Mobile Legends is back in Southeast Asia with a bang (bang)! With regional MPL tournaments well underway and major events like the MSC and Esports World Cup on the horizon, now is the perfect time to get involved in the thrilling MLBB betting action! 

On, you can actively participate and support your favorite MLBB teams by betting on them - perfect for first time bettors. We have a wide range of betting options available, so there’s something to suit everyone for their first time. 

Nervous? Don’t be. Rivalry is here to hold your hand and guide you through the whole betting process. 

Rivalry MLBB Betting Markets

With Rivalry’s smooth-as-silk UI, MLBB betting becomes a breeze! Our live odds across all our MLBB offerings, including MPL Philippines, MPL Singapore, and MPL Malaysia, are designed to make your first deposit with us simple and seamless! 

Whether you want to bet on the outright match winner or dive into something a little different, MLBB supporters can put their fandom to the test with Rivalry’s various betting markets. 

  • Quick Combos: Want to take the thinking away from your next bet? Try our hand-crafted Quick Combos, which are featured at the top of the page! These pre-made bets contain exclusive, limited-time odds, so grab’em while they’re hot!. 
  • Match Winner: Exactly what it says on the tin; you can predict the winner of a match before it’s even begun! Since these odds are live, they’ll change over the course of a match so lock them in now!
  • Map Winner: MPL matches are either Bo3 or Bo5, meaning every match-up spans several games or “maps.” This betting market lets you bet on the winner of an individual map (Map 1, Map 2, Map 3, etc), rather than the outright overall Match Winner. 
  • Totals: Hedge your bets on the total maps played (Over/Under). Will one team bag the win in two maps ezpz, or will it go right down to the wire? 
  • Handicaps: With map handicap bets, you can bet on the favored team to win 2-0 in a Bo3 series or the underdogs to win just one map. For example, if you bet on Blacklist Rivalry -1.5 maps, they’ll need to win 2-0 for your bet to be successful. 

Betting from the toilet? Looking to make huge gains while in the gym? No problem! With our Android App, your first-time Rivalry bet can be from anywhere, while doing anything (provided you have a stable and secure Internet connection). Bulk up your muscles and your wallet at the same time!

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You’ll Never Forget Your First… Bet

Your first time bet with Rivalry will be enjoyable. 

Your first time bet with Rivalry will be special.

Your first time bet with Rivalry will be easy. 

If you’re nervous about placing your first bet, let our trusted partners Sh1nboo, Kayla, and V33WISE share their private moments about their first time and set your worries at ease. 

One thing’s for sure, your first time Rivalry bet will be unforgettable, making you want to come back again and again.

If you’ve got any questions or want to discuss your first-time Rivalry bet, reach out via the official Rivalry SEA socials, including our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and don’t forget to join the Rivalry Tribe Facebook group