With over 22 Agents and nine different maps in the game, Riot Games' popular FPS Valorant is thriving now more than ever, breathing new life into the esports scene. Following the extreme success of the Valorant Champions Tour, new players are now flocking to try the game out for themselves!

Haven is one of the first maps introduced in Valorant's Closed Beta in 2020. Drawing inspiration from Buddhist temples and real-world locations like Thimpu, Haven is the only map in the Valorant map pool with three planting sites and is a fan-favorite among players.

Haven is also one of the largest Valorant maps, making it hard to pinpoint where enemies will attack from. Haven is mainly made up of small rooms, corridors, and narrow alleyways, making for a labyrinthine design that is easy to get lost in. Luckily, this guide will familiarize newer players with Haven's layouts, the necessary callouts, and which heroes work best on this map.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Valorant Haven

As mentioned, the Haven map is the only one with three sites, making it hard for Defenders to hold. Haven also holds the record for the most common map with the most retakes. Haven is also notable for having many choke points, making any Agents with a smoke screen or blinding vision the perfect pick.

Haven also hosts many vantage points and sight lines, so players should pick Agents that can take advantage of the verticality. Players with good mechanical aiming skills with a decent sniper rifle will thrive on this map. Players should also take advantage of the Ultimate orbs dotted around the map, as they can be crucial to winning rounds.

Haven Valorant: Map Callouts

As an FPS game that relies on teamwork and coordination, communicating with your team is crucial to success. As such, you must know several map callouts and landmark names when talking to your team through voice comms, in-game chat, or just by pinging on the mini-map.

A Site Callouts

A Site has a "Heaven" vantage point tower overlooking most of the one site and is more accessible to the Defenders from their spawn point at the bottom of the map. This is the perfect sniper tower - check out our best Valorant crosshair codes here. A recent update saw A Lobby restructured to open up the space and allow additional sight lines and traversal options.

When attacking on Haven, your best strat is to have two players enter through A Short, and three players going through A Long. Get an Agent with the ability to smoke off Heaven and Tunnels, and you should be able to control the area easily! For defending, any Sentinel Agent with trap abilities will work well.

  • Cubby - A cubby area in A-Long near the entrance of A Site
  • Double - Two square blocks stacked near the wall in A Long can be used as cover
  • Garden - Area leading to A Site from Mid and Attackers' Side Spawn. Plants can be jumped on for extra elevation to other areas
  • Heaven - Large Tower overlooking A Site
  • Hell - Protected area beneath the Heaven Tower, enclosed on three sides
  • Link - An L-shaped area connecting A Site to B Site.
  • Lobby - Small room connecting Garden to A Short and A Long.
  • Long - Long corridor connecting A Lobby to A Site. It has shorter sightlines players will need to be wary.
  • Ramp - Short ramp connecting A Long to A Site.
  • Short - Sewer-like tunnel leading from Tunnels to A Site 
  • Tunnels - A corridor connecting A Lobby to A Short can be used as an alternative route to A Site for Attackers
  • Yellow - Small yellow corridor leading to A Link from A Site

Mid Callouts

The Mid area is enclosed between B and C sites in the center of the map. It is a crucial control point, providing quick and easy access to all three sites. Maintaining Mid control allows Attackers to apply pressure to different locations while Defenders can rotate to support their allies in need.

  • Barn - An enclosed area to the Attackers Side Spawn
  • Mid Courtyard - Largest part of Mid, a heavy control point to take B Site
  • Mid Cubby - Located in Mid Courtyard, adjacent to B Site
  • Doors - Accessed through C Garage connector. The doors have destructible panels that can be broken with Agent abilities
  • Mid Window - Connects A Garden to Mid Courtyard, providing a vantage point over all of Mid and looks into B Site

B Site Callouts

B Site is next to Mid and is an entirely indoor battle area. Its condensed nature makes it perfect for close-quarters skirmishes. It provides multiple angles for Attackers, as they can approach through B Long or B Short for an easy push.

Defending B Site usually only requires one Agent due to B Site's size. Keep the mid-toB link smoked, and the Attacker's will usually avoid coming at you blinded.

  • Boost - Three boxes stacked together along the wall. It can be used to gain a vantage point over the enemy
  • Tetris - Large structure in the middle of B Site, providing ample cover and elevation
  • Back - Behind B Site, with a cubby and a wall cover

C Site Callouts

C Site is the additional third spike site for Haven. While B Site was indoors and in a more compact environment, C Site is more generic and outside.

It features two platforms that can be used to gain elevation and a rectangular structure in the middle to use for cover. Like A Site, C Site has similar callouts, like C Link, C Long, and more.

  • C Lobby - Open area leading from Attackers Side Spawn in C Sites' direction
  • C Cubby - Large cubby area in the center of C Long
  • C Long - Leads from Attacker's Side Spawn and looks into C Site, with long sightlines
  • C Site Cover - An area in the center of C Site, providing cover
  • Connector - A small hallway connecting C Site to Garage
  • Dragon - Small courtyard area that connects C Long to C Lobby
  • Garage - Enclosed room connecting C Site to Mid - sometimes also called C Short
  • Logs - A log stack on top of wooden crates can be used to gain the high ground
  • Plat - Elevated platform on the opposite end of C Site
  • Ramp - Small set of stairs leading into C Site from Defenders Side Spawn Barriers
  • Tetris - Wall of blocks near C Site cover

Havent Valorant: Agent Selection

Haven offers a balanced environment for various Agent compositions, so different playstyles will truly thrive. However, some Agents are better than others on Haven. Here are some of the best Agents to use on the Haven map.

Jett is by far the best overall Agent to play on Haven, paired with her excellent mobility and Cloudburst smoke ability. She can use Drift between Tetris and elevation points on C site, and her Signature Ability, Tailwind, lets her escape danger and avoid deadly headshots.

Sentinels like Killjoy are also effective on Haven. She excels at defending sites, as well as securing new objectives. Turret, Alarmbot, and Nanoswarm can protect each spike site so Killjoy can keep tabs on different map areas while flanking the enemy. Her Ultimate, Lockdown, can hold a team locked down to one spot, preventing them from rotating to a different site.

Omen is another Agent with smoke abilities; only the kicker is that he can plant them anywhere on the map, regardless of his actual positioning. Paranoia is a blinding orb that deafens players and obscures their vision. It passes through walls; there's no escaping Omen's Paranoia!

Some Agents could previously escape through a map exploit system, but that now has been patched with adverse effects on any players that try to attempt this manoeuvre, as Valorant continues to combats map exploits.

Final Thoughts

That's everything you need to know about the three bomb sites and quirks of the Haven map in Valorant. Knowing the ins and outs of the maps and necessary callouts should have you winning games on this unique map in no time! Riot Games have recently adjusted numerous locations and fixed multiple spots in Valorant to improve gameplay and reduce expert players from cheesing known strategies. GL HF in your future games!

Watch this space for future guides on other maps in Valorant, like Bind and Ascent, coming soon! If you want more Valorant news, check out our guide to professional players' in-game settings, gear lists, Night Market info, and more!