The mobile gaming industry is rapidly growing. The popularity of the biggest battle royale and MOBA games is through the roof. Mobile Legends is a game that continues to stand out from the bunch.

Players are highly competitive, the game's community is massive... but there is one burning issue plaguing the scene - players demand MLB map hacks and are willing to risk their accounts just to cheat in their favorite mobile game.

New Map MLBB | A Closer Look at Sanctum Island

At the moment, MLBB has three official maps. It would've been four but the devs decide to remove Celestial Palace from the map pool.

The all-new map is called Sanctum Island. It's been out for quite a while already and many players generally seem pleased with it. The model quality of new monsters is great, the moody atmosphere fits perfectly well with the darker color scheme.

All in all, the new Mobile Legends map looks sweet no matter which settings you play on.

Keep in mind that with this new update MLBB takes a slightly higher toll on mobile storage. Before updating to the latest version, you might want to double-check to see whether you'll have enough space.

What About MLBB Map Hack?

Yes, the internet is packed with various websites offering the same thing - map hack ML apk. We really don't want to get into too many details regarding this.

How come? Well, it's a touchy topic, really.

Map hack ML exploits are heavily marketed and lots of players use them despite the risk of their account getting banned. Heck, even some Mythic tier players use them, which tells you just how much of a widespread issue this is.

The download link is typically distributed by shady individuals and often comes at a price, be it monetary or in the form of stolen personal information... and usually result in bans, despite being marketed as anti ban.

That said, if you want to be a good ML player, step away from the map hack ML download link button and GIT GUD!

How to Use Radar Map on MLBB

Radar map hack ml apk is one of the most popular map hacks out there. The latest version allows you to see hidden things. It's user friendly, but isn't fair towards other players so please think twice before using it. You could be ruining someone else's day with it and where's the fun in that?

MLBB Maps FAQ Section

We are not done with our guide on map ML just yet. Here's a short FAQ section featuring valuable info on specific maps:

How many maps are there in Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

At the moment, you can play on three MLBB maps – Western Expanse, Imperial Sanctuary, and Sanctum Island. These are the three main maps in the game. There are, however, other (seasonal) maps too. Some maps are no longer available.

Long story short, here are all maps that are (were) available in Mobile Legends Bang Bang classic mode:

  • Western Expanse
  • Celestial Palace (replaced by Sanctum Island)
  • Imperial Sanctuary
  • Sanctum Island

How to change map in Mobile Legends?

Yes, you can easily change the different maps in MLBB. When you’re in game, choose classic mode and you’ll see a window pop up featuring Map Theme selection. Select the map you’d like to play on and confirm it by clicking on the golden button below. That’s it, that’s how you change the map in MLBB.

Is there a legit ML map hack that won’t result in a ban?

We doubt there is a 100% fool proof MLBB map hack that allows you to play on the game’s multiplayer servers without ever getting banned. Even if a certain m MLBB hack map won’t get your account banned right away, you can never be 100% sure it won’t happen sometime in the future. In other words, cheating just doesn’t pay off in the long run.

Why does the Sanctum Island map look dark?

In short, it just is. The darker tone of this ML map makes it more unique and easier on the eyes. If you’re spending a few hours playing Mobile Legends on your phone every single day, your eyes will get sore. Lowering the brightness level and playing on this all-new ML map might alleviate that a bit.

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