Updated: November 10 (added Iso).

Valorant is the new kid on the block in terms of competitive online shooters. With 23 Agents to choose from, knowing which Agents are God-Tier and which ones flop can be overwhelming. As a team-based game, picking the best characters for the job is the key to success in Riot Games' tactical shooter.

If you want to climb the ranked ladder in Valorant solo queue, you've come to the right place. We've set up the foundations with this Valorant agent tier list, so you don't have to waste time dying! To compile this ultimate list, we've considered all the stats, including win, loss, and pick rates. Let's dive in and have you winning your Valorant games in no time!

Valorant Agent Tier List

In the table below, we've assigned all the characters from the Valorant agent pool their tiers. As with our other tier lists, like MLBB and League of Legends, S-Tier Agents are always the strongest picks, while other agents in lower tiers may be situational.


Agent Names


Raze, Killjoy, Skye, Jett, Iso


Sova, Viper, Omen


Chamber, Harbor, Phoenix, Fade


Neon, Sage, Brimstone, Gekko, Reyna, Cypher


Deadlock, KAY/O, Yoru, Breach, Astra

Valorant Agent Tier List: S-Tier


Raze is a must-pick Agent for specific maps with loads of choke points, like Bind and Split. As a Duelist Agent, she excels in playing aggressively to hold control over an area and defend it from the enemy team. Her Boom Bot is excellent for gathering information and intel, while her Paint Shells can AoE damage enemy Agents and recharge with every two kills.


Seen most often in professional play, Killjoy is a solid pick in the current meta, despite rounds of nerfs seen in previous patch notes. This Sentinel Agent can control two entrances simultaneously and push aggressively with her team. Her Lockdown ultimate ability is one of the best of all the Agents in the game, capable of taking control of a bomb site.


As an Initiator, Skye provides plenty of utility to any team composition in Valorant, making her a valuable S-Tier pick. Her Trailblazer ability and Seekers Ultimate can gather intel on the enemy teams' whereabouts. Guiding Light can also limit the enemy's vision with a flashbang, allowing her team to take them out. This complex Agent and her abilities can be challenging to master, but you should get the hang of her quickly with some practice.


Despite some heavy nerfs to her abilities, Jett continues to dominate in ranked play and any Valorant tier list as a solid S-Tier agent. Her immense mobility allows her to quickly switch routes and sneak up on the enemy. Cloudburst is also a great ability to swiftly cut off enemy vision for a short period, allowing your team to make a coordinated play.


Iso is the newest addition to the Valorant roster as the 24th new Agent. As a Duelist, Iso excels in combat and damage-dealing. His kit allows for him to make super aggresive plays, using Upper Cut and Double Tap to infilitrate through the enemies defences. His C-Ability, Contingency, creates a large moving wall that can be used to push onto an objective or site.

Where Iso shines is through his Ultimate, Kill Contract. Like Mordekaiser in League of Legends, Iso can teleport himself and the first enemy hit by Kill Contract into a 1v1 inter-dimensional arena. Here, it's fight to death as only one player can escape. If used right, Iso can use his Ultimate to take a cruical enemy out ofthe team fight.

Valorant Agent Tier List: A-Tier


Since Valorant's release in 2020, Sova has been a solid pick amongst players in all ranks. His Recon Bolt scans the area to reveal enemy locations, providing valuable information to himself and the team. Hunter's Fury, his Ultimate, fires three wall-piercing bolts that can deal fatal damage to any unsuspecting enemies.


Viper is one of the best Agents in the Controller category. Her abilities can deny area access while dealing heavy damage if the enemy decide to push through her assault. As her name suggests, she excels in toxic damage. Her Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen can be used several times during one round, melting enemy targets. Her fuel gauge also recharges over time, allowing her to make some powerful tactical plays.


In the latest Act, Omen has seen a steady stream of buffs and nerfs. If you're a newer player, he's a great choice. His rechargeable smokes, Dark Cover, allow him to use around 4-5 smokes per round. With an ability similar to Reaper in Overwatch 2, Omen can teleport and flank the enemy. The kicker is this ability can be used anywhere on the entire map.

Valorant Agent Tier List: B-Tier


Chamber can be a great pick alongside these other B-Tier agents, provided you know how to use him. His Ultimate ability equips him with a custom, powerful sniper rifle to pick enemies off from afar. If you want to play Chamber, you must have pinpoint accuracy and not whiff your shots!


Harbor is a situational Valorant agent, perfect for maps like Haven and Breeze. He can deny line of sight to enemies so your team can concentrate on taking control or pushing ahead. His Ultimate, the Reckoning, is where he truly shines. He summons a massive AoE geyser strike on a specified area, concussing hit enemies.


Rising like smoke from the ashes, Phoenix is an Agent that has plenty of fire up his sleeve. He can erect a wall to block enemy sight lines. However, this wall damages any enemies or allies that happen to pass through it. His abilities can be complex to get to grips with, making him lower on this Valorant agents tier list at B-Tier.


Fade remains a popular pick despite two of her strongest maps being removed from the map pool. Her whole kit revolves around her bounty hunter status as she stalks her prey. All of Fade's abilities apply her passive Terror Trail, which Mark enemies so they can be tracked. Her Basic ability, Prowler, can hunt down any Marked enemies further.

Valorant Agent Tier List: C-Tier


In capable hands, Neon can be a devastating weapon. She can zoom around the map with some serious mobility, taking out enemies before they even know what happened. Where she falters is through her lack of disengage. If she gets into a pickle or spotted by enemy utility, she's often dead meat.


Sage is the closest thing Riot Games' hero shooter has to a support Agent. She can heal herself and her team with a Healing Orb. If that wasn't enough, her Ultimate ability can bring a friendly teammate back from the dead to even up the odds. She's a critical Agent on your team, but some players need to improve their timings, like when to resurrect and when to use her Barrier Orb and Slow Orb.


Like other Controller abilities, Brimstone can smoke enemies to blind them. His Stim Beacon also creates an AoE buff that gives his teammates a faster fire rate and a small speed boost. While he provides decent all-around utility, his smoke grenades don't recharge during a round like Omen, making him lower on this Valorant tier list.


Gekko has tons of utility to help his team out of a pinch. He can blind enemies with Dizzy and is the only Agent in the game that has abilities that can be picked up after using to reset the cooldown again. The primary issue with Gekko is that most of his abilities can be shot down and destroyed by the opposing team.


Reyna is one of the most self-sufficient Valorant Agents in the game, working better as a lone wolf. She's designed for making solo players, with her self-heal and ability to set up her plays with Leer to Nearsight any enemies who look at it. As such, these all make her great for playing solo and climbing the ranked ladder alone, especially without Comms.


Cypher has been a signature staple in Valorant ever since the beta days, and remains a popular pick amongst players. Armed with Tripwires and Spycams, Cypher leans heavily into the hacker fantasy, cutting off any enemy pushes.

Valorant Agent Tier List: D-Tier


Deadlock is the newest Agent to Valorant, as players are still finding their feet with her. As a Sentinel, she provides helpful utility to team comps. However, Killjoy and Cypher are two more popular picks. Deadlock's kit revolves around detecting flanking enemies and preventing them.


Although from an alternate timeline, KAY/O pales beside his "normal" fellow Agents. He can quickly initiate one-man pushes using the flashes and suppressions in his kit. Proper communication and team play are needed to fully use his abilities, something not often seen in Valorant ranked play.


The unsung hero Yoru suffers compared to other Duelists like Phoenix. His pick rate is incredibly low, hovering around 11%, making him the least-played Agent in the game. His win rate is even worse at 45%, meaning there are plenty of other Agents to choose from instead.


Breach's abilities make him one of the hardest Agents in Valorant; not ideal if you're starting. Breach can be an absolute nightmare for the enemy team and his own without proper coordinated play because his abilities can affect ALL players, even friendlies.


Astra has plenty of crowd-control in her kit, as she can stun, pull, and smoke enemies using her Stars. As a hero of the cosmos, her Astral Form and other abilities can be challenging to master. From Valorant patch 7.08, Astra's smoke grenades will now play an audio and visual cue 1.5 seconds before they fade away, meaning some of her stealth utility is now lost.

Final Thoughts

That was our complete Valorant Agents tier list. Hopefully, with these S-Tier agents, you'll be scoring an ace in no time! Remember that, like with other online competitive games, the Valorant Agent meta is constantly changing. This Valorant tier list is a rough guideline and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Despite this Valorant tier list, there are no definitive rules on what Valorant Agents you can play or not play. There are no outright best Agents in the game; it all boils down to your game sense, mechanical skill, and how the enemy team plays.

We'll update this article accordingly whenever there's a noticeable shift in the Valorant meta or when a new Agent is added to the roster, so watch this space!

FAQs about Valorant Agent Tier Lists

What is a Valorant tier list?

Our Valorant Agents tier list ranks all characters in Valorant according to how they perform overall across all ranks, based on hundreds of players' win rates. The higher tier characters in T-Tier are currently considered "the best Agents" in the current meta. Of course, all Agents are viable in the right hands, depending on each player's game sense and skill.

How is a Valorant tier list decided?

Valorant tier lists are based on statistical analysis, combining low and high ELO averages to create a comprehensive list. This includes the win rate, ban rate, pick rate, and recent changes.

How often are Valorant Agents released?

There are currently 23 Agents in Valorant. There's usually one released every Episode, and the newest Valorant Agent to join the roster was Deadlock, released in Episode 7, Act 1 on June 27, 2023.

Who is the best solo Agent in Valorant?

If you're playing ranked in solo queue, Reyna is the Agent for you. She doesn't have to rely on her teammates, as she can set up good plays independently and self-heal with Soul Orbs.

What types of Valorant Agent are there?

There are four separate roles that Valorant Agents are divided into: Controllers, Duellists, Initiators, and Sentinels. Here are all the Valorant agents according to their respective types.

  • Controller: Brimstone, Viper, Omen, Astra, Harbor
  • Duellist: Phoenix, Jett, Reyna, Raze, Yoru, Neon
  • Initiator: Sova, Breach, Skye, KAY/O, Fade, Gekko
  • Sentinels: Killjoy, Cypher, Sage, Chamber, Deadlock