar Rifle's secondary fire in the Practice Range.
  • Practice Outburst: Activate Outburst with and without the high jump in the Practice Range.
  • Practice Captive Sun: Detonate a Sunstruck enemy after using Captive Sun in the Practice Range.

Players can also buy the "Overwatch 2 New Heroes Starter Pack" to gain access to her, and the other new heroes released with Overwatch 2: Ramattra, Junker Queen, Sojourn, Kiriko, Lifeweaver, and Illari.

Kiriko Unlock Challenges

To unlock Kiriko, players need to complete gameplay challenges, which revolve around winning specific game modes playing as Support and mastering Kiriko's hero abilities in the Practice Range.

  • Wins: Win 35 games queued as All Roles or playing Support heroes in competitive matchmaking, Quick Play, or No Limits.
  • Practice Kunai Crits: Get two critical hits with Kiriko's Kunai.
  • Practice Healing Ofuda: Heal 250 damage with Kiriko's Healing Ofuda on allied bots.
  • Practice Protection Suzu: Use Protection Suzu on two allied bots simultaneously.
  • Practice Swift Step: Use Swift Step through a wall to an allied bot.
  • Practice Wall Climb: Use Kiriko's passive, Wall Climb, in the Practice Range.
  • Practice Kitsune Rush: Buff two allied buffs with Kiriko's Ultimate, Kitsune Rush.

Sojourn Unlock Challenges

Sojourn was released in the first season of Overwatch 2. She can be unlocked by completing several gameplay challenges, like testing her hero's abilities in the Practice Range.

  • Wins: Win 35 games as DPS heroes in different game modes, like Quick Play, No Limits or Competitive Mode.
  • Practice Railgun Primary Fire: Eliminate three enemy bots using Railgun's primary fire mode.
  • Practice Railgun Secondary Fire: Eliminate two enemy bots using Railgun's secondary fire.
  • Practice Power Slide: Deal damage while using Sojourn's Power Slide ability.
  • Practice Disruptor Shot: Damage two enemy bots with a single Disruptor Shot.
  • Practice Overclock: Kill three enemy bots with Sojourn's Ultimate, Overclock.

Junker Queen Unlock Challenges

The Aussie Queen of Junkertown was a highly-anticipated hero released alongside Overwatch 2 and has already become a fan favorite. Her unlock challenges follow the same formula as the previous entries.

  • Wins: Win matches as a Tank hero in Quick Play, Competitive, or No Limits. As with Sojourn and Kiriko, 35 wins are required.
  • Practice Scattergun: Eliminate three bots with Scattergun.
  • Practice Commanding Shout: Provide two friendly bots with the buff from a single use of Commanding Shout.
  • Practice Jagged Blade: Recall Jagged Blade while still stuck in an enemy.
  • Practice Carnage: Use Carnage on an enemy bot while impaled with Jagged Blade to pull them forward.
  • Practice Adrenaline Rush: Heal yourself using Adrenaline Rush.
  • Practice Rampage: Damage two enemy robots in one single use of her Ultimate, Rampage.

Ramattra Unlock Challenges

Ramattra was introduced in Season 2 of Overwatch 2. Any player that missed out on unlocking him in the premium battle pass can purchase him from the Shop by spending money. Ramattra costs 900 Overwatch coins.

As with the previous three locked heroes in Overwatch 2, Ramattra can be unlocked by completing matches playing as a Tank and getting to grips with his abilities in the Practice Range.

  • Wins: Win 35 games as a Tank hero in any game mode.
  • Practice Void Accelerator: Eliminate three enemy bots with Void Accelerator.
  • Practice Ravenous Vortex: Use Ravenous Vortex during Omnic Form and Nemesis Form.
  • Practice Pummel: Damage two enemy robots simultaneously with Pummel while in Ramattra's Nemesis Form.
  • Practice Barrier: Absorb 30 damage while using Void Barrier.
  • Practice Block: Block 30 damage while in Ramattra's Nemesis Form. 
  • Practice Annihilation: Extend the duration of Ramattra's Ultimate, Annihilation, for six seconds or more while near enemy robots.

Lifeweaver Unlock Challenges

Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver Unlock Guide

Lifeweaver is the brand-new Overwatch 2 Support hero introduced in Season 4. Players could previous unlock him through the Battle Pass, or by using Overwatch Coins to purchase him. As of Season 5, he can now be unlocked by completing a series of challenges in the Practice Range.

  • Wins: Win 25 games queued as All Roles or by playing Support in Quick Play, No Limits, or Competitive.
  • Practice Thorn Volley: Eliminate 2 bots with Thorn Volley in the Practice Range.
  • Practice Healing Blossom: Restore 75 Health with Healing Blossom (secondary fire)
  • Practice Life Grip: Use Life Grip on an AI bot in the Practice Range
  • Practice Petal Platform: Have yourself or an AI bot stand on the Petal Platform and be lifted into the air in the Practice Range
  • Practice Rejuvenating Dash: Restore 25 Health to yourself by using Rejuvenating Dash
  • Practice Tree of Life: Restore 50 health and block 50 incoming damage using Lifeweaver's Ultimate, Tree of Life, in the Practice Range

There you have it! That's how to unlock the full roster of all heroes in Overwatch 2.

This guide will be updated to include more characters when Blizzard Entertainment adds them to the game in future seasons. Stay tuned with Rivalry to discover how to unlock all newer heroes in Overwatch 2!