KEKWait is a variation of the popular KEKW emote, which is generally used when a KEKW moment "goes wrong" in some way. The image is a modified version of the KEKW emote and the meaning of KEKWait is something along the lines of "oh I didn't expect this to happen".

What does KEKWait mean?

The KEKWait emote is a FrankerFaceZ extension Twitch emote which is a modified version of a popular cut-out of the face of Juan Joya Borja, a Spanish comedian and actor who’s also known as the Spanish Laughing Guy in internet circles. A popular YouTube video from a 2007 interview where Borja bursts into laughter while trying to tell an anecdote, revealing his almost toothless mouth and focusing on his exquisite moustache was turned into multiple memes by the Twitch community. KEKW, the original version, signifies hysterical laughter. KEKWait, in contrast, turns his smile upside down in this edit to indicate that a KEKW moment hasn't exactly worked out as planned. It was uploaded by foxboxx to FrankerFaceZ in November 2019.

How to use KEKWait examples

In general, KEKWait is used as a counterpart to KEKW when an expected (funny) KEKW moment doesn't pan out as expected. Though Twitch chat users will usually just spam KEKWait without any text alongside it, it should work something like this in context:

"I thought the streamer was gonna get wrecked KEKW but wait they won KEKWait"

"KEKWait this is actually happening"

"when you KEKW too soon it's a KEKWait moment"

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