In esports, skins are in-game items that allow players to customize their visual experience. These skins do not provide any concrete advantage, so they don’t compromise the fairness of the game, turning it into a p2w system. Their sole function is to give people the opportunity to have more fun and add a bit more personality to their characters and equipment. In particular, Valorant skins can change the appearance of weapons. You can either earn or buy them, using the Store, which is constantly updated with new skins.

How to Buy Valorant Skins from the Store

Valorant skins can be bought using Valorant Points (VP), which in turn can be bought with real money. If you live in the United States, the cost of these points is the following:

·       475 / $4.99

·       1000 / $9.99

·       2050 / $19.99

·       3650 / $34.99

·       5350 / $49.99

·       11000 / $99.99

The price per unit varies based on the quantity you buy and the country you buy it from. The more expensive the option, the higher the number of bonus Valorant Points that you’ll receive. Needless to say, if you’re interested in buying Valorant skins, you should invest in the $99.99 option because that’s by far the best offer. It will give you a total of 1500 Bonus VP, which is around a 16% discount.

Valorant Skins can be bought or they can be earned via the Valorant Battle Passes.

Valorant Weapon Skin Tiers

Valorant skin prices vary greatly, based on tier. The Select Edition may only cost around 875 VP, or around $10, but the items from higher Valorant skin tiers can cost double or triple.

·       Select Edition (lowest tier): 875 VP (single skin) / 3500 VP (bundle)

·       Deluxe Edition: 1275 VP / 5100 VP

·       Premium Edition: 1775 VP / 7100 VP

·       Ultra Edition: 2475 VP / 9900 VP

·       Exclusive Edition: the price of a single skin, as well as the bundle, varies

If you can afford it, always go for the bundles.

Properties of Valorant Skins

Valorant skins come with their own characteristics, such as unique animations or sound effects. Because of this, many players love them and invest quite heavily in this aspect of the game.

Some Valorant gun skins can be upgraded repeatedly, which gives players a feeling of progression akin to the one you usually get in RPGs. This makes the game more interesting in the long run and increases its replayability. To upgrade such skins, you will need Radianite Points.

Many Valorant skins are actually Agent skins, which means that they can only be used by a given set of Agents. The game features 17 such Agents and they are the characters you get to choose from. Each Agent has unique abilities, so it’s intuitive why not every skin will compatible with every Agent.

Valorant Knife Skins

Just like CS:GO players, Valorant players absolutely love knife skins. One explanation might be that many of them are former CS:GO players who’ve brought their love for CS:GO knife skins to Valorant. Here are some of the most prestigious Valorant knife skins:


This skin costs 3550 VP and it looks gorgeous. Its blue lines and epic blade make it feel special. They also give it a feeling of weight.


This skin looks extremely futuristic, to the point where you can’t really tell if it’s a knife or some Star Wars item. It only costs 1750 VP but Valorant players truly love this one.

Prime (or Melee Prime)

The cost of this Valorant skin is 3550 VP and it is actually not for a knife but a golden hatchet. Because of this, it’s probably one of the most memorable skins in the game.


At 3550 VP, this upgradeable skin from the Sovereign collection looks like it’s been taken right out of the Rambo series. This is a massive knife that gives players an exalted feeling of strength.


At 4950 VP, this is one of the most expensive Valorant knife skins and it’s hard to ignore Skyrimesque design.


Using the name of creatures that symbolize bad spirits in Japanese culture, Oni costs 3550 VP and looks extremely unique. It’s hard to call it a knife though, because it looks more like a pair of tweezers.


This is another futuristic looking Valorant knife skin. Its main colors, teal and purple, give it a very nice look. But what sets it apart is the blade, which seems to be surrounded by light. Glitchpop comes at the whopping price of 4350 VP.

Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster

This Valorant skin also strays from the knife aspect and looks like a Mechanical Mage’s device. If you saw this in the Warhammer 40K Universe, you wouldn’t be surprised at all. It seems that Riot Games, which is also the developer of League of Legends, is taking inspiration from all over the place for its skins.


As its name suggests, Singularity is one of those Valorant skins that cleverly link the visual aspect with the name. When you say Singularity, you think of either Artificial Intelligence or Cosmology. And this 4350 VP Valorant knife skin certainly takes your mind in that direction.

Winterwunderland candy cane

This individual skin is arguably one of the weirdest items in the game. It makes you feel like John Wick though, because you’re literally killing your enemies with candy: “Here, eat this!” Few players will appreciate this design. But given how many kids play Valorant these days, it’s no wonder why it is bought.

Prime 2.0 Karambit

This was obviously inspired by CS:GO’s Karambit knife skin, and it’s rather strange that a company like Riot Games allows its artists to engage in this kind of practice. It’s probably legal, but it creates a strange link between Valorant and its main rival, CS:GO. And by the way, this is not the only Valorant skin that does this. There’s another one, called VALORANTGO! Vol. 1, which uses a familiar blade shape and an even more familiar element in its name.

Magepunk Electroblade

If you like cyberpunk and games like Arcanum, this Valorant skin will feel oddly familiar. It doesn’t really fit the game’s overall visual design, but it does make a powerful reference to another genre. When you see skins like this, you instantly get the impression that Riot Games has decided to employ a technique used by Blizzard around 20 years ago: cultural memes. Just as the voice lines from the early Warcraft and StarCraft games were inspired by films, cartoons, and other sources, Valorant’s skins seem to pay tribute to other artistic Universes.


This knife skin is available through the Battle Pass and has a very unique aspect. The blade resembles that of a blade and makes the knife stand out. If you want to unlock it, level up your Valorant Battle Pass by earning xp.

Tethered Realms Prosperity

This one also seems to have been based on Skyrim. Its color is very close to black and the shape makes the knife look like it’s from an RPG not an RTS. Fans of this genre will no doubt appreciate the artist’s effort.

Like many other Valorant knife skins on this list, Prosperity is not one of the individual skins from the game. It actually belongs to the Tethered Realms collection. This means that you can buy it from the in-game store whenever any of the items in this collection is available.

Other Valorant Skins

Here are three skin collections that you will frequently come across in the Valorant Store.

Valorant Ruination Skins

The Ruination collection contains some of Valorant’s best skins and it’s part of Riot’s Sentinels of Light event. The collection includes skins for weapons like Spectre, Guardian, and Phantom. One of the coolest of them is the Broken Blade of the Ruined King. The Valorant skins in this collection also have upgrades, which gives players the chance to showcase their progress. In every case, the maximum skin level is 4.

One smart feature of the Ruination Collection is the color consistency. Every skin uses the same colors. Teal is used for the standard, level 1 skin. Purple is used for level 2, a mixture of red and yellow is used for level 3, and green is used for level 4. Starting from the 2nd level, the skin gets added features: VFX (2), Animation (3), and Finisher (4).

Valorant Wasteland Skins

The Wasteland collection features 5 amazing Valorant skins, for 5 weapons: Shorty, Sheriff, Spectre, Vandal, and Marshal. Every single one of these skins costs 1275 Valorant Points. To buy them, it’s sufficient to find one of them in the Store and then select the bundle option.

Valorant Celestial Skins

The Celestial collection features skins for 5 items: Frenzy, Judge, Phantom, Ares, and Fan. All of them look amazing but only the 5th is upgradeable. At level 2, Celestial Fan gets a cool animation.

The skins in this set are quite expensive: 1775 per piece and the 5th costs double. For those who can afford them, the visuals are definitely worth it. But you have to be a real Valorant fan to make this kind of investment. If you only play the game now and then, it’s probably not worth it.

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