Moonton's Mobile MOBA Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is known for its iconic events, often rewarding players will brand-new exclusive skins, in-game accessories, and challenges to dive into!

This year's 515 events to celebrate the anniversary of MLBB's release have been rebranded to the MLBB ALLSTAR. This fun-filled event began March 22 and will last until April 30 for a month of music festival vibes and events!

Famous K-Pop sensation group ITZY will be joining in the fun! They were revealed to be the special guests of this year's event and are now global ambassadors for the MLBB scene!

Here's everything you need to know about the MLBB ALLSTAR event, including all the skins available and the new map.

MLBB ALLSTAR Event - Exclusive Skins

There are four elite skins on offer during the MLBB ALLSTAR events. These will probably not be accessible again until next year's 515 events, so get your hands on them quickly!

  • Atomic Pop Eudora
  • Atomic Pop Miya
  • Moonlit Ninja Hanabi
  • Seraphic Selfie Rafaela

MLBB ALLSTAR Event - Release Dates

Below details all the activities and their release dates for the ALLSTAR event.

  • Claim Elite Skin Chest - March 22 - April 23
  • Purify Harmonia Event - March 31 - April 23
  • ALLSTAR Last Encore - March 31 - April 30
  • Nostalgia Event - April 29 - May 14

With the Purify Harmonia event from March 31 until April 23, MLBB players can complete tasks to earn the Seraphic Selfie Rafaela skin for free.

The Moonlit Ninja Hanabi skin will be available through the Moonlit Wish Draw, allowing the use of promo diamonds from April 14 to May 8. We've got a handy guide on how to get free MLBB diamonds here.

The encore event from March 31 to April 30 lets players collect tokens to claim a permanent skin for free from the past 515 events.

The final two skins, Atomic Pop Miya and Eudora, will be available in the shop. The Miya skin will be available to buy on April 5 to April 25, while Eudora can be bought from April 12 to May 2. The prices have not been announced, but it has been confirmed they will have a 30 percent discount.

MLBB ALLSTAR Event - All Rewards

There are tons of free rewards and in-game accessories on offer, some only available on specific days, so keep an eye on this handy schedule of events!

  • Rafaela's Exclusive Emote (from Rafaela's Live Stream) - March 21 - March 31
  • Ramadan Surprise Gift (Avatar Border) - March 22 - April 4
  • ALLSTAR Spawn Effect - March 31 - April 23
  • ALLSTAR Graffiti - Login during from April 1 - 3.
  • ALLSTAR Avatar Border - April 4 - 17
  • ALLSTAR Recall Effect - April 15 - 17.

MLBB ALLSTAR Event - Other Features

Moonton Games have released a short teaser video with an ALLSTAR preview, so players know what to expect from the event.

Especially for the ALLSTAR event, Mobile Legends players will have access to a brand-new Harmonia map until May 15. This map has a distinct party theme with neon lights and speakers dotted around - guaranteed to hype everyone up!

Final Thoughts

This year's MLBB ALLSTAR 515 event is set to be an exciting one, with free skins and cosmetics up for grabs! It's sure to get everyone in a party mood, ready to celebrate the festivities! If you want more MLBB content, we have an MLBB hero tier list, MLBB zodiac skins, the best MLBB wallpapers, and more!