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MLBB Snapdragon Pro Series

Prize Pool
Jul 17 - Jul 23rd, 2023
Jakarta, Indonesia

MLBB Snapdragon Pro Series Betting | Bet on MLBB with Rivalry

Bring on the legacy and gear up to witness greatness as the biggest and best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) teams from Southeast Asia clash in the highly-anticipated Snapdragon Pro Series (SPS) Challenge Finals, powered by Samsung Galaxy.

The Snapdragon Pro Series, organized by ESL, is the fastest-growing professional mobile esports platform, where players from across the globe compete to showcase their gaming prowess and skills. The SPS Challenge Finals are just around the corner, from July 17 until July 23, for an action-packed week of electrifying MLBB gameplay. That's not all - a staggering prize pool of $150,000 is hanging in the balance, ensuring high-stakes gameplay and a nail-biting atmosphere.

By the end of this article, MLBB fans will have a wealth of knowledge about the MLBB SPS Season 3 and everything they need to know to make more informed bets. Delve into the competition's format, where to watch live matches, and gain valuable insights from our expert betting tips!

What is Snapdragon Pro Series?

MLBB Snapdragon Pro Series betting

The Snapdragon Pro Series, powered by Samsung Galaxy, is the fastest-growing mobile esports platform in the world. Featuring ten different game titles like Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Free Fire, Brawl Stars, Call of Duty Mobile and Mobile Legends, the Snapdragon Pro Series is pushing all the boundaries of what a mobile esports competition can be.

Spanning four major regions, including SEA and EMEA, SPS is only growing bigger and better with each passing year. With their tagline "Bring On The Legacy," regular players are given a chance to become a champion and compete with the pros in the Snapdragon Mobile Open and progress to Masters!

Revolutionizing the world of Mobile Legends one event at a time, the MLBB Snapdragon Pro Series event is among the most prestigious and exciting on the calendar, particularly in Asia. The overall prize pool for this year's MLBB SPS, organized by ESL, stands at $150,000, distributed among all 12 participating teams. The lion's share of $65,000 is given to the winner!

This year's competition is hosted in Jakarta, Indonesia. Fans can still grab the Legend 3-day tickets here and watch events unfold before their very eyes!

MLBB Snapdragon Pro Series: Competition Format

MLBB Snapdragon Pro Series: Challenge Finals

The MLBB Snapdragon Pro Series is split into several stages: the Open SEA Qualifiers, Open Qualifier Finals, Challenge Season, and the Challenge Finals.

The MLBB SPS Challenge Season has been and gone, with the top six teams advancing to the Challenge Finals - check out our Challenge Season event overview for more details.

MLBB SPS Challenge Season Format (June 24-July 2)

The 16 competing teams were split into four groups and played in a GSL (dual) format. All matches were best-of-three.

The top six teams were decided through their matches and last slot decider, advanced to the Challenge Finals.

MLBB SPS Challenge Finals Format (July 17-23)

All 12 competing teams will be divided into two groups of six each, competing in a single round-robin. All matches are best-of-three.

The top three teams from each group (six) will advance to the double-elimination playoffs.

MLBB Snapdragon Pro Series: Competing Teams

The teams participating in the Snapdragon Pro Series are some of the most skilled players in the Mobile Legends scene. Some teams have proven themselves in previous tournaments and are hungry for victory, ready to prove themselves further at this exciting event.

Here are all twelve teams participating in the upcoming MLBB SPS Challenge Finals. We have also included how they have qualified and their complete player rosters.

Challenge Season Top 6

MLBB Snapdragon Pro Series: Challenge Finals Qualified Teams

  • Bren Esports - FlapTzy, KyleTzy, Pheww, Super Marco, Owgwen
  • EVOS Icon - TBC
  • AURA Fire - Kimura, VAN, Syndrome, Kabuki, High
  • RSG Slate PH - Nathzz, Irrad, Aqua, EMANN, Light
  • Bigetron Alpha - Xorizo, Super KENN, Morenoo, Saken, VYN
  • Yoodo Red Giants - Gojes, Sekyx, Zakqt, Super Red, Pancake

Invited Teams

MLBB Snapdragon Pro Series: Invited Teams

  • ONIC Esports - Butss, Kairi, Sanz, CW, Kiboy
  • EVOS Legends - TBC
  • RSG Slate SG - Diablo, BRAYYY, Roy, Okky, Lucianqt
  • Burn x Flash - ATM, CHMA, C Cat, Donut, D7
  • TODAK - 4Meyz, Genis, Martzy, Ayumi, Hazelnut
  • ECHO - Sanford, KarlTzy, Sanji, Bennyqt, Yawi

Popular teams like Blacklist International and Dewa United unfortunately missed their chance to play in the tournament after having poor performances in the Challenge Season, coming in 13th-16th place.

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MLBB Snapdragon pro Series betting

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MLBB SPS Match Winner

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Snapdragon Pro Series MLBB Betting Tips

MLBB Snapdragon Pro Series betting

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FAQs about betting on MLBB Snapdragon Pro Series

MLBB Snapdragon Pro Series betting

How many MLBB professional tournaments are there?

MLBB has become a major professional league, especially in Southeast Asia. The most highly-anticipated tournaments are the MPL PH and the M World Championship, held annually by Moonton.

Who are the favorite team to win MLBB SPS?

Teams like Bren Esports, Aura Fire, and EVOS Icon are ones to keep an eye on as they clawed their way to the top in the Challenge Season. Competitors like ONIC Esports and ECHO are also strong contenders.

What is the prize pool for Snapdragon Pro Series MLBB?

The prize pool for the MLBB SPS stands at $150,000, split amongst all 12 participating teams.

Where can I watch MLBB SPS matches?

MLBB fans can watch all SPS MLBB matches on the official ESL Mobile Esports Twitch channel. Other region-specific SPS MLBB streaming efforts include ESL MalaysiaESL IndonesiaESL Thailand, and ESL Vietnam.

Are there any bonuses for Mobile Legends betting?

Yes! Rivalry offers a generous welcome bonus for any new account, so you can wager on your favorite teams straight from the get-go with your first deposit.

Can I place bets using my smartphone?

Our website is entirely mobile-friendly, so you can place bets on the go using your smartphone or tablet. Ontario users can download the official Rivalry app from the iOS App Store.