All The Best Valorant Crosshair Codes: From Pros To Streamers

Updated: September 2023 (updated image quality and added new crosshair codes).

Valorant is an online shooter that combines quirky characters, realistic gameplay, and heroic abilities into one seamless experience. This unique FPS was created by Riot Games and released on June 2. 2020. It's a free-to-play FPS game, taking inspiration from CS:GO, that mostly revolves around teamwork, tactical game sense, and individual aim.

That's where crosshairs comes into play! The right crosshair can drastically improve your aim so you can see where your shots are going and overall, transform you a better player.

Luckily for you, you can modify your Valorant crosshair to suit your playstyle and help you start tapping heads! In order to do so, you will need some Valorant crosshair codes, which will enable you to create custom Valorant crosshairs.

In this guide, we'll show you how to use Valorant crosshair settings and share some of the best Valorant crosshair codes to try, from pro-players to even our own custom creations!

How to Import Valorant Crosshairs 

It's relatively easy to import any Valorant crosshair code.

  1. Head over to Settings in from the Valorant main menu.
  2. Click on Crosshair to open up the settings.
  3. Click Import Profile. A new window will pop up, and you just need to paste the crosshair profile code.
  4. Click Import and choose the name of your profile. Easy as that.

Alternatively, you can manually adjust the crosshair by changing the color, outlines, opacity, and thickness of both inner and outer lines.


Your aim and gameplay may both improve with the correct crosshair. Valorant crosshair selection is still primarily a matter of taste, though. Finding what works for you can be overwhelming with so many different settings and customization options to try.

For this reason, starting with the crosshair settings used by the best players in the scene can be helpful. After all, this way you'll know they're tried and tested! These crosshair codes range from the humble dot reticle to some slightly wackier variations.

If you're looking to manifest a pro's gameplay prowess, be sure to check out our articles on pro-Valorant player settings and their entire gear lists. Without further ado, here are the best crosshair codes from the Valorant pros themselves:

100Thieves Asuna: Crosshair Code


LOUD aspas: Crosshair Code


Sentinels TenZ: Crosshair Code

0;s;1;P;c;5;h;0;m;1;0l;4;0o;2;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0;S;c;4;o;1, or 0;0l 4;0o 2;0a 1;0f

Sentinels Marved: Crosshair Code


Fnatic Leo: Crosshair Code


Fnatic Derke: Crosshair Code


Evil Geniuses Demon1: Crosshair Code


Evil Geniuses Boostio: Crosshair Code


The Guard JonahP: Crosshair Code


G2 Esports ShahZaM: Crosshair Code


Karmine Corp Scream: Crosshair Code


Apeks Mistic: Crosshair Code


Natus Vincere cNed: Crosshair Code


NRG Crashies: Crosshair Code


Team Liquid Nats: Crosshair Code


Of course, there are more codes you can try, but the ones mentioned above are the best ones from the pro scene. Import each one of them individually and see what works for you.


With any online competitive game, there will also be streamers helping to popularize the game and making the game more enjoyable to watch than the intense nature of Valorant esports.

While they aren't pro-players, audiences may be interested in copying their favorite streamers crosshair codes. That's why we've created this list of the best Valorant crosshair codes from top Valorant streamers on Twitch and YouTube.

Shroud Crosshair Code

0;P;h;0;0l;5;0o;0;0a;1;0f;0;1b;0 p h 0 f 0;0l 4;0o 2;0a

Kyedae Crosshair Code


Pokimane Crosshair Code


Stewie2k Crosshair Code


Hiko Crosshair Code


Summit1g Crosshair Code


xQC Crosshair Code


Valkyrae Crosshair Code


Sykkuno Crosshair Code


QuarterJade Crosshair Code


HigaTV Crosshair Code


Wardell Crosshair Code


As with the pro-player crosshair codes, there are still dozens of streamer crosshair codes to explore. Hopefully you'll have found one that suits you!


Let's examine a few of the popular and creative Valorant crosshair codes that are unusual and unique to spice up your Valorant gameplay.

When designed or customizing your own crosshair, remember that the best Valorant crosshairs are ones with bold colors that stand out against all backgrounds, like cyan, green, magenta, and yellow. Darker colors tend to blend in too much.

Circle Crosshair

Some gamers want large crosshairs that react to gunfire, while others choose smaller crosshairs that are static and less noticeable. On the other hand, you can always use a Valorant circle crosshair if you want something in mid of these two.

The Circle, or Dot crosshair as it's sometimes called, is one of the more well-known Valorant crosshairs. Many players joked about this crosshair, but it quickly gained enormous popularity after being used by certain pros.

The easiest way to get this crosshair is by using the code: 0;P;c;1;h;0;d;1;z;3;f;0;0t;3;0l;1;0o;1;0a;1;0f;0;1t;0;1l;0;1o;0;1a;0;1f;0

To unlock the crosshair, copy the code and paste it into the settings. However, if you want to adjust your crosshair from scratch and create your own unique circular crosshair, do the following:

  • Navigate to Valorant's Crosshair settings.
  • Reset your Crosshair to its default settings by clicking the reset button in the top right corner of the PC screen.
  • Regardless of your color, be sure to turn off outlines.
  • Turn on the Show Inner Lines setting by scrolling down to the Inner Lines options.

Use these inner line settings in Valorant to make a circular crosshair:

  • Inner Line Opacity: 1
  • Inner Line Length: 1
  • Inner Line Thickness: 3
  • Inner Line Offset: 1

Flower Crosshair Valorant

The Flower crosshair is a common design in Valorant. While some Valorant players find it awkward, others employ this cute crosshair for better aim and looking chic while doing so.

On the Crosshair Settings page, you may import the crosshair code and change how it looks in the game. Here's how to activate the Valorant Flower crosshair:


  • Category: Setting
  • Crosshair Color: Yellow
  • Outlines: ON
  • Outline Opacity: 1
  • Outline Thickness: 1
  • Center Dot: ON
  • Center Dot Opacity: 1
  • Center Dot Thickness: 3
  • Override Firing Error Offset with Crosshair Offset: OFF
  • Override All Primary Crosshairs with my Primary Crosshair: OFF

Inner Lines

  • Show Inner Lines: ON
  • Inner Line Opacity: 1
  • Inner Line Length: 3
  • Inner Line Thickness: 1
  • Inner Line Offset: 3
  • Movement Error: OFF
  • Movement Error Multiplier: 0
  • Firing Error: OFF

Outer Lines

  • Show Outer Lines: ON
  • Outer Line Opacity: 0
  • Outer Line Length: 1
  • Outer Line Thickness: 9
  • Outer Line Offset: 2
  • Movement Error: OFF
  • Movement Error Multiplier: 1
  • Firing Error: OFF

Feel free to change the color or adjust it to the way you prefer it. If you want the one from the picture above, use code: 0;P;c;4;o;1;d;1;z;3;f;0;0t;1;0l;3;0a;1;0f;0;1t;9;1l;1;1o;2;1a;0;1m;0;1f;0.

Smiley Face Crosshair Valorant

The Smile crosshair is one of the most unique crosshairs in Valorant. The performance of the Smiley face crosshair isn't great, but it encourages positivity which is something we need more of in Valorant.

Use the import code below to quickly add the smiley face design to Valorant if manually adjusting settings isn't your thing.

Smiley face crosshair code: 0;P;c;1;t;2;o;1;m;1;0t;10;0o;0;0a;1;0f;0;1t;3;1l;3;1o;0;1a;0;1m;0;1f;0

Heart Crosshair Valorant

The heart-shaped crosshair is one design that has become increasingly popular among Valorant gamers. It's a great way to express your love for Valorant, or love for destroying the enemy!

This may be a nice substitute for the standard crosshair that you typically find in games, though it might not be practical for those attempting to advance their Valorant rank and win their games.  

General Crosshair settings

  • Color: Pink or Red
  • Outlines: On
  • Outline Opacity: 0.1
  • Outline Thickness: 1
  • Center Dot: Off
  • Center Dot Opacity: N/A
  • Center Dot Thickness: N/A
  • Override Firing Error Offset With Crosshair Offset: On
  • Override All Primary Crosshairs With my Crosshair Offset: Off

Inner Lines

  • Show Inner Lines: On
  • Inner Line Opacity: 0.7
  • Inner Line Length: 3
  • Inner Line Thickness: 5
  • Inner Line Offset: 1
  • Movement Error: Off
  • Firing Error: Off

Outer Lines

  • Show Outer Lines: On
  • Outer Line Opacity: 0.7
  • Outer Line Length: 5
  • Outer Line Thickness: 1
  • Outer Line Offset: 0
  • Movement Error: Off
  • Firing Error: Off

Alternatively, you can use the code: 0;P;c;7;o;0.1;d;1;z;1;a;0;m;1;0t;10;0l;5;0a;1;0f;0;1t;4;1l;10;1o;1;1a;1;1m;0;1f;0 for your own Heart crosshair.

Hashtag Crosshair

Typically, hashtags are used on social media to promote certain things and gain views or clicks. With the hashtag crosshair in Valorant, you'll certainly be clicking heads!

The hashtag crosshair is a take on the stereotypical, standard crosshair you'll find in most FPS games, resembling a square-like shape. It works well for shotguns and SMGs, although maybe not for weapons that require more precision, like sniper rifles or pistols.

  • Colour: Red (or any color you prefer)
  • Outlines: Off
  • Outline Opacity: 0.5
  • Outline Thickness: 1
  • Center Dot: Off
  • Center Dot Opacity: 1
  • Center Dot Thickness: 2
  • Override Firing Error Offset With Crosshair Offset: On
  • Override All Primary Crosshairs With my Crosshair Offset: Off

Inner Lines

  • Show Inner Lines: Off
  • Inner Line Opacity: 0.8
  • Inner Line Length: 6,6
  • Inner Line Thickness: 2
  • Inner Line Offset: 3
  • Movement Error: Off
  • Firing Error: Off

Outer Lines

  • Show Outer Lines: On
  • Outer Line Opacity: 1
  • Outer Line Length: 1,1
  • Outer Line Thickness: 7
  • Outer Line Offset: 1
  • Movement Error: Off
  • Firing Error: Off

Alternatively, you can use this hastag crosshair code: 0;P;c;7;o;1;d;1;0t;10;0l;5;0o;0;0a;1;0m;1;0f;0;1t;6;1l;1;1o;5;1a;0;1f;0 for the hastag crosshair, and be the talk of the game!

Final Thoughts

Those are just some of the best Valorant crosshair codes we have to offer. We'll update this article often many pro players and streamers tend to change their crosshairs regularly, so watch this space!

Remember that changing your crosshair to match a pro-player won't automatically make you better at the game. You need to dedicate time and have the patience to improve your aim and get better game sense. GL HF in your future games!

 Want to learn more about Valorant? You will find all the useful information: from guides about maps, system requirements and crosshair codes, to useful articles on how to check your purchase history in our blog section.

FAQs about Valorant crosshair settings

What is a crosshair in Valorant?

A crosshair is an overlay in the center of your screen that helps you aim your weapon. In Valorant, you can customize the color, size, and shape of your crosshair.

How do I change my crosshair in Valorant?

You can change your crosshair in the game settings. Go to the "Crosshair" tab and adjust the settings to your preference. You can choose from a variety of crosshair styles, colors, and sizes.

Do crosshairs affect aim?

Yes, having a sleek crosshair will help you be able to track your enemies movements and correctly fit them in your weapon's sights. For example, if you have a large circle crosshair using a sniper reifle, it can be hard to tell exactly where your shot is going.

How to copy crosshair in Valorant?

The crosshair code of another person can be copied during any match. Open the console while watching someone else and enter "/crosshaircopy" or "/cc". It will allow you to copy that person's crosshair, and you just need to import it as a new profile to use it.

What is the best crosshair in Valorant?

There is no "best" crosshair in Valorant, as it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Some players prefer a small crosshair for precision, while others prefer a larger crosshair for better visibility.

Can I import a custom crosshair in Valorant?

No, you cannot import a custom crosshair in Valorant. You can only customize the crosshair using the options provided in the game settings.

How do I reset my crosshair to the default settings?

To reset your crosshair to the default settings, go to the "Crosshair" tab in the game settings and click the "Reset" button.

Can I have different crosshairs for different weapons in Valorant?

No, you cannot have different crosshairs for different weapons in Valorant. The crosshair settings apply to all weapons.

How to share Valorant crosshair? 

To share your Valorant crosshair, it's enough to export the crosshair code and share it.

How to import crosshair from Valorant to AimLab? 

Currently, the only way to import Valorant crosshair to AimLab is via screenshot.

  • Capture a picture of your Valorant Crosshair
  • Remove the screenshot's backdrop and save it as a .png (make sure it's 1920x1080 to get the best results)
  • Launch Aim Lab and import the image
  • Click "Save Changes" after changing "Type" to upload the chosen Crosshair.