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January 28th, 2020

OG has quickly revamped their TI-winning roster by announcing the pickup of SumaiL after the True Sight premiere in Berlin. The ex-EG player will serve as a replacement for Jerax, who recently retired from competitive play. The back-to-back TI winners have already confirmed they'd compete in the qualifiers of the Los Angeles Major, and once again all eyes are on their revamped roster.

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Saksa and MidOne join OG

Sumail free agency analysis

Many found it odd how long it took for the TI5 winner to find a new home after departing from EG. As we wrote recently,

"It seems strange to say today that SumaiL is a free agent in a world where most of the top teams seem to have little need of his talents. In the wake of EG’s latest TI failure, he left the organisation, half a decade after donning the blue and black of esports old money, and initially moved to team up with the ‘Quincy Crew’, a stack that was led by Jack ‘KBBQ’ Chen and featured SumaiL’s older brother Yawar.

However, that project fell apart quickly, with Chen tweeting that SumaiL was out of the ‘Crew’ just two weeks after the team had been announced. According to his message, the team ‘tried to resolve our fit issues, but ultimately weren't able to do so to the point where everyone felt most comfortable and empowered to keep moving forward’, as well as going on to state that SumaiL was not ‘the problem’."

SumaiL will be playing as the carry of the new OG lineup, and if his interview is anything to go by, he's ready for the challenge. “So I had been out of the scene for a while and it made me realize how much I loved Dota,” he said. “To do it with OG, people who are more accomplished than me now in Dota aspects. I am just looking forward to learning, from Ceb and N0tail especially. I am just very excited. The most I have been in my entire life.”

The rest of OG's active lineup will likely be revealed on OG Night on January 29th.