Riot Games' League of Legends excels in having plenty of skins and cosmetics for their wide player base. Although they don't improve your champion abilities or provide gameplay bonuses, skins like the Star Guardians set can brighten your mood and add extra fun to your games while your teammates are inting their lanes.

Skins are typically purchased using Riot Points (RP), although victorious skins are earned through ranked. Looking good can be a costly hobby for you and your wallet! To save your hard-earned cash, Riot Games introduced the Your Shop into their League of Legends client, which offers skins for lower prices. All the skins available are reduced significantly, so you can snag a bargain and rock up to your next games in style!

Here's everything players need to know about LoL Your Shop, including the Shop's start time, which skins are excluded from offers, and how it decides your suggestions based on your play history.

What is Your Shop?

Each player in League of Legends gets their own Shop to choose from, full of skins for all their favorite and most-played champions. It is a recurring addition to the League of Legends client with personalized offers for players depending on their match history in the last six months. These good skins will be reduced from anything between 20-60%.

Players will find six skins at a discounted price. Sometimes, Your Shop includes the skin and the champion as a bundle if the champion is unowned. Of course, this will cost more RP, so using your blue essence to buy the champion before getting the skin may be cheaper.

How To Access League of Legends Your Shop?

Your Shop is located at the top of the League of Legends client. Your Store logos at the top of the screen will be shiny, between the regular League of Legends Store and Your Loot.

Once you've clicked "Your Shop," there will be six uncovered cards. Click on these to reveal the champion's portrait and their discounted skins! Suppose you don't already own the champion. In that case, their portrait will be above the skin, and the listed price will include both the skin and champion at a discounted rate.

How Does Your Shop Work?

Riot Games use the "Discountbot" software, which considers a player's match history and most-played champions over the last six months and creates deals based on what the player will like. It may even select champions you already have other skins for. For example, a main Support player will see similar patterns with their Shop consistently displaying Support champions.

If a player hasn't played League of Legends for six months, their version of Your Shop will feature a random assortment of shop skins, as Discountbot will need more data on their play history.

Which Skins Are Not Included?

There are several exceptions to the skins available in the League of Legends Your Shop, which will not be available at a discounted price. If you were hoping to get some Prestige skins, you're out of luck! Stuck on what skins to go for? We've got a League of Legend's buyer guide for skins here.

  • Skins that are on sale in the Store
  • Ultimate skins
  • Champions or skins released within 90 days of Your Shop's start time
  • Legendary skins (sometimes available at special times of the year)
  • Limited skins
  • Bundle exclusives
  • Victorious skins
  • Prestige skins

How Often Does Your Shop Happen?

As a general rule of thumb, League of Legends Shop happens around 4-5 times a year. The year's first 'Your Shop' began on February 13, 2023, and will run until March 16. The next League of Legends Your Shop will potentially start at the end of April/beginning of May.

Past Your Shop sales in 2022 include:

  • February 10 - March 9
  • April 28 - May 30
  • July 22 - August 29
  • October 13 - November 14 (featured Legendary skins)
  • December 8 - January 3rd, 2023


League of Legends Skin Shop is a great way for players to get skins for their favorite champions and add some fashion flair to their games for a fraction of the price! It incentivizes players to return to LoL to see which limited skins are on sale. If you want more League of Legends news, stay tuned with Rivalry, where we have covered Yummi's upcoming rework, the best female LoL characters, and more!