Gusion with Killing Spree, Layla with Tenacity, Claude with Impure Rage, or Beatrix with Mystery Shop (Bargain Hunter)? Would it surprise you if we told you that this is not only viable but might even become the meta? Well, thanks to Project: NEXT, that's exactly the case.

The latest and most significant patch in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has just been released, and it will revolutionize how heroes are played in the current metagame. Project: NEXT introduces the new Emblem System, providing players with more options to customize their chosen heroes. For example, Layla can now select the Marksman Emblem as the base emblem set, transition into obtaining Tenacity, and conclude with the classic Weakness Finder. Sounds complicated, right?

However, there's a simpler way to approach it. Here's how it works:

Step one: Before the match begins, players can modify their hero's emblem set according to their preference.

Step two: Players choose a Custom Role Emblem, each with its own set of base stats. Custom Role Emblems include Basic Common, Tank, Assassin, Mage, Marksman, Fighter, and Support emblems. Each Custom Role Emblem offers unique passive stats that benefit heroes. Typically, these emblems align with the playstyle of each role, such as Healing Effect for Supports, spell vamp for Fighters, and Magic Power for Mages.

Step three: Select one Emblem from each of the Three Tiers of Talent Emblems. Each Tier provides increasingly valuable effects. Emblems from these subsets can be used regardless of the Custom Role Emblem chosen. In other words, even if you start with a Fighter or Support Emblem, you can still opt for emblems focused on Dealing Damage, depending on your playstyle.

This new system opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for hero gameplay. For instance, let's consider Paquito, a Fighter. Some players may prefer a killer-type playstyle focused on Penetration and raw Damage. Others may lean towards a sustain-type approach, emphasizing Spell Vamp, Movement Speed, and Lifesteal instead.

Here is a list of all of the Custom Role Emblems and their base stats:

As the table shows, killer type of heroes would tend to go for Assassin emblems, and this also means that even Mages can go for the Assassin Emblem (because penetration and attack that it gives are both adaptive, which means that it will effect even magic-based heroes). 

Here are the possible talents that you can choose in each tier of talents:

This massive patch is already reintroducing the Assassin Jungler metagame, the Sustain Fighter Sidelane meta, and the farm-centric late-game Marksman meta in the gold lane. However, given the extensive changes, who knows what surprises the patch may bring?