Being one of the most advanced titles in mobile esports, Mobile Legends is a highly competitive MOBA. And like most other MOBAs, ML has various offerings, one of which is the ranked mode.

The ranked mode is an intense event where players compete, slowly climbing through the game’s tiers. As players progress through the different tiers and divisions, more game features and items become accessible. Also, each time you rank up, you receive exclusive rewards that keep you motivated.

Indeed, the Mobile Legends ranking system provides an ingenious way for players to evaluate their progress and makes the game both fun and challenging.

Since conquering the Mobile Legends rank ladder can be pretty difficult, this guide puts together everything an MLBB player needs to know about the Mobile Legends rank list.

How to Have Rank Game in Mobile Legends

The ranked system is pretty much straightforward. A season lasts about 3 months. Once the season ends, the system attains a soft Mobile Legends rank reset. Consequently, players lose their ranking. When the next season begins, the old rankings are used to calculate the player’s new rank in Mobile Legends.

Of note is that you will rarely keep the exact ranking you held previously. Instead, you should expect a slight demotion at the start of each ranked season. For instance, after Mobile Legends rank reset season 13, an Epic I player might be moved down to Epic III.

A beginner might be unaware of how to know your rank in Mobile Legends. Nonetheless, unlocking the ranked mode is relatively easy. Ranked matches become available at level 8 onwards. Playing a dozen games ought to get you to level 8, provided you unlock a minimum of 6 champions.

Two types of systems exist in Mobile Legends rank order. A stars system is used for players in the Legend tier and below. For Mythic players, a point system is available.

In ranked matches, your performance determines your rank. If you aren’t familiar with how to check your local rank in Mobile Legends, simply scroll through and select the Ranked Mode from you’re the game’s home screen.

Mobile Legends Rank Tiers

Although the ranking system doesn’t paint the complete picture, it provides an easy way to assess a player’s level based on their proficiency in the game. Although it is a bit confusing, understating this system lets you know how to rank up fast in Mobile Legends.

The game has seven ranks and each tier has a number of divisions.


After unlocking the ranked mode, a player is inducted into the game’s lowest Mobile Legends rank level, Warrior III.

After you’ve earned three stars, you advance from Warrior III to Warrior II. Four stars will promote you further to Warrior I. Therefore, utilizing the best hero to rank up fast in Mobile Legends is advisable.

Here, winning a match gains you a star. However, if you lose a match, you’ll suffer no star loss.


After earning 5 stars, a player joins the Elite III category. The next levels are Elite II and Elite I. You will need 5 stars to boost your rank to the subsequent levels.

In Elite Mobile Legends, how to rank up fast is the goal. However, in this and subsequent levels, players lose stars for every defeat. Essentially, this means that a 5-match win streak is the quickest rank booster in Mobile Legends.


Like Elite, the Master rank of Mobile Legends requires you to earn 5 stars to rank up. However, unlike Elite, there are four divisions in the Master tier. The lowest master rank is Master IV. The next levels are Master III, II, and I.


A Master I player who earns 5 stars, gets into the Grandmaster tier—often abbreviated as GM.

Mobile Legends high rank levels are usually intense and brutal. Thus, Grandmaster-level matches are quite challenging. Players must, therefore, utilize intelligent strategies and the best hero to rank up in Mobile Legends.

There are four divisions (IV, II, II, I) in the GM tier of Mobile Legends’ survival ranking system. You need 5 stars to boost your rank to a higher level in this tier.

Players in advanced ML servers can use Draft Pick, where the team must use only a single hero. Additionally, lost stars can never be recovered and no protection points are awarded.


The game becomes increasingly challenging as one progresses through the Epic rank order. The good news, however, is that Epic IV level unlocks a more extensive choice of heroes.

The lowest rank is Epic IV. After that, you require 6 stars to boost your position to the next III, II, and I ranks.

In addition to Draft Pick, there’s a scrabble system, and the Epic tier also has banned heroes.


The difficulty of breaking through the Epic tier is legendary. Players who make it past Epic, therefore, become Legends.

Besides knowing the best hero to solo rank up Mobile Legends, a player must master all the heroes to get to the Legend tier. This level also requires solid communication and flawless strategy execution among teammates.

There are four divisions in the Legend rank; Legend IV, Legend III, Legend II and Legend I. You require 6 stars to rank up.


Finally, there’s Mythic-- the highest rank in Mobile Legends. A mythic player is at the top of their game. They no longer need stars to advance their ranking. They do, however, earn mythic points for each match they win.

You earn more points when you beat a player with more points than you. Losing to an opponent with fewer points than you results in massive point deductions. Losing all your mythic points pushes you back to Legend I.

The top 50 players with more than 600 mythic points are granted the title of Glorious Mythic.

Glorious Mythic

Technically, this isn’t a tier—it’s a level for the cream-of-the-crop players in Mobile Legends.

Getting into the Glorious Mythic category isn’t easy; one has to climb up the Mythic rank earning as many mythic points as possible. 600 mythic points are enough to transform you into a Glorious Mythic.

As a Glorious Mythic, you can appear in a real-time leaderboard for the finest players on all server ranking Mobile Legends.

Subtleties You Need to Know About Mobile Legends Ranks

  • A big winning streak (Elo) or a huge, impressive individual performance may result in multiple stars.
  • You get protection points for excellent individual performances. Having enough protection points shields the player from the effects of defeat.
  • Once a day, your ranking won’t be affected if one of your teammates is AFK.
  • Your contribution to every match in mobile legends earns you star-raising points and star protection points. Star-raising points add up to give you a free star. In addition, collecting enough star protection points stops your stars from being deducted for matches lost.
  • At the end of a season, awards are given to players based on their rank. The rewards are, however, tier- not division-based. As such, players in the same tier receive similar rewards regardless of what division they are in within the tier.

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