Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, or MLBB, is a mobile MOBA that has seen a surge of success in recent months, skyrocketing in popularity due to its varied playable characters, fun cosmetic skins, huge community player base, and the interactive events like the recent Jujutsu Kaisen anime event.

The MLBB 515 event is one of the year’s biggest events, drawing thousands of players in with its pop aesthetic and fun vibes. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming MLBB 515 event in 2023, including the star-quality special guests revealed in their official YouTube teaser video.

What is the MLBB 515 Event?

The MLBB 515 All Stars Event is a highly anticipated annual event in Mobile Legends that typically takes place around May 15, hence the name 5/15, to celebrate the anniversary of Mobile Legends' launch.

The MLBB 515 Event typically includes different activities and challenges for players to earn event-exclusive rewards and cosmetics. For example, players may need to complete a specific number of matches or earn some wins. Completing these missions rewards players with event points, allowing them to redeem event-specific rewards like skins, emotes, and other in-game items. In addition to these missions, players may participate in other activities, like lucky draws or other RNG-style games, to try their luck at winning exclusive prizes!

As with all new events, Moonton typically releases a new hero and a selection of new skins to tempt players to open their wallets. MLBB event skins can be purchased with real money or diamonds. Luckily for you, we have a guide on how to earn free diamonds to save some hard-earned cash.

MLBB 515 events usually have themes, with last year’s theme centring around anime culture. This year, MLBB 515 will have a music festival-themed aesthetic, as Moonton posted a teaser video on YouTube for the upcoming MLBB 515 Event titled: "ALLSTAR Music Festival.” The video revealed tons of new challenges, unique rewards and content for players to dive into. We have embedded the video below for your convenience.

Who are the guests in the MLBB 515 teaser video?

MLBB 515 Event

What sparked the most interest among MLBB fans was the mystery guests, showing the silhouettes of five females, potentially members of a popular K-Pop band, with fans immediately taking to social media platforms to share their thoughts.

On March 20th, Moonton officially revealed that K-Pop group ITZY will be their global MLBB ambassador and guest-star in the upcoming MLBB 515 Event in 2023. ITZY have promoted other mobile MOBAs in previous years and are known to play MLBB often, so it will be exciting to see them add their own flair to the MLBB brand.

The MLBB 515 event is eagerly anticipated by players every year, and it’s a great opportunity to enjoy some new content and participate in fun activities with the game’s community. It will be exciting to see if these rumors are true and exactly what rewards and skins players can expect from this exciting event.

Final Thoughts

Although many specific details about the upcoming MLBB 515 event are still up in the air, it’s exciting to see that the music festival theme has been confirmed alongside ITZY as the special guest. There is tons of potential for fun popstar-esque skins, in-game items, and animations – we can’t wait!

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