League of Legends is a game where cosmetics and in-game fashion are all the rage, with "Skin To Win" being a popular ideology. Although skins do not impact gameplay, if you have a default skin equipped, you might as well kiss your win goodbye.

With so many skins in the game (around 1400) and more added with every new patch, some cosmetics are rarer than others, having been around since the game was first published in 2009.

These rare skins, typically known as Legacy skins, are some of the oldest and longest-running skins in League of Legends. Often, some of these were event exclusive skins and could not be obtained any other way, and have since been discontinued and are no longer available in the League of Legends Shop. If the RNG gods are on your side, you may be blessed with some of these skins through Hextech Chests.

The in-game splash art may look dated, but here are the top 12 rarest skins in Riot Games' League of Legends.

King Rammus

This skin is considered the rarest skin in League of Legends. The King Rammus skin was published before League became a public game.

It was awarded to players who participated in the League of Legends closed beta and is considered an ultra-rare skin. While it isn't anything special regarding the design, it is one of the first skins made for the game. It is a welcome addition to any player's collection.

Vancouver Amumu

Released in 2010 to celebrate the Winter Olympics, Vancouver Amumu is a skin players will rarely see in-game, as it was discontinued after the Olympics ended.

On the outside, it may seem like a recoloring of his default skin, with red and yellow feet and a blue torso to make up the colors of the Olympic Rings. However, Vancouver Amumu is an excellent patriotic skin that shares its theme with other Winter Games skins like Team Spirit Anivia, Union Jack Fiddlesticks, The Mighty Jax, and more!

Black Alistar

The Black Alistar skin differs slightly from the other rare skins on this list. Black Alistar was only given to the players who ordered and paid for the digital version of League's Collector's Edition when the game launched in 2009.

Few players wanted to buy the game, considering it was free-to-play, so only a few players own this rare skin, around 60,000 players, which is a small percentage of the concurrent player base.

Silver Kayle

Silver Kayle was released alongside the original retail copy of League of Legends in 2009. Since stores do not stock physical versions of League, finding a copy with the original codes is impossible.

Riot Games also disabled League of Legends codes in 2014, making this Kayle skin one of the rarest League of Legends skins.

Pax Twisted Fate

The PAX Twisted Fate skin is one of three PAX skins in League of Legends and was given to the first 20,000 people who attended the Penny Arcade Expo, or PAX, in 2009.

Fun fact: PAX Twisted Fate codes were selling for around $450-$500 after the event, and any unused PAX Twisted Fate codes were disabled. If you have an account with a PAX Twisted Fate skin, you could be sitting on a potential gold mine!

Pax Jax

PAX Twisted Fate isn't the only PAX skin available. In 2010, a PAX Jax skin code was given out to players who attended the event.

This is among some of the rarest LoL skins, with prices for accounts with the PAX Jax skins selling for $200 and more!

Championship Riven

The Championship Riven skin was released as a legacy skin in 2012 to celebrate the LoL World 2012. This glorious skin sees Riven decked out in spiny armor, with her broken blade looking restored to its former glory.

Championship Riven is one of the rarest skins in League, and accounts with said skin can sell for around $300! It also received a new, revamped version in 2016 to celebrate the 2016 World Championship in North America.

Riot Skins

Riot Skins are based around the Riot's "representative police force" theme, decked out in body armor and riot gear. These are obtained by either meeting a Riot staff member or attending an official event hosted by Riot.

They are sometimes available in-store during events but are still quite challenging to obtain. The Riot skins so far include: Riot Squad Singed (2010), Riot K-9 Nasus (2011), Riot Graves (2012), Riot Blitzcrank (2013), and Riot Kayle (2014).

Riot Squad Singed is unique, as he was obtained by players who attended the Gamescom convention in 2010. Riot Singed skin codes are extremely hard to come by and were discontinued shortly after Gamescom ended, making it one of the rarest skins in the game.

Victorious Jarvan IV

The Victorious skin line is a series staple in League of Legends, with a new one being released yearly as the ranked reward for reaching Gold or higher.

Victorious Jarvan VI is the first skin created in the skin line back in 2011. While this skin looks quite dated now, some people still need to pay hundreds of dollars for the bragging rights of saying they have an account with this skin!

Young Ryze

Young Ryze looks startlingly different to normal, looking decidedly more young and human than his typical purple skin in his default appearance, showing the toll arcane magic has taken on his body.

Although this skin has no fancy animations and effects, the Young Ryze skin is super rare, only given to players who pre-ordered the retail version of League in 2009, with only 1% of the total community owning it.

UFO Corki

UFO Corki is another super rare skin given out as a promotion for any players that created and registered an account before January 14, 2010, or if they voted in the Reader's Choice Awards in 2009.

League of Legends reached its popularity peak in 2014, with 27 million players daily, so only a few players have their hands on this skin. Any LoL accounts with this skin in their inventory will sell for around $90 or higher, as only a handful of players have it!


The Annie-versary skin was launched to celebrate League of Legends' 10th anniversary in 2019. It is the newest skin on this list but is considered very unique, as it is not available for purchase and never will be.

It was unlocked through players logging into the game daily with Riot Games' 10 Days of Gifting event leading up to their anniversary. It gave them an anniversary icon, emote, and a ward skin, eventually leading to the Annie-versary skin on the final day for free!

Final Thoughts

That was the top 12 rarest League of Legends skins! If you plan on buying an account with any of these skins, you'd better open up your wallet! If you have already owned any of these skins outright, congrats, you have ultimate bragging rights!

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FAQs about League of Legends rare skins

What are legacy skins?

Legacy skins are rare, typically early from League of Legends' early years. They are generally not available to purchase from the Store or Your Shop.

How do I obtain legacy skins?

Legacy skins are not ordinarily available from the Store or Your Shop. Legacy skins are typically only unlocked through Mystery Gifting with other players or Hextech Crafting using Hextech keys and Chests unless the legacy vault is open.

What are the skin rarities in League of Legends?

Skin rarity in League highlights how common or rare a skin is. The skin rarities in League of Legends are Epic (Blue), Legendary (Red), Mythic (Purple), and Ultimate (Orange). Legacy skins are also categories with the Riot Games logo.

Are mythic skins considered rare?

Mythic skins are available through the Mythic Shop. They can be purchased with Mythic Essence, offering prestige versions of skins already available. The Mythic Shop is rotated every few weeks and features some Hextech skin lines. Mythic skins also have a fixed drop rate of around 0.04% from Hextech Chests, making them quite rare.

Are ultimate skins rare?

Only six Ultimate skins are available in League of Legends, and they are always available to purchase in the Shop. They are rarely seen in games, though, due to their massive price tag of 3,250 RP. This equates to their $44 price tag if you purchased the 4,475 RP bundle.