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play live on stream with real players to win real money!
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Worlds collide
Welcome to Hub City. A towering metropolis in the midst of the Glitch Crisis: mysterious worlds phasing in and out of existence, disrupting life in the city.
The gangs who rule the streets of Hub City capitalize on the chaos, creating the ultimate illegal death race: Rushlane.
Champions of Rushlane put their lives on the line for riches, glory and power. The fastest rule the streets and the strange multiverse beyond.
How to play
What is rushlane
Rushlane is an intense automated racing game that pits you against up to 24 real players to win real money. Stake towards the prize pool to join the race. The top players to finish each race win a portion of the pool.

Each race lasts around 2 minutes. Races run continuously, with each new race starting as soon as the previous one ends when at least 3 players have bought in.
Join a game room
Hit PLAY NOW to automatically join a live game room. There may be multiple game rooms running simultaneously. You can switch rooms at any point to join a friend, or to find a room with a player count that better suits your style.
Buy into a race
To join a race, you will need to pay the stake just before the race begins. Your stake will be added to the total prize pool. The more racers, the bigger the prize!

If a race is already in progress, wait a minute or two for the next race to start. If races are filling up too quickly, you can always switch to a less popular district to get into a race faster.
Cheer for your racer
As soon as you buy in, you will see your racer appear on stream with your Rivalry gamertag. The race is automated and physics-based - meaning you won’t have any direct control over your racer. Track layout and obstacles are randomly generated each race.

When a minimum of 3 players have joined, the race begins! Cheer for your racer as it hurdles towards the finish, and pray you don’t fall victim to the many traps and obstacles along the way!
Finish in the top & win $$$
The first handful of racers to cross the finish line will be awarded a portion of the prize pool. 1st place wins the most, 2nd place wins slightly less, and so on. The exact number of winners and amount won is determined by how many players were in the race. If you win, your prize money will automatically be added to the wallet you used to buy in.
Want to know more? Read the full game rules.
Does it cost me anything to participate in Rushlane?
Watching and chatting is free. If you want to join the race and have a chance to win money, you need to stake a small amount per race.
Do you have limits on how much I can bet per race?
Each player can only enter each race once.
Can I participate in multiple races at once?
Yes! You can only enter each race once, but you can open additional districts in new tabs if you want to play more than one race simultaneously.
The video seems to be delayed. Chat and the play button are ahead of the race.
If your connection was interrupted or the video stream is visibly delayed: refresh your browser window or rejoin the district.
Races are filling up too fast and I can’t play.
Each race has a maximum of 25 players. If the district is high population and the races are filling up too fast, you can switch to a less populated district.
I hit PLAY and joined the race, but closed my browser window or disconnected before the end of the race. What happens now?
Once you are in the race, you are in the race. The race will play out even if you close Rushlane or your browser. If you win, your winnings will be waiting in your wallet when you return. If you want to see your race placement, you can check your Bet History.
Someone is trolling or spamming in chat. How do I report them?
You can report and/or ignore a player by hovering (or tapping) on their message in chat. Click on the ! icon, and select the reason for the report.
I won the race, but didn't get the full prize pool. What gives?
Depending on the number of racers in the race, the prize pool is split among the top racers. To see how the prize pool is split see the full game rules.
I’ve been silenced in chat. What does that mean?
If you’ve been silenced, it’s most likely because you were misbehaving in chat. You can be silenced for using offensive language, harassing other players, excessive spamming, advertising or posting links.

If you are silenced, you will have to wait until the penalty period runs out, then you can chat again. Each time you are silenced, the penalty will get longer.
Can I choose what my racer looks like? Or change my colour?
Not yet. We are looking to add ways for you to customize your racer soon!