Last updated: May 30, 2023 (updated match results, added overall standings).

Following the excitement of the special event VCT LOCK//IN Brazil, which kicked off the new era of Valorant esports, all VCT teams are working hard at home in their regional leagues organized by Riot Games.

The VCT Pacific League is one of three new international leagues in the VCT structure for 2023, the others being VCT EMEA and VCT Americas.

The VCT Pacific League begins on March 25 and runs until May 28 in Seoul, South Korea. This esports league marks Riot Games' drive to strengthen its presence in the Asia Pacific region and establish Valorant as one of the top esports in the area.

The top ten Valorant teams from Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand and the South Asia Pacific region will face off for the inaugural season of VCT Pacific.

Here's everything fans need to know about the VCT Pacific League 2023.

VCT Pacific League 2023: Format

VCT Pacific 2023 will kick off with a bang with an eight-week league play on March 25 with the regular season. All ten competing teams will battle in a single round-robin stage. Every match will be played as a Bo3 series.

The top six teams will qualify for the double-elimination bracket in the playoffs. All matches in the playoffs, excluding the Lower Final and Grand Final, are Bo3. The Semi and Grand Finals will be played as a Bo5 for maximum intensity.

Only the top three teams from the VCT Pacific League will advance to Masters Tokyo later this year and Valorant Champions 2023, the end-of-year tournament.

Here is the complete schedule for each stage of VCT Pacific 2023.

  • Regular Season - March 25 - May 16
  • Playoffs - May 19- May 28
  • Last Chance Qualifier - July

Like all Valorant competitive leagues, VCT Pacific boasts an impressive prize pool of $250,000 USD, to be split amongst the participants.

VCT Pacific League: Win With Wardell!

In partnership with Rivalry, popular Canadian streamer and pro-Valorant player Wardell, who previously played for Version1, will share his knowledge of the competitive Valorant scene throughout the 2023 Valorant Champions Tour, sharing his top picks and which teams and players to keep an eye on.

For the VCT Pacific League, Wardell has divulged his top three teams: DRX, T1, and Paper Rex. He thinks Paper Rex can take home the crown because they are "young and super hungry to win." Place your bets with Rivalry, and win today with Wardell!

VCT Pacific League 2023: All Competing Teams

Here are all ten partner teams competing in this year's VCT Pacific with their player rosters.

  • Detonation FocusMe - takej, Reita, xnfri, Anthem, Suggest
  • DRX - stax, Rb, Zest, BuZz, MaKo
  • Gen.G - Metero, k1Ng, TS, eKo, Sylvan
  • Global Esports - SkRossi, AYRIN, t3xture, Monyet, Bazzi
  • Paper Rex - mindfreak, f0rsakeN, Benkai, d4d41, Jinggg
  • Rex Regum Qeon - Emman, EJAY, Xffero, fl1pzjder, Lmemore
  • T1 - xeta, Munchkin, ban, Sayaplayer, Carpe
  • Talon Esports - Crws, foxz, sushiboys, garnetS, JitboyS
  • Team Secret - JessieVash, DubsteP, BORKUM, Jremy, invy
  • ZETA Division - LAZ, crow, Dep, SugarZ3ro, TENNN

VCT Pacific League 2023: Where to watch

The entirety of the VCT Pacific tournament will be broadcast live on both Twitch and YouTube on the official Valorant Pacific channels, available in multiple languages. We have embedded the English Twitch stream below.

Broadcast streams in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and Hindi will also be available on the respective regions' official Twitch and YouTube platforms.

VCT Pacific League 2023: Venue

VCT Pacific will be held at the Sangam Colosseum in Seoul, South Korea. Following the conclusion of the playoffs, the two-day Finals event will take place at the Jangchung Stadium.

Tickets for this exciting event went on sale on March 18, with purchases limited to four tickets per person. Anyone interested in attending can find tickets here - be sure to snag your tickets quickly!

VCT Pacific League 2023: Schedule

All matches will be played every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, except the final Super Week on May 12, which will be Friday through Tuesday.

All times listed are in ET. Match winners will be emboldened for reader convenience. Playoffs begin on May 19 and conclude on May 29 with the Grand Final. The previous schedules and match winners for the regular season are also listed below.

VCT Pacific League 2023: Playoffs

May 19

  • 4AM - ZETA Division Vs. Team Secret - 0-2
  • 6.30AM - T1 Vs. Gen.G - 2-1

May 20

  • 4AM - DRX Vs. Team Secret - 2-1
  • 6.30AM - Paper Rex Vs. T1 - 2-0

May 21

  • 4AM - Gen.G Vs. Team Secret - 2-1
  • 6.30AM - T1 Vs. ZETA Division - 2-1

May 22

  • 4AM - DRX Vs. Paper Rex - 0-2
  • 6.25AM - Gen.G Vs. T1 - 0-2

May 27

  • 3AM - DRX Vs. T1 - 3-2

May 28 - Grand Final

  • 3AM - Paper Rex Vs. DRX-3-2

VCT Pacific League 2023

VCT Pacific League 2023: Week 1

March 25

  • 5AM - ZETA Division Vs. DRX
  • 8AM - T1 Vs. Global Esports

March 26

  • 5AM - Paper Rex Vs. Detonation FocusMe
  • 8AM - Team Secret Vs. Talon Esports

March 27

  • 5AM - Rex Regum Qeon Vs. Gen.G

VCT Pacific League 2023: Week 2

April 1

  • 5AM - ZETA Division Vs. Rex Regum Qeon
  • 8AM - Talon Esports Vs. T1

April 2

  • 5AM - Team Secret Vs. Paper Rex
  • 8AM - Gen.G Vs. Detonation FocusMe

April 3

  • 5AM - Global Esports Vs. DRX

VCT Pacific League 2023: Week 3

April 8

  • 5AM - Rex Regum Qeon Vs. Detonation FocusMe
  • 8AM - T1 Vs. Paper Rex

April 9

  • 5AM - ZETA Division Vs. Global Esports
  • 8AM - Talon Esports Vs. DRX

April 10

  • 5AM - Team Secret Vs. Gen.G

VCT Pacific League 2023: Week 4

April 15

  • 5AM - Paper Rex Vs. DRX
  • 8AM - Team Secret Vs. Rex Regum Qeon

April 16

  • 5AM - T1 Vs. Gen.G
  • 8AM - ZETA Division Vs. Detonation FocusMe

April 17

  • 5AM - Talon Esports Vs. Global Esports

VCT Pacific League 2023: DRX

VCT Pacific League 2023: Week 5

April 22

  • 5AM - Paper Rex Vs. Global Esports
  • 8AM - Gen.G Vs. DRX

April 23

  • 5AM - T1 Vs. Rex Regum Qeon
  • 8AM - Team Secret Vs. Detonation FocusMe

April 24

  • 5AM - Talon Esports Vs. ZETA Division

VCT Pacific League 2023: Week 6

April 29

  • 5AM - T1 Vs. DetonatioN FocusMe
  • 8AM - ZETA Division Vs. Team Secret

April 30

  • 5AM - Global Esports Vs. Gen.G
  • 8AM - DRX Vs. Rex Regum Qeon

May 1

  • 5AM - Talon Esports Vs. Paper Rex

VCT Pacific League 2023: Week 7

May 6

  • 5AM - Talon Esports Vs. Gen.G
  • 8AM - ZETA Division Vs. Paper Rex

May 7

  • 5AM - Global Esports Vs. Rex Regum Qeon
  • 8AM - Team Secret Vs. T1

May 8

  • 5AM - DRX Vs. Detonation FocusMe

VCT Pacific League 2023: Week 8 (Super Week)

May 12

  • 5AM - Paper Rex Vs. Gen.G
  • 8AM - ZETA Division Vs. T1

May 13

  • 5AM - Team Secret Vs. DRX
  • 8AM - Global Esports Vs. Detonation FocusMe

May 14

  • 5AM - Talon Esports Vs. Rex Regum Qeon
  • 8AM - ZETA Division Vs. Gen.G

May 15

  • 5AM - DRX Vs. T1
  • 8AM - Global Esports Vs. Team Secret

May 16

  • 5AM - Talon Esports Vs. Detonation FocusMe
  • 8AM - Rex Regum Qeon Vs. Paper Rex

VCT Pacific League 2023: Overall Standings

1) TBD - $100,000, Masters and Champions Qualifications

2) TBD - $65,000, Masters and Champions Qualifications

3) TBD - $40,000, Masters and Champions Qualifications

4) Gen.G - $25,000

5-6) Team Secret, ZETA Division - $10,000

7) Rex Regum Queon-

8) Global Esports

9) Talon Esports

10) DetonatioN FocusMe -

Rivalry will keep this article updated with future matches in the upcoming weeks and the current standings. If you want more Valorant news, we've got guides on improving your Valorant gameplay, the best Valorant crosshairs, and everything you need to know about Valorant MMR.