Last updated: April 17, 2023

Competitive Overwatch is returning with a bang, kicking off Season 6 with the OWL Pro-Am tournament on March 23, a three-week pre-season competition featuring OWL and Contenders teams from the West. Since becoming free-to-play, Blizzard has committed to serving a broader player base, opening up the path to pro in Overwatch 2, beginning with the professional-amateur tournament.

Thirteen of the strongest West region franchises will be joined by seven Contenders, determined by qualifiers, before both East and West regions begin their regular season play on April 27.

Here's everything you need to know about the Overwatch League Season 6 Pro-Am tournament.

Overwatch League 2023: Overall Format

A "more open ecosystem" will allow Open Division and Contenders teams more opportunities to compete alongside established OWL teams through various regional competitions and qualifiers.

OWL is taking a new approach to their regular season play this year. Instead of being split into four stages, the 2023 season will be divided into two seasons: Spring and Summer. In the East Region, both stages begin with Opens, where contenders teams compete to play in the OWL with the OWL powerhouses. In the East Region, there will be tournaments in South Korea, Asia Pacific, and Australia to bring twelve teams into the fold.

Several teams from each region's qualifiers will advance to their respective regions' knockout stage. They then progress to the international tournament event: The Spring Stage, which ends in the Midseason Madness Global Tournament.

  • Pro-Am Tournament - March 23 - April 9.
  • Overwatch League Regular Season (Spring Stage) - April 27 - TBA.
  • Midseason Madness - June TBA
  • Overwatch League Regular Season (Summer Stage) - July TBA
  • Overwatch League Playoffs & Grand Finals - August TBA

Overwatch League 2023 Pro-Am: Format

The Season 6 Overwatch League Pro-Am in the West region will begin on March 23 with the group stage, featuring four groups of five teams competing in single round-robin group play.

The two top teams from each group, with six teams in total, will progress to a single elimination bracket in Week 3. The overall winner will take home the lion's share of the $100,000 prize pool.

Group A

  • Florida Mayhem
  • San Francisco Shock
  • Timeless
  • Trick Room
  • Vancouver Titans

Group B

  • Atlanta Reign
  • London Spitfire
  • LA Valiant
  • Saints
  • Vegas Eternal

Group C:

  • Boston Uprising
  • LA Gladiators
  • Team Peps
  • Washington Justice

Group D

  • Houston Outlaws
  • New York Excelsior
  • Redbird Esports
  • Toronto Defiant
  • Twisted Minds

Overwatch League 2023 Pro-Am: All Teams

The seven teams are determined through respective qualifiers on NA and EMEA regions in the West region. The top five teams from the NA qualifier and the top two from the EMEA qualifier join the OWL franchises in this Pro-Am tournament. Here are all the teams competing in the OWL 2023 Pro-Am.

Overwatch League Teams

  • Atlanta Reign
  • Boston Uprising
  • Florida Mayhem
  • Houston Outlaws
  • London Spitfire
  • NY Excelsior
  • LA Gladiators
  • LA Valiant
  • San Francisco Shock
  • Toronto Defiant
  • Vancouver Titans
  • Vegas Eternal
  • Washington Justice

Contenders Teams

  • Redbird Esports
  • Saints
  • Team Peps
  • Timeless
  • Trick Room
  • Twisted Minds
  • WISP

Overwatch League 2023 Pro-Am: Schedule

The tournament will commence on March 23. Here is the schedule for the competition's first week, beginning with Group A and B. All times listed are in PT. Match winners are emboldened for reader convenience.

Overwatch League 2023 Pro-Am: Week 1

March 23

  • Florida Mayhem Vs. San Francisco Shock
  • London Spitfire Vs. Atlanta Reign
  • San Francisco Shock Vs. Trick Room
  • Timeless Vs. Vancouver Titans
  • Saints Vs. LA Valiant

March 24

  • Atlanta Reign Vs. Vegas Eternal
  • London Spitfire Vs. LA Valiant
  • Atlanta Reign Vs. Saints
  • Vancouver Titans Vs. Trick Room
  • Timeless Vs. Florida Mayhem

March 25

  • LA Valiant Vs. Vegas Eternal
  • Florida Mayhem Vs. Vancouver Titans
  • Vegas Eternal Vs. London Spitfire
  • San Francisco Shock Vs. Timeless
  • Saints Vs. London Spitfire

March 26

  • Vancouver Titans Vs. San Francisco Shock
  • LA Valiant Vs. Atlanta Reign
  • Trick Room Vs. Florida Mayhem
  • Vegas Eternal Vs. Saints
  • Trick Room Vs. Timeless

Overwatch League 2023 Pro-Am: Week 2

March 30

  • Toronto Defiant Vs. Twisted Minds
  • Team Peps Vs. Washington Justice
  • Houston Outlaws Vs. Toronto Defiant
  • LA Gladiators Vs. WISP
  • New York Excelsior Vs. Houston Outlaws

March 31

  • LA Gladiators Vs. Team Peps
  • LA Gladiators Vs. Boston Uprising
  • WISP Vs. Boston Uprising

April 1

  • Twisted Minds Vs. Houston Outlaws
  • Team Peps Vs. WISP
  • Redbird Vs. Twisted Minds
  • Boston Uprising Vs. Washington Justice
  • New York Excelsior Vs. Redbird
  • Washington Justice Vs. WISP

April 2

  • New York Excelsior Vs. Twisted Minds
  • Team Peps Vs. Boston Uprising
  • New York Excelsior Vs. Toronto Defiant
  • LA Gladiators Vs. Washington Justice
  • Redbird Vs. Houston Outlaws
  • Toronto Defiant Vs. Redbird

Overwatch League 2023 Pro-Am: Playoffs

April 8

  • 1PM - Quarter-finals - Florida Mayhem Vs. London Spitfire
  • 2:30PM - Quarter-finals - Boston Uprising Vs. Toronto Defiant
  • 1PM - Quarter-finals - San Francisco Shock Vs. Houston Outlaws
  • 2:30PM - Quarter-finals - LA Gladiators Vs. Atlanta Reign

April 9

  • 1PM - Semi-finals - Florida Mayhem Vs. Toronto Defiant
  • 2:30PM - Semi-finals - Houston Outlaws Vs. LA Gladiators

April 10

  • 1PM - Grand Final - Florida Mayhem Vs. LA Gladiators

Overwatch League 2023 Pro-Am: Standings

The top two teams from each of the below groups advance to to a single-elimination bracket in the playoffs, from April 8-9.

Group A

  1. Florida Mayhem - 4-0
  2. San Francisco Shock - 2-2
  3. Vancouver Titans - 2-2
  4. Timeless - 1-3
  5. Trick Room - 1-3

Group B

  1. Atlanta Reign - 4-0
  2. London Spitfire - 3-1
  3. Saints - 2-2
  4. LA Valiant -1-3
  5. Vegas Eternal - 0-4

Group C

  1. Boston Uprising - 4-0
  2. LA Gladiators - 3-1
  3. Washington Justice - 2-2
  4. WISP - 1-3
  5. Team Peps - 0-4

Group D

  1. Houston Outlaws - 4-0
  2. Toronto Defiant - 3-1
  3. Twisted Minds - 2-2
  4. New York Excelsior - 1-3
  5. Redbird - 0-4

Overwatch League 2023 Pro-Am: Stream

All OWL Pro-Am matches will be live-streamed on the official Overwatch League YouTube channel.

Overwatch 2 fans can follow the scene with Rivalry, where we will update this article weekly with the match results and standings. If you want more Overwatch 2 news, we have got you covered with an OW2 hero tier list, how to unlock all heroes and an in-depth guide to the ranking system.