Like Minecraft, Roblox is a game where players' imaginations can run wild. With tons of mini-games and servers to dive into while chatting with other players online, there's no end to activities players can dive into.

Anime Adventures is a popular tower defense game in Roblox, bringing to life anime characters from popular series like Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Demon Slayer, to name a few. Developed by Gomu, Anime Adventures was released in 2022 and has become extremely popular amongst Roblox players.

With other Roblox games like Anime Adventures and Project Slayers, plenty of in-game codes allow players to claim freebies and rewards when the game hits specific milestones. These include Gems, Summon Tickets, and other helpful items. Gems are useful

Here is a list of all the currently-working Roblox Anime Adventures codes for players to use - let's dive in!

How To Redeem Anime Adventures Codes

Before we dive into the specifics of Anime Adventures codes, you must know how to redeem them! Follow these simple steps below, and you can claim your free gems in no time!

  1. Launch anime adventures on Roblox
  2. Head to the floating star icon that says "Codes" above it in the Park area
  3. Enter your redeem codes in the text box
  4. Click Redeem
  5. Enjoy your free rewards!

Active Anime Adventures Codes (July 2023)

Below, players will find all the currently working Anime Adventures codes. These codes can only be used a certain amount before expiration and will rarely stay active for longer than a couple of weeks, so grab them while you can!

We will add more Anime Adventures codes in the future, so keep an eye out!

  • ANNIVERSARY – 2,500 free Gems
  • TOURNAMENTUFIX – 250 free Gems
  • AINCRAD – 500 free Gems
  • MADOKA – 500 free Gems
  • DRESSROSA – 250 free Gems
  • BILLION – 12 World Jumpers (Mythic) and 2,500 free Gems
  • ENTERTAINMENT – 500 free Gems
  • HAPPYEASTER – 500 free Gems
  • VIGILANTE – 250 free Gems
  • subtomaokuma - 1x Summon Ticket (Legendary)
  • fictionthefirst - 1x Summon Ticket (Legendary)
  • kingluffy - 1x Summon Ticket (Legendary)
  • noclypso - 1x Summon Ticket (Legendary)
  • toadboigaming - (Legendary) 1x Summon Ticket
  • subtoblamspot - (Legendary) 1x Summon Ticket
  • subtokelvingts - (Legendary) 1x Summon Ticket

Final Thoughts

Those are currently all the new and working Anime Adventure codes we have for you! We will update this article monthly or whenever new codes come to light. Enjoy your free Summon Tickets and Gems!

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FAQs about Anime Adventures codes

What is Anime Adventures?

Anime Adventures is a tower defense game in Roblox, created by Gomu. Players will be defending iconic anime locations ranging from Naruto to One Piece. Players can team up with others, or try it themselves to defeat waves of enemies.

What are Anime Adventures codes?

Anime Adventures codes provide players valuable in-game items and freebies that are otherwise difficult to obtain. These codes range from Gems to Summon Tickets, which boost players to get ahead in the game.

When are Anime Adventures codes usually released?

Anime Adventures codes are typically released when the game reaches a huge milestone, like hitting a certain number of players. Codes are also sometimes released by developer Gomu if there is an update or glitch that stops players from entering the game.

How will I know when new Anime Adventures codes are released?

You can bookmark this page as we provide updates on any new Anime Adventures codes that are released. You can also join the Anime Adventures dedicated Discord channel, where codes are announced when released.

Expired Anime Adventures Codes

The following Anime Adventures codes list contains expired codes, but you can still try them if you have time to kill. Please bear in mind there is no guarantee that these codes are still valid.

Feel free to try and test these Anime Adventures codes out anyway; you never know what you could still get!

  • SINS2 - 250 free Gems
  • SINS - 500 free Gems
  • GOLDEN – 500 free Gems
  • GOLDENSHUTDOWN – 500 free Gems
  • UCHIHA - 250 free Gems
  • HOLLOW - Free Gems
  • MUGENTRAIN - Free Gems
  • QUESTFIX - Free Gems
  • GHOUL - Free Gems
  • CLOVER - Free Gems
  • FIRSTRAIDS - Free Gems
  • HERO - Free Gems
  • GRAVITY - Free Gems
  • CLOUD - Free Gems
  • CHAINSAW - Free Gems
  • PORTALFIX - Free Gems
  • UPDATEHYPE - Free Gems
  • MARINEFORD - Free Gems
  • KARAKORA - Free Gems
  • DAILYFIX - Free Gems
  • TWOMILLION - Free Gems
  • GINUFIX - Free Rewards
  • GINYUFIX - Free Rewards
  • RELEASE - Free Gems