New LoL Champion Aurora: Potential Release Date & Abilities

It's been five months since the release of the last League of Legends champion, Smolder the Fiery Fledgling. Many LoL players are becoming restless, eagerly awaiting the next addition to Summoner's Rift. Although many expected a teaser during the MSI 2024 Grand Final, it didn't materialize.

After previous leaks about upcoming new champions, it seems that Riot Games are now keeping their cards close to their chest, with security being tighter than ever on the subject of the next League of Legends champion.

However, in patch 14.10, Riot Games dropped an official tidbit on their Public Beta Environment (PBE), giving League of Legends players a small teaser of what they can expect from the next LoL champion, codenamed Aurora. Here's everything we know so far.

Who is the New LoL Champion?

As revealed in the 2024 League of Legends roadmap, Riot Games promised that players could expect a Vastayan Mage Solo Laner to drop on the Rift in the near future. They could be played either Mid-Lane or Top, although Mid seems a likely choice for a Mage.

The PBE added new player icons and emotes labeled "AURORA," hinting at her name. Early teasers show magical items like scrolls, herbs, alchemy stations, and books, suggesting Aurora is the Vastayan Mage Riot Games have already promised.

The player icon shows a red-haired woman with a fluffy hood scribbling furiously on a notepad. The focus on her writing implies that she is a researcher with the natural ability to "see what others think is not there." As with LoL champion Hwei the Visionary, Riot Games are breaking through other gameplay avenues, which could see Aurora exploring new, un-utilized mechanics.

Player fanart has also depicted Aurora as a "magical bunny girl,"joining popular animal-like Vastayan champions like Ahri, Neeko, Rakan, and Xayah. The official comic, revealed on patch 14.11, showed Aurora weidling a staff crafted the the Forge God, Ornn, himself.

LoL New Champion: Aurora Abilities

Aurora's full abilities are currently unknown, but one of her skills has been hinted to be called "Exorcist" or "Exorcism." Like Ahri's Ultimate Spirit Rush, Aurora is expected to transform, becoming an evil glowing spirit to mesmerize enemies on the battlefield and communicate with the dead.

Riot Games developers have revealed that Aurora has a connection to Sylas. Initially, Sylas was based on a concept similar to Aurora, as they both originated as dedicated Top-Laner Mages. Coming from the harsh and cold land of Freljord, she might wield ice elemental magic, akin to champions like Ashe, Braum, and Anivia from the same region.

It's currently unknown what the rest of Aurora's skill set could look like, so League of Legends fans will need to stay tuned for more updates in the future.

LoL New Champion: Aurora Release Date

Based on the official clues dropped by Riot Games, we can anticipate that the new League of Legends champion, Aurora the Spirit of Hearth Home, will be released in one of the upcoming patches. Since her official interactive comic dropped on May 30, 2024, we can anticipate the earlier we'll seen her on the PBE is June 12 with patch 14.12.

She will first be available to play on the PBE at least two weeks before she goes live on official servers, giving LoL players time to get to grips with her abilities and Riot to make any final tweaks.

Final Thoughts

Aurora promises to be an exciting new addition to the League of Legends roster. With breadcrumb teasers dropping in the official PBE, her release seems imminent. As a Vastayan Mage from the wintry Freljord, she will add uniqueness to whichever lane she inhabits.

For now, though, Aurora remains a fascinating mystery with the potential to introduce new mechanics and rich lore to the game, possibly arriving in patch 14.13 or 14.14.

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New LoL Champion FAQ

Who is the newest champion in League of Legends?

Smolder the Fiery Fledging was the last new LoL champion, released on January 31, 2024.

Who will be the next new LoL champion?

There are rumors about two characters who could be the next additions to League of Legends. The most likely is Aurora, a Vastayan Mage from Freljord, as clues about her existence have been found in the PBE.

Another theory for the next LoL champion is a character from the Netflix animated series Arcane which is inspired by and based on the League of Legends universe. Ambessa Merdarda has also been rumored to join the game, potentially as a Tank champion.

When will the next champion be released?

Fans have been speculating about when the next champion will be released on Summoner's Rift. Still, Riot has not officially confirmed the official release date. Since players can find clues and hints about Aurora on the PBE test servers, we expect the new champion to drop soon, within the next month, or even sooner, so keep an eye out!