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Jan 29, 2019

It’s no secret that Riot makes a killing with the cosmetics in their incredibly popular MOBA, but just how much can you possibly invest into an individual skin? We’ve done a bit of research so you don’t have to…

The skins in League of Legends are divided into different tiers, each coming with its own price tag determined in Riot Points: Deluxe, Superior, Epic, Legendary and Ultimate. The latter is divided into two different categories, “skins that are a cut above the rest, but don't necessarily bring new tech to the game“ costing 2775 RP (or around 20$) and ones that “[push] the boundaries of development by completely reimagining the champion” which go for 3250 RP (circa 23$). Legendary and Ultimate skins never go on sale (apart from discounts on launch) and don’t provide any gameplay bonuses. Examples of Ultimate skins include DJ Sona, Elementalist Lux and Pulsefire Ezreal.

Technically, the Gemstone-exclusive skins are the rarest and most expensive ones: the Hextech crafting system offers peerless cosmetics like Dreadnova Darius and Hextech Annie. Unfortunately, the gemstones required to create them come with a four percent drop rate from the Hextech chests – and considering you need ten of them to create one of these skins, you’re looking at a pretty significant investment if you’d like to guarantee one. On average, you’d require 250(!) keys and chests, a whopping 48750 RP (which would amount to $325-ish).

At that point, “having skin in the game” takes on a whole new meaning…

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