Last updated: April 24, 2023 (removed Lifeweaver's old passive - Parting Gift).

As Overwatch 2 enters the game's fourth season, Blizzard Entertainment has released a gameplay trailer for the brand-new support hero entering the scene on April 11th.

Spring into the action with Lifeweaver, Overwatch 2's latest support hero to the mix, to be released on April 11. Using plant-based technology, Lifeweaver has the potential to save his teammates from certain death with just one ability. Here is a rundown of Lifeweaver's abilities, lore, and how to unlock him in Season 4.

Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver: All Abilities

Healing Blossom

Healing Blossom is Lifeweaver's primary method of healing. Like Zenyatta's direct fire, players can hold primary fire down to charge rapid-fire shots of Healing Blossom. Healing Blossom can have 12 charges until you need to reload.

It's worth noting that even when fully charged, Lifeweaver may struggle to heal allies fully. He will synergize well with a primary healer like Ana, Baptiste, or Moira.

Thorn Volley

Thorn Volley is Lifeweaver's primary form of dishing out damage. It's his alternate fire as he shoots out rapid-fire thorns, able to shoot up to 60 thorns before needing to reload.

This ability has a decent damage output compared to other supports, meaning Lifeweaver should be able to hold his own in a 1v1. Thorn Volley is best at short-to-mid range, able to easily pick off flanking enemies. As with heroes like Kiriko, aiming for headshots will maximize your damage output.

Petal Platform

Arguably the most exciting aspect of Lifeweaver's kit is his Petal Platform. This ability summons a giant flower that rises into the air when a hero, friendly or enemy, steps on it.

Petal Platform could be an incredibly disruptive force for the enemy team. Lifeweaver can use it to levitate a sleeping or stunned hero to safety. The gameplay trailer below also demonstrated Petal Platform removing an Orisa from the field of play, nullifying her Ultimate.

Players can also use Petal Platform to block off objectives or help less mobile teammates reach new platforms or areas, bringing a whole new form of utility to the game.

Tree of Life (Ultimate)

Tree of Life is Lifeweaver's breathtaking Ultimate. When activated, he places a gigantic bio-light tree that instantly heals allies within its vicinity and provides periodic healing while it remains active.

Tree of Life does have a health pool, but like Symmettra's Photon Barrier, the enemy can't destroy it before its duration expires. Tree of Life is best used amid a team fight or while defending a chokepoint or objective to top off everyone's health.

Life Grip

Lifeweaver's Life Grip is an interesting mechanic that allows him to pull a targeted ally towards his position while shielding them for the duration. Players can use Life Grip either offensively or defensively, and it can even be used to save teammates that have fallen from the map.

Lifeweaver can pull a teammate from harm's way of a deadly Ultimate or drag them away from a fatal flanker. If you are being harassed yourself, you can easily pull in your Tank to block the aggressor. Just make sure to warn your team before you use Life Grip, or you'll (probably) get flamed in the in-game chat!

Rejuvenating Dash

Rejuvenating Dash is Lifeweaver's primary form of self-mobility. Pressing this ability allows him to dash forward in any direction while providing him with some self-healing.

Overwatch 2: Lifeweaver's Origin Story

Meet Lifeweaver, also known as Niran Pruksamanee! He is the first openly pansexual and Thai character in Overwatch 2. Lifeweaver's abilities stem from his naturalist background; according to the Overwatch team, his entire character design is inspired by Thai culture.

His origin story trailer delves into the new hero Lifeweaver and his past with the Vishkar Corporation. He disagreed with their values of creating a "perfect world order" and developed bio-light plant-based technology to heal the natural world from the destruction caused by the Omnic Crisis. Refusing to let Vishkar use his healing creations for nefarious purposes, he fled from his home country and became a wanted fugitive.

Lifeweaver will launch on April 11 alongside the Season 4 update. Players can unlock Lifeweaver if they have purchased the Battle Pass or by leveling the free Battle Pass to 45. Check out how to unlock all Overwatch 2 heroes here.

In Season 5, players can complete gameplay challenges similar to other heroes to unlock him if they haven't already.

Final Thoughts

It will be interesting to see how Lifeweaver will impact the meta in both ranked games and pro tournaments in the upcoming OWL Spring Stages at the end of April!

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