Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, also known as MLBB, is a MOBA game similar to Wild Rift, the mobile version of League of Legends. It’s also similar to Dota 2 but has a much bigger player base. Both Dota 2 and Wild Rift are played by around 8 – 10 million people. Meanwhile, MLBB has a player base of around 100 million. The game is currently thriving and its tournaments provide not only great matches to watch but also numerous MLBB betting opportunities. If you’re new to it or want to learn more about it, this guide will teach you about MLBB heroes.

The Basics of MLBB Heroes

In Mobile Legends, heroes are the characters that you can pick and control. At the start of each game, you get to choose one such hero and the goal is to help your team win. Doing that requires you to level up, gather gold, buy items, defend and attack when appropriate, kill enemy heroes, and much more. At the moment there are 115 heroes in total, but more of them are regularly added to the game.

Types of MLBB Heroes

There are 6 types of MLBB heroes. Each type has its strengths and is well-suited for a particular role. The MLBB hero classes are presented below.

Tank Heroes

Tank heroes excel at two things: tanking damage and initiating fights. They are naturally durable, which means they can absorb high damage attacks and abilities, and can be made extremely hard to kill with the right items. Their skills allow them to farm with ease without investing too much in damage items (although a certain amount of it is definitely useful), which means that they can spend their gold on survivability items.

Tanks can be of 3 types: pure, primary, and secondary. The heroes from the 2nd and 3rd categories can be used for more than one purpose, which means you don’t need to play them as pure tanks.

When you buy items with the intention of serving as your team’s tank, the main objective is to be able to bait and absorb as much enemy damage as possible. In turn, this allows your teammates to be less afraid that they’ll be focused down and killed. If the enemy team is forced to utilize important ultimates on you, this means that your carry and mid heroes can do a lot more during fights.

The 4 pillars of a tank’s item build are HP, physical defense, magic defense, and regen. Based on the enemy line-up, you’ll want to buy whatever items allow you to withstand the highest amount of damage. If the enemy has a lot of magic damage, build magic defense. If it has high physical damage, build physical defense.

Examples of Mobile Legends characters that can be played as tanks include Akai, Franco, Minotaur, Tigreal, Edith, Barats, Atlas and others.

Fighter Heroes

Fighters are Mobile Legends heroes that fight at close range (melee) and possess a mixture of defensive and offensive capabilities. They’re usually both survivable and good at killing enemy heroes, but they don’t excel at any particular thing unless you invest heavily in the appropriate items.

Examples of Mobile Legends fighters include Aldous, Alpha, Guinevere, Khaleed, Sun, Silvanna, Yin, Martis, and many more.

Assassin Heroes

Mobile Legends assassins are characters that excel at killing and disabling enemy heroes and especially supports. They are not very tanky but are very survivable thanks to their abilities, which often include blink skills. MLBB assassins rely on excellent positioning and timing, and require you to always choose the right moment to act. Usually, you only get a small number of seconds to achieve your goal, so your actions must be properly calculated. Otherwise you risk getting focused down and killed.

A good assassin follows the “get in – kill a target – get out” principle. It’s not your job to tank damage or to fight for extensive periods of time. All that’s required of you is to cause disruptions in the opponent’s team fighting strategy by disabling or killing a key hero.

Examples of MLBB assassins include Hayabusa, Aamon, Benedetta, Fanny, Gusion, Lancelot, Karina, and others.

Mage Heroes

Mobile Legends mages are characters that are used for crowd control and magic damage. These heroes attack from a long range and are usually quite weak if they don’t have the cover of a good front-line tank. But if they’re protected, they can kill quickly thanks to their burst damage or change a fight completely by neutralizing multiple enemy heroes at once.

When playing ranked games, you will often come across mage heroes with high burst damage or some unique ability that can be utilized on a key target. If your job is to protect your team from a quick death caused by such enemies, you must be aware of what they’re capable of then utilize your skills appropriately.

Examples of MLBB mages include Alice, Aurora, Odette, Pharsa, Vexana, Yve, and many more.

Marksman Heroes

Marksman characters are MLBB’s ranged attack damage carries. These MLBB heroes can deal a lot of damage from afar but only if you buy enough good items. Usually, players pick a Marksman if they fear they won’t be able to farm with a melee hero in the laning phase or if their team’s strategy revolves around kiting the enemy as much as possible. Some melee heroes are hard to fight into but if you can kill them from afar, your problem is solved.

Examples of MLBB heroes that belong to the marksman class are Beatrix, Brody, Bruno, Layla, Lesley, Melissa, and others.

Support Heroes

In Mobile Legends, supports have the role of aiding the other members of their team, as well as using crowd control abilities on the enemy team. Their assistance is essential because without it, cores may not be able to farm properly or they may lack the necessary vision to avoid costly deaths.

Supports often help with healing abilities, disables, and much more. Their goal is not to farm as much as possible or buy the most expensive items. Rather, it is to help other heroes do that. To achieve this goal, during the laning phase they usually harass enemies with basic attacks and then, throughout the game, they seek to provide assistance to the entire team. A support hero will never be the strongest hero on the map. But it might be the most useful hero in some situations.

Examples of MLBB heroes that are good supports are Angela, Estes, Floryn, Rafaela, Carmilla, and others.

MLBB Hero Tier List

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a game that’s constantly updated. Some heroes may get buffed while others may get nerfed. In addition to these changes, there are always upcoming heroes that may prove stronger than the existing ones for a particular class. However, at the moment, the S-tier heroes in each class are considered to be the following:

·       Assassin: Aamon, Wukong, Ling, Saber

·       Fighter: Khaleed, Paquito, Roger, Yu Zhong

·       Mage: Harley, Kagura, Lylia, Pharsa, Valentina, Eudora

·       Marksman: Melissa, Granger, Edith, Natan

·       Support: Mathilda, Lolita, Minotaur

·       Tank: Tigreal, Grock, Atlas, Gloo

How to Pick the Best MLBB Heroes

Picking the best MLBB hero requires you to not only understand the current meta or trend, but also to understand match-ups and synergies. Some heroes are naturally good in combination with other heroes, or against particular heroes. Based on what the enemy team and on what your own team has picked, you should ask yourself: what would make the biggest difference here? What are we currently lacking? What would disrupt the strategy of my opponent? What will win us the early game? What will win us the late game? Do we have enough damage? Do we have enough disables? Etc.

When picking a hero, make sure you can defend against an early rush. Or, if your team is the one that’s trying to end the game early, make sure you pick something that can be of use as early as possible. If you play the carry role, ask yourself: do we need to win early or can I pick something that will win the late game if my team creates enough space for me to farm?

If you’re new to the game, you will need to unlock dozens of heroes before you can pick the best one for every situation. To some degree, taking advantage of the weekly free heroes can help, but you will still need to invest a bit if you want to reach the top divisions faster. However, if you don’t have the resources or don’t mind unlocking heroes at a slower pace, you can always earn battle points and hero fragments by simply playing the game.


Here are a few answers to some of the most asked MLBB questions.

What is the latest MLBB new hero?


Are there any MLBB female heroes that I can play?

Yes: Floryn, Benedetta, Beatrix, and many others.

Is there a MLBB hero difficulty?

Yes. Some heroes are very hard to master. Examples include Fanny, Ling, and Gusion.

Which are the best MLBB heroes for beginners?

Miya, Balmond, and Tigreal. But ultimately, it’s up to you to determine what feels easy and what feels hard. Usually, when you’re a beginner it’s best to play ranged heroes because they allow you to be ignorant of their limits and still do well. With a melee hero it’s much easier to die if you don’t understand what the other heroes can do.

What is the most used hero in MLBB?


Which are the MLBB hero roles?

Tank, Fighter, Mage, Assassin, Support, Marksman.

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