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Oct 5, 2018

After seeing this phrase all over Twitch, Twitter and seemingly every other gaming focused YouTube video, we thought answering the "what does PogChamp mean?" question may help a few of you out there.

Pogchamp (sometimes stylized as PogChamp) is the fifth-most popular global emote on Twitch, a purposefully exaggerated face of a streamer called Gootecks, specifically taken from a November 2010 episode of his Counter Cross TV series, which was subsequently used in a 2011 video called “Pogs Championship” where he would win a game of Pogs by dropping a branded joystick on the stack, becoming, well, the “Pog Champion”.

The image would become one of Twitch’s global emotes in 2012 – it is generally used to indicate excitement or hype over something extraordinary happening in the broadcast.

Hopefully this answers the question of "what does PogChamp mean?" and you can now use it with the knowledge it means what you think it means!

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