CS:GO skins are a big part of what made the game so popular today, and some of them have pretty incredible prices for a cosmetic item. Valve make a big buck from every sale but which are the most expensive CS:GO skins on the market? Here’s what we found:

Sport Gloves | Hedge Maze – listed at 1 623,12€

“Only cowards fear flying close to the sun”

most expensive CS:GO skins

These stylish(?) green suckers will set you back by the cost of a cheaper holiday trip but they will certainly make your CS:GO character look like a guy who exercises on a regular basis. You may think this is just an overzealous owner’s crazy listing, but records show that a pair of these bad boys were sold for just over 1 400 euros on February 6, 2020.

★ StatTrak™ Flip Knife | Bright Water – listed at 1620€

“Flip knives sport a Persian-style back-swept blade with an acute point. While the point itself may be fragile, the overall design of the flip knife's design is surprisingly durable. It has been painted using a blue camo hydrographic.”

most expensive CS:GO skins

It’s no surprise to see StatTrak knives on this list, but perhaps a Battle-Scarred Flip Knife isn’t the kind of luxury item you’d be interested in forking out (lol) this much money for. With 18 confirmed kills and a median sale price of around 100 euros, the owner is clearly fishing for an inexperienced user here.

Souvenir AUG | Contractor – listed at 1 619,45€

“Rona Sabri still hasn't forgiven Sebastien for not selecting her to go after Turner”

most expensive CS:GO skins

Souvenir items always go for more than the base versions, but this is a tad excessive, even for one which was dropped during the finals of the second-ever CS:GO Major. A simple flat color finish emblazoned with a bunch of stickers, this scoped scoundrel will definitely make you feel like you have way too much money to spend. The AUG|一个中国原则China NO.1 nametag may be a dealbreaker though.

(Also, copies of this gun usually go for around 50 euros or so. Good luck to the ambitious owner who listed his for this ridiculous amount!)

★ StatTrak™ Skeleton Knife | Case Hardened – listed at 1 619,45€

“A little color never hurt anyone”

most expensive CS:GO skins

This could very well be the only knife of its kind in existence, at least judging by the complete lack of previous Marketplace data available. A fancy knife with StatTrak added to it, no wonder its owner is hoping for a ridiculous return on their investment – but with the buy requests topping out at around 337 euros at the time of writing, his multicolored kitchen utensil may not be valued at the price he’s looking to get.

AWP | The Prince – listed at 1 619,45€

“Peace be with thee”

most expensive CS:GO skins

There’s a reason you don’t really see this fancy skin during your Matchmaking adventures: it began trading at around the 400 euro mark when it was originally introduced in The Canals Collection on November 2019, and it’s been climbing steadily since, regularly selling for four-digit fees since. Even this insane listing has precedent for this royal-looking gun, though perhaps not in a Field-Tested condition.

Listings taken on March 3, 2020