What Games Are Offered At The Esports World Cup?

Changing the game for esports history comes the inaugural Esports World Cup, which will be held in July 2024.

This historic event will take place in the sunny lands of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and bring together the world’s elite esports athletes to battle it out in this multi-game competition to determine the best esports clubs in the world. Think of it as the Olympics, with controllers and keyboards instead of javelins and sprinting. 

However, the burning question on every fan’s mind: What games will be featured at the Esports World Cup? With over 15 popular esports titles already announced and more surprises on the way, it’s set to be an event you won’t soon forget!

Let’s dive in and see what games will be offered at the first-ever Esports World Cup. 

Esports World Cup 2024: Complete Games List

Hosted by the Esports World Cup Foundation, this cross-game tournament will feature popular games across all genres, from MOBAs to FPS titles and Battle Royales; there’s no stone left unturned. 

In the run-up to the event, more games have been added to this growing list, like DOTA 2, Overwatch 2, and Fortnite, to create a diverse spread and an event viewers won’t soon forget. 

Here are all the games on show during the Esports World Cup. If more titles are added between now and the event, we’ll update this article accordingly, so stay tuned!

As you can see, there’s a decent spread of genres and titles, particularly branching out into a more modern mode of gaming: mobile esports, with the additions to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and PUBG Mobile. The former is taking over the esports world by storm with various tournaments, like MPL Philippines, the M World Championship, and the Snapdragon Pro Series

Ralf Reichert, CEO of the Esports World Cup Foundation, highlighted the importance of having different games in the tournament lineup: “First-person and tactical shooters are a cornerstone of gaming and esports and played by billions internationally. We’re bringing together all the best games to connect an unprecedented variety of global communities. We’re excited to have them participate in this first-of-its-kind event.

You may notice that some key genres and titles are missing, such as VALORANT, fighting games, or sports games. There’s still a good few months until the event unfolds, so there's a trong possibility we'll see games like these revealed soon.


The Esports World Cup will reportedly feature a huge prize pool for the entirety of the event, confirmed to be $60 million, set to rival DOTA 2’s The International

We’re unsure of the exact prize money distributed for each esports title and separate competition. We can assume it’ll be around $2 million+ for each game, which could be more or less depending on the number of teams competing and other factors.


The latest game’s titles were announced through social media, highlighting each game’s unique identity and significance to the prosperity of esports. With global representation from significant regions like Canada, Brazil, South Korea, and more, the Esports World Cup aims to promote global diversity within competitive, professional gaming.

As the Esports World Cup date draws closer, esports enthusiasts can follow the scene closely with Rivalry. We’ll aim to keep you up to speed with all the latest updates and new titles joining the competition’s roster. We’ll also offer the best live esports betting odds for most titles related to the Esports World Cup, so you don’t have to go anywhere else.