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November 18th, 2021

Riot Games has just released the newest addition to Valorant’s ever-expanding agent roster in the form of Chamber, a gentleman assassin by character and a new sentinel by role, with a set of abilities almost as sharp as his fashion sense.

Chamber abilities: Trademark, Headhunter, Rendezvous and Tour de Force

Chamber’s C ability is called Trademark, and it places a scanner trap on the field of play. When triggered, it slows players caught inside its range after a short countdown which lasts for 9.5 seconds.

The new Valorant agent’s Q ability is called Headhunter, which equips a heavy pistol. It offers aim down sights (ADS) capabilities with the alt fire. The weapon holds eight bullets at most, with a whopping 159 damage offered for a headshot, 55 if you hit the body and 46 if you scrape the leg.

The signature ability on E of Chamber is known as Rendezvous, which enables rapid movement across the map if you place two teleport anchors. Chamber can redeploy these anchors as he wishes. Whenever he’s in range of one of them, using E will instantly teleport him to the location of the other one. This is a free ability, but also a very loud one.

Valorant Chamber’s X (or ultimate) ability is called Tour de Force, which summons a special custom sniper rifle with one-hit-kill capabilities. Why is that better than the Operator, you ask? Much like the Trademark ability, any enemies caught in the “blast radius” will get slowed down for 9.5 seconds. The weapon holds five bullets, has 255 headshot damage (a hit killing an enemy under literally all circumstances) and 150 for a body- and a headshot alike per the official stats.

Chamber lore and background: a suave assassin from France

Damn, just look at this pure old-school sexiness:

Previously codenamed Deadeye, Chamber’s official biography reads as such:

Well dressed and well armed, French weapons designer Chamber expels aggressors with deadly precision. He leverages his custom arsenal to hold the line and pick off enemies from afar, with a contingency built for every plan.

Chamber’s country of origin is France. He claims to be a distinguished member of the French military, following this up with a role at Kingdom as a PMC Marksman and weapons designer. Clearly, this man lives and breathes weapons, and is a great addition to Episode 3 Act 3.

Meta viability: is Chamber a good agent?

Pros and pundits already see Chamber as a potential “Jett killer” with massive potential impact on Valorant matches. His abilities are among the most aggressive available to a Sentinel character: Trademark is an excellent area denial tool while Headhunter and Tour de Force both offer incredible firepower.

Imagine assaulting a site held by a Chamber player and losing your entry fragger to a Tour de Force shot. Now it slows players caught inside the shot's radius. Even if the sentinel was locking the site down alone (which is a very reasonable proposition with his toolkit), now the rest of his team has all the time in the world to rotate over before you can sort out the mess.

Right now, Jett’s Op-followed-by-Tailwind combo is defining the Valorant meta, and this is simply something that Chamber can do a better job at, with a better defensive toolkit (and a faster sidearm) to boot. This means an immediate shift by itself, with potentially more to come on the highest levels of play, and he seems to be destined to the top levels of any Valorant agent tier list even at this early juncture.

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Valorant Patch 3.10: what else was added alongside Chamber?

Valorant Chamber’s release date was November 16, going live as part of the second patch of Episode 3, Act 3 in Valorant. It was previously leaked that he “had not yet lived up to the level of quality” expected, and his originally planned release was pushed back to this point in time.

The 3.10 patch notes also include removing restrictions on 5-stack queues in Ranked while 4-stacks have been removed entirely. Depending on the skill level of players in the 5-stack queues, various RR restrictions may apply and queue times may be longer than before.

This is all to ensure that teams featuring (for example) Silver 1 and Platinum 1 players on the same squad can also have a balanced gameplay experience against a similar side. With even higher skill disparity, the reduction can be as high as 90%, automatically so if one of the players in question is Radiant.

Various esports-related broadcasting features and minor bug fixes have also shipped with the update. Chamber, of course, is the big one, and he seems like a very effective and quite fun agent to play. If you’ve taken some time off from the game, this seems like a pretty good time to get back into the fray and snipe some people off the map with Valorant Chamber and his fancy new toolkit.

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