ARAM is a uniquely fast-paced PvP game mode on Riot Games' League of Legends, and is an acronym for "All Random All Mid." In intense skirmishes, ten summoners are split into two teams as they work to destroy the oppositions Nexus. Each player is given a random champion from the available champion pool (owned and free-to-play).

Here is everything players may want to know about the League of Legends ARAM game mode, including a brief history and the best champions you can get.

ARAM History

ARAM was originally one of the custom games available on the original Summoner's Rift map. Players loved being grouped together in intense 5v5 battles, and ARAM quickly became one of the more popular League of Legends game modes available.

Riot Games eventually became officially involved in supporting ARAM as a permanent game mode, and it has been in the game since 2012.

ARAM Champion Select

In ARAM champion select, players can acquire up to two rerolls to roll for random champions from their AVAILABLE champion pool. Rerolled champs are placed onto the champion bench for their team to pick from. You can also request to trade champions with your teammates, if you're lucky.

Reroll points are gained through playing ARAM games and having a large champion pool unlocked.

For 95 RP, players can also purchase skin boosts for their entire team, unlocking one random champion skin for the current game only. All allies will also gain a bonus 100 Blue Essence after completing the game. Here are some of the best League of Legends skins here.

ARAM Features

ARAM is unlike other League of Legends game modes. It has several unique features, unlike regular draft games played on Summoner's Rift:

  • Hexgates: Hexgates can be accessed from the player's Nexus Fountain in their spawn. It transports them to the furthest first-tier turret. If or when the first-tier turret is destroyed, the Hexgate will transport them to the second-tier turret.
  • Little Legends: Teamfight Tactics players will see their Little Legends companions join them on the ARAM map, adding some extra fun to every matchmade game. You can even emote with them! Chibili Little Legends of champs like Jinx and Ahri are not allowed.
  • Blackout Minions: These minions reveal all nearby stealthed traps within 1,100 units, and are marked with a purple eye above them. The Blackout effect lingers for four seconds after all hidden traps have been destroyed.
  • Poros! These fluffy-horned creatures roam around Howling Abyss freely. Players will notice that instead of the ward trinket, they will have a Poro Snax trinket they can feed to the Poros. If one Poro is fed ten Snax, it will grow larger before exploding into ten little Poros. This does not affect the gameplay and is just a fun little Easter egg. If Braum is the current game, Poros will have his signature twirly mustache!

The Howling Abyss Map

The ARAM map is played on Howling Abyss, one long horizontal lane with four turrets, one inhibitor and one Nexus for each team. The aim of ARAM is to destroy the enemies Nexus.

There are bushes dotted around at the top and bottom of the lane, with two Health Relics per side with respawn timers. These work as a Redemption item to heal any champions standing in its aura.

Players will also note that they cannot recall in ARAM. They can only purchase items from the Shopkeeper during their death timers while waiting to respawn. Staying in their team's fountain area also prevents players from regenerating their mana or HP.

ARAM Champion Bonuses

All champions on Howling Abyss gain the following bonuses and debuffs to rebalance them.

  • +70 summoner spells haste
  • Restore 0.15% of maximum mana per second.
  • Reduce all outgoing heals by 50%
  • Nearby enemy minions killed by teammates grant 6 gold.
  • Melee champions gain 15 bonus magic resist, and their basic attacks deal 20% more damage against siege and super minions.
  • Death timers are around 8-40 seconds, depending on character level.

ARAM Exclusive Items

  • Guardian's Blade: Grants the holder 30 attack damage, 15 ability haste and 150 health.
  • Guardian's Hammer: Grants the holder 25 attack damage, 150 health and 7% life steal.
  • Guardian's Horn: Grants the holder 150 health and 20 health per 5 seconds. Also reduces all sources of incoming damage by 15.
  • Guardian's Orb: Grants the holder 50 ability power and 150 health. Also restores 10 mana every 5 seconds. Manaless champions restore 15 bonus health instead.

ARAM also features two unique summoner spells not seen in other game modes: Clarity and Snowball.

  • Clarity is an auto-targeted summoner spell that instantly restores a portion of mana for the player and nearby allied champions within range.
  • Mark/Dash is also a Howling Abyss exclusive. It throws a snowball in a straight line at your enemies. If it hits an enemy champion or minion, they will be marked. If marked, the ability can be recast for 3 seconds to Dash to the marked unit and deal true damage.

ARAM Composition Tips

Like normal League of Legends game modes, ARAM has its own gameplay meta and item builds for players to follow.

In a matchmade ARAM game, there will always be a random champion pool - players have no control over what champions will appear. However, a general rule to follow is that the team should be evenly balanced, with a healthy mix of AP and AD. There should always be at least one frontline champion; otherwise, your team will be steamrolled by the enemy.

Best ARAM Champions

Since Howling Abyss involves one large lane with limited space, crowd control champions will be your best friend. These will root, stun, and halt the enemy in their tracks so they are unable to escape the onslaught of attacks.

Champions like Blitzcrank, Pyke, and Morgana thrive on Howling Abyss, especially when paired with Flash and Mark/Dash summoner spells as they can quickly close the distance to escaping enemies. Lux and Vel Koz are great mage champions that can deal tons of damage with their massive Ultimates.

Samira and Ezreal are great ADCs in ARAM due to the close-quarters combat that ARAM forces players into, allowing them to get maximum value out of her devastating Ultimate. Nidalee is also a great pick due to her Q being able to oneshot opponents at a long distance.

Great Tank options include Malphite, Dr Mundo, and Maokai, especially when paired with the Heartsteel item.

Worst ARAM Champions

You should consider using rerolls for these champions if you see them on your champion bench. These champions have the lowest ARAM win rates and will only perform well if you are incredibly skilled at them.

Enchanter support champions like Yuumi, Lulu and Soraka don't do tend to do well on ARAM due to their inability to shield and heal all the damage their team takes.

Melee champions like Riven also suffer in ARAM due to their inability to deal long-ranged damage. ARAM relies on whittling down the enemy's HP through constant poking abilities. Hence, melee champions tend to fall flat unless they have a team that can push aggressively with them.

Champions relying on stealth are also not feasible in ARAM due to the Blackout minions that reveal their positioning. This includes characters like Rengar. Teemo's Noxious Traps are also revealed, rendering them useless as the enemy will just destroy them.


That's everything you need to know about League of Legends game mode, ARAM, perfect for warm-up games before diving into the stress of competitive. It's also a great way to practice, by giving players hands-on time with champions outside of their usual skillset.

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FAQs about League of Legends ARAM

What does ARAM stand for?

It is an acronym for "All Random All Mid", as two groups of five players battle it out on one long lane.

How do I play ARAM?

The ARAM 5V5 Howling Abyss game mode is unlocked once the player's account has reached level 3, meaning it is accessible fairly early on.

Is ARAM beginner-friendly?

Yes! ARAM is an excellent way for new players to get to grips with random champions and learn their abilities and basic League mechanics without the stress of ranked games or affecting their hidden MMR.

How do I get ARAM reroll points?

You earn ARAM reroll points through completing ARAM games. If you have a larger champion pool, you are certain to gain a reroll point every ARAM game. Players can hold a maximum of 2 reroll points at a time.

Can you earn XP from ARAM games?

Each game of ARAM awards anything between 50-200 XP, depending on the game's duration.

How long are ARAM games?

ARAM games are designed to be fast-paced and full of action. Generally, ARAM games typically last between 15-20 minutes but can sometimes take longer if it's a close battle and the teams are evely matched.