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MLBB SEA Games 2023

May 10 - May 14th, 2023
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

MLBB SEA Games 2023 Betting | Schedule, Format, Teams

The 32nd SEA Games kicked off with a bang this year, with Cambodia being the host country for the first time in history. All events are held at the NABA Theatre and Olympia Mall in Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital city.

The SEA Games is an illustrious world championship event where the top countries in Southeast Asia and their best qualifying athletes come together to determine the strongest region and take home the all-important gold medal.

The SEA Games don't just feature traditional sports like soccer and hockey; even esports can be stars of the show! Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is exploding in popularity in Southeast Asia, so it's only right the best players and top teams compete against one another in the SEA Games. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has many professional esports leagues like MPL Malaysia, MPL Indonesia, MPL Singapore, and more! The Mobile Legends SEA events are divided into two - for men and women - and will take place from May 10 to May 14.

This article shows everything you need to know about the Mobile Legends tournaments in this year's SEA Games, including the format, competing teams, and betting advice for when you want to add a little signature Rivalry spice to the action.

What are the SEA Games?

MLBB SEA Games 2023 betting

The Southeast Asian Games is a biennial sports event held since 1959, with eleven participating regions currently in the 2023 rendition.

The first SEA Games were hosted in Bangkok, Thailand, featuring only six traditional sports: athletics, basketballboxing, cycling, football, and swimming. There were also only six competing countries at this time: Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Laos, South Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Over the years, the number of sports and participating countries has increased significantly, allowing the event to have more diversity. In line with traditional sports, there are now also esports titles available. The 32nd SEA Games marks the third year since esports' inclusion in the event in 2019. Mobile Legends is one of six esports titles selected for the 32nd SEA tournament, alongside Crossfire, ValorantPUBG Mobile, Attack Online, and LoL Wild Rift.

This year's SEA Games are the 32nd and is hosted for the first time in Cambodia. Their team will undoubtedly be playing up to earn the crown for their home region.

MLBB SEA Games: Format

MLBB SEA Games 2023 betting

The format for MLBB SEA Games will be slightly different for the women's and men's tournaments, and both are listed below. The prize pool for each tournament and each competing country is yet to be announced.

Women's Tournament Format (May 10-11)

Group Stage

  • Six countries are divided into two groups, with three countries each.
  • Single round robin format where all matches are best of one.
  • Top two teams from each group advance to the playoffs.


  • Single elimination bracket where all matches are best of three, aside from the Grand Final and Bronze match, which are best of five.

Men's Tournament Format (May 12 - 14)

Group Stage

  • All nine countries are divided into two groups: A and B. Group A has five countries, while Group B has four.
  • All games will be played in a single round-robin, and all matches are best of one.
  • The top two teams from each group advance to the playoffs.


  • All matches are best of three, with a single elimination bracket.
  • The Grand Finals and Bronze medal event are best of five.

32nd SEA Games MLBB: Competing Countries

Nine countries will compete in the men's tournament, while only six of their regions will also participate in the women's division.

Below is a list of each competing country and their player roster by in-game name.

MLBB SEA Games: Women's Tournament

  • Cambodia - POOKIE, Ningg, Jimmy, MEI, Synee
  • Philippines - Diagon, Keishi, Sinoa, Meraaay, Dardo
  • Indonesia - Fumi, Vival, Cinny, Chell, Vivian
  • Vietnam - Tmy, Mie, Miku, Ngoc Be, Kuromi
  • Laos - Lizar, Cat a wrap, NUUU, Platwo, Bumblebee
  • Malaysia - Bunny, Dibo, Hanie, Fafu, Rosemary

MLBB SEA Games: Men's Tournament

The men's tournament is highly anticipated due to some star quality players and top names from the MLBB professional scene.

  • Cambodia - ATM, Detective, C Cat, Xingg, D7
  • Philippines - Canon, Sayson, Arcangel, Unigo, Requitiano
  • Indonesia - Saykots, Alberttt, S A N Z, Branz, Kiboy
  • Myanmar - RubyDD, Kenn, Zippx, Naomi, JustiN
  • Malaysia - Rippo, Garyy, Ciku, Zorn, Izanami
  • Singapore - Diablo, BRAYYY, 505, Babycakes, Lolsie
  • Vietnam - Meow, Jowww, Fugo, GNART, Hehehehe
  • Laos - Opper, Yourname, BisTon, TwentyAugust, Agi
  • Timor-Leste - Lawliett, Hitokiri, Nobskiee, Phelun, ButterFly

MLBB SEA Games: Predictions

The Philippines

MLBB SEA Games 2023 betting: Team Philippines

The Philippines are the country to beat, as they are the strongest region in the professional MLBB scene. They boast two major pro-Mobile Legends tournaments: MDL PH and MPL PH.

For this year's SEA Games, their player roster is full of strong contenders from the MPL PH team, Bren Esports, with the iconic duo FlapTzy and KyleTzy competing under the player names "Canon" and "Sayson," respectively. The Philippines also won the gold medal for their MLBB team in the 2o21 Hanoi SEA Games and are looking to replicate their success.


MLBB SEA Games 2023 betting: Team Indonesia

Indonesia is another powerhouse Mobile Legends country, having won the silver medal at the 31st SEA Games in 2021. Their player roster has remained fairly consistent from 2021 and features some players from pro teams like EVOS Legends.


MLBB SEA Games 2023 betting: Team Singapore

Singapore is another strong contender, coming home with a podium finish in 2021 at the Hanoi SEA Games. They are looking to improve upon their performance and win big.

MLBB SEA Games: Women's Tournament Schedule

Below is the schedule for the MLBB SEA Games Women's Division. Match winners are in bold.

Group Stage - May 10

Group A

  • Indonesia Vs. Cambodia - 1-0
  • Cambodia Vs. Philippines - 0-1
  • Philippines Vs. Indonesia - 0-1

Group B

  • Malaysia Vs. Laos - 1-0
  • Laos Vs. Vietnam - 0-1
  • Vietnam Vs. Malaysia - 0-1

Playoffs - May 10-11

Semifinals - May 10

  • Indonesia Vs. Vietnam - 2-0
  • Philippines Vs. Malaysia - 2-0

Third-Place Match - May 11

  • Vietnam Vs. Malaysia - 0-2

Grand Final - May 11

  • Indonesia Vs. Philippines - 3-2

MLBB SEA Games: Men's Tournament Schedule

Group Stage - May 12

Group A

  • Philippines Vs. Laos
  • Vietnam Vs. Timor-Leste
  • Malaysia Vs. Philippines
  • Laos Vs. Vietnam
  • Timor-Leste Vs. Malaysia
  • Philippines Vs. Vietnam
  • Vietnam Vs. Malaysia
  • Laos Vs. Timor-Leste
  • Timor-Leste Vs. Philippines
  • Malaysia Vs. Laos

Group B

  • Indonesia Vs. Cambodia
  • Myanmar Vs. Singapore
  • Indonesia Vs. Myanmar
  • Cambodia Vs. Singapore
  • Myanmar Vs. Cambodia
  • Singapore Vs. Indonesia

Playoffs - May 13-14

Semifinals - May 13

  • Malaysia Vs. Cambodia
  • Philippines Vs. Myanmar

Third-Place Match - May 14

  • Myanmar Vs. Cambodia

Grand Final - May 14

  • Malaysia Vs. Philippines

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MLBB SEA Games: Betting Tips

MLBB SEA Games 2023 betting

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FAQs about Mobile Legends betting and the SEA Games.

MLBB SEA Games 2023 betting: FAQs

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How can I watch MLBB SEA Games?

The MLBB SEA Games should be broadcast on the official MLBB Esports YouTube channel.