One of the most popular mobile games, MOBA Bang Bang, was created and published in 2016 by Moonton. Since then, Mobile Legends has given players access to some fantastic skin lines.

With their skin bragging rights, each skin line gives the players in-game more confidence. Skins are, without a doubt, a significant aspect of the experience for paying players in every game. This article covers one of the most sought-after skin lines in MLBB, the Zodiac Skins in Mobile Legends.

The 12 constellations, namely Aries, Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn, serve as the basis for zodiac skins. Each skin only visits the store once every year.

What Are Mobile Legends Zodiac Skins?

Zodiac skins are based on the 12 constellations of the Western zodiac. These skins are the most visually appealing skins in the game. The skins are unavailable most of the time, as they only appear on specific dates based on their respective Zodiacs, making them the rarest skins in the game. Since each of the Mobile Legends Zodiac Skins will only be released once per year, players who wish to obtain them must make advance plans in order to get them.

Where to Buy Mobile Legends Zodiac Skins? - Zodiac Summon

Unlike most skins in MLBB game, Zodiac skins are only available through Zodiac summons in the in game shop. The Zodiac Summon in the in game shop offers the opportunity to summon the skin. It can be summoned by two methods, either by using Diamonds or Crystal of Aura. Both methods require you to draw star power and you need 100 star power to summon the skin. After that, the skin will become permanently available.

Prices for Zodiac Skins

The price for a single draw in the skin shop is 20 Diamonds. Typically, you will receive 1 to 5 stars, but on this infrequent occasion, you could receive up to 100 stars from a single draw. When players reach 100-star power, they are given a permanent zodiac skin.

In addition to that, every Zodiac skin a player owns will automatically add 10 Star Poer to the Zodiac Summon, up to 60 star power for 6 previously owned skins. So, if you already own some Zodiac skins, it will be easier to acquire new ones. The sooner you begin, the easier it becomes later.

In case you don't want to use Diamonds, you can purchase draws with Crystal of Aura which is available for free from specific events. The MLBB Zodiac Skin typically costs 1200-2000 Crystal of Aurora (COA).

You will, however, forfeit all of your Star Power once the skin period is over and you switch to a different zodiac skin. Therefore, as we mentioned above, it's essential to know the release order of each MLBB Zodiac Skin.

Dates for Zodiac Skins in Mobile Legends

Due to their nature, Zodiac skins will only be available for a specific period of time. The dates below represent Zodiac dates for specific skins in Mobile Legends. Make sure to acquire them on time, because when the skin period ends, they will become unavailable.

  • Aurora (Aquarius): Jan 20 – Feb 18
  • Lancelot (Pisces): Feb 19 – Mar 20
  • Hilda (Aries): Mar 21 – Apr 19
  • Minotaur (Taurus): Apr 20 – May 20
  • Selena (Gemini): May 21 – Jun 20
  • Karina (Gemini): May 21 – Jun 20
  • Zhask (Cancer): Jun 21 – Jul 22
  • Badang (Leo): Jul 23 – Aug 22
  • Odette (Virgo): Aug 21 – Sept 22
  • Lunox (Libra): Sept 23 – Oct 22
  • Helcurt (Scorpio): Oct 23 – Nov 21
  • Irithel (Sagittarius): Nov 22 – Dec 21
  • Martis (Capricorn): Dec 22 – Jan 19

Zodiac MLBB Skins

Aurora (Aquarius)

Lancelot (Pisces)

Hilda (Aries)

Minotaur (Taurus)

Selena & Karina (Gemini)

Zhask (Cancer)

Badang (Leo)

Odette (Virgo)

Lunox (Libra)

Helcurt (Scorpio)

Irithel (Sagittarius)

Martis (Capricorn)

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What are the zodiac skins, MLBB?

The twelve astrological signs are the inspiration for the ZODIAC line of skins; Aries skin - Hilda, Aquarius skin - Aurora, Pisces skin - Lancelot, Taurus skin - Minotaur, Gemini skins - Selena and Karina, Libra skin - Lunox, Cancer skin - Zhask, Leo skin - Badang, Virgo skin - Odette, Scorpio skin - Hellcurt, Sagittarius skin - Irithel, and Capricorn skin - Martis.

What is the best zodiac skin in ML?

Which zodiac sign you prefer will determine which zodiac skin is the best in ML. The best selling Zodiac skins are Taurus skin and Sagittarius.

How many MLBB Zodiac Skins are there?

There are currently 12 MLBB Zodiac Skins, one for each zodiac sign. The first skin released was for the Cancer zodiac sign, and the most recent skin released is for the Aquarius zodiac sign.

How much is a zodiac skin in ML?

The cost to purchase the ML zodiac skin is estimated to be between 1200 and 2000 Crystals of Aura or 20 Diamonds per draw.

What is Selena's zodiac skin?

The Zodiac Gemini skin belongs to the assassin mage hero Selena, and the Zodiac skin has two heroes, including Selena and Karina.

What zodiac rules the skin?

Players, particularly tank players, always hope to get their hands on this incredible Minotaur's Zodiac Skin.

Why this skin is fantastic:

  • Its appearance and animations are cool.
  • Features of the skin The same Minotaur as the stars and the sky.
  • While playing, it raises the Minotaur's shield.

How do I obtain MLBB Zodiac Skins?

MLBB Zodiac Skins can be obtained by purchasing them from the in-game shop using diamonds or through special events and promotions. Some skins may also be available for a limited time only, so it is important to keep an eye out for new releases.

Are MLBB Zodiac Skins only cosmetic?

Yes, MLBB Zodiac Skins are purely cosmetic and do not provide any gameplay advantages. They are designed to enhance the visual appearance of your hero and showcase your zodiac sign.

Can I use MLBB Zodiac Skins in ranked matches?

Yes, MLBB Zodiac Skins can be used in ranked matches as long as they are not banned by the game's rules. However, it is important to note that using a skin does not affect your hero's abilities or performance in any way.

Can MLBB Zodiac Skins be gifted to other players?

Yes, MLBB Zodiac Skins can be gifted to other players as long as you have enough diamonds to purchase the skin. You can send the skin as a gift directly to another player through the in-game gifting feature.

Do MLBB Zodiac Skins have any special effects or animations?

Yes, some MLBB Zodiac Skins have unique effects and animations that are different from the default skins. For example, the Scorpio skin has a unique ultimate animation, and the Gemini skin has a different skill sound effect.

Can MLBB Zodiac Skins be used on any hero?

No, MLBB Zodiac Skins are designed for specific heroes that correspond to the zodiac sign. For example, the Leo skin is designed for the hero "Leomord", and the Pisces skin is designed for the hero "Fanny".

Are MLBB Zodiac Skins limited edition?

No, MLBB Zodiac Skins are not limited edition and can be purchased at any time, as long as they are still available in the in-game shop. However, some skins may be available for a limited time only during special events and promotions.

Will there be more MLBB Zodiac Skins in the future?

It is likely that Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will release more MLBB Zodiac Skins in the future, as they have been well-received by players. However, the release of new skins may depend on the popularity of the existing skins and the demand from the player base.


Overall, the Zodiac skins line may be the most difficult to obtain and players need to be adequately prepared. However, we hope that these hints have made your Zodiac summons easier. You know the dates and know how to prepare. Therefore, you should have any problems while obtaining your desired Zodiac skins in Mobile Legends. Good luck with your summons, and may the RNG gods always be on your side.