IEM Chengdu 2024: All You Need To Know

Last updated: April 15

One race ends, and another one begins. Straight off the back of the Copenhagen Major comes the next iteration of Intel Extreme Masters, IEM Chengdu, starting on April 8.

Sixteen of the best Counter-Strike 2 teams in the world will gather in China to fight for the next title towards their Intel Grand Slam tally. If that's not enough, the winning team will receive the lion's share of the $250,000 prize pool and an automatic invite to IEM Cologne in August!

Keep reading for all the latest details on IEM Chengdu 2024, including the competition format, complete schedule, all 16 teams competing, and the overall standings.

IEM Chengdu 2024: Format

Unlike IEM Katowice in January, Intel Extreme Masters Chengdu will field a slightly different format, minus the Play-In stage. Here is a brief outline of what the format of IEM Chengdu 2024 will entail.

Group Stage

  • The sixteen competing teams will be divided into two double-elimination (GSL) groups, consisting of eight teams in each
  • Opening matches will be Bo1, and all following matches will be Bo3
  • The top three teams from each group advance to the Playoffs
  • Group winners advance straight to the Semifinals, while the runners-up are seeded to the Quarterfinals as High Seeds in the Upper Bracket and 3rd place are seeded as Low Seeds


  • Eight teams compete in a single-elimination bracket
  • All matches are Bo3

IEM Chengdu 2024: Teams

As always, with Intel Extreme Masters CS2 events, several invited teams are partnered with ESL. The remaining teams fought tooth and nail through regional qualifiers to earn their slot at the IEM Chengdu event, as AMKAL Esports missed their chance to qualify.

Due to unforeseen issues with international visas, ESL announced that former participants Complexity Gaming and M80 have both pulled out. They have been replaced by Team Liquid and Wildcard Gaming as the two North American Qualifiers.

Unexpectedly, Monte also dropped out days before IEM Chengdu began, and have been replaced by Steel Helmet.

Here are all 16 teams competing at IEM Chengdu 2024, including their complete player rosters by in-game IDs.

Invited Teams

  • Astralis: dev1ce, Staehr, satv, jabbi, br0
  • FaZe Clan: rain, broky, karrigan, ropz, frozen
  • FURIA Esports: yuurih, arT, KSCERATO, FalleN, chelo
  • G2 Esports: huNter-, NiKo, m0NESY, HooXi, nexa
  • Heroic: TeSeS, sjuush, NertZ, nicoodoz, kyxsan
  • MOUZ: torzsi, xertioN, siuhy, Jimpphat, Brollan
  • Cloud9: Ax1Le, HObbit, electroNic, Perfecto, Boombl4
  • Jame, FL1T, fame, n0rb3r7, mir
  • Steel Helmet: captainMo, AE, XiaosaGe, 18yM, DD

Qualified Teams

  • 9z Team: dgt, max, buda, HUASOPEEK, Martinez
  • Team Liquid: NAF, YEKINDAR, skullz, cadiaN, Twistzz
  • Wildcard Gaming: SLIGHT, stainislaw, JBAa, Sonic, motm
  • TYLOO: advent, kaze, JamYoung, Mercury, zdr
  • FlyQuest: INS, aliStair, Liazz, Vexite, dexter
  • Lynn Vision Gaming: westmelon, z4kr, Starry, EmiliaQAQ, Jee
  • Nemiga Gaming: 1eeR, FL4MUS, khaN, riskyb0b, Xant3r

IEM Chengdu 2024: Schedule

IEM Chengdu begins on April 8 and will last just over seven days of high-stakes professional CS2 gameplay that'll have fans on the edges of their seats!

All times listed below for the IEM Chengdu tournament are in BST, and match winners will be in bold.

IEM Chengdu 2024: Playoffs Schedule

April 12 - Quarterfinals

  • 8:00 AM: vs. G2 Esports
  • 11:15 AM: Team Liquid vs. FaZe Clan

April 13 - Semifinals

  • 8:00 AM: MOUZ vs. G2 Esports
  • 11:15 AM: Astralis vs. FaZe Clan

April 14 - Grand Final

  • 11:30 AM: MOUZ vs. FaZe Clan

IEM Chengdu 2024: Venue & Streams

The eight teams that make it to the Playoffs will compete at the Wuliangye Chengdu Performing Arts Centre, which has a capacity of 12,000. Tickets are still available on the official ESL Pro Tour website, so grab 'em while you still can.

For all the games simultaneously, two channels, ESLCS and ESLCSb, respectively, will live-stream all the games. For your convenience, the main ESL Counter-Strike YouTube channel is also embedded below as the main hot spot for the later Playoff matches.

IEM Chengdu 2024: Overall Standings & Prize Pool Distribution


Team Name (s)

Prize Money

BLAST Premier Points

Qualifies To


FaZe Clan



IEM Cologne 2024






3rd - 4th

G2 Esports, Astralis




5th - 6th, Team Liquid




7th - 8th

Heroic, FlyQuest




9th - 12th

FURIA Esports, Lynn Vision Gaming, Nemiga Gaming, Cloud9




13th - 16th

Wildcard Gaming, TYLOO, 9z Team, Steel Helmet




Final Thoughts

That was our rundown on IEM Chengdu 2024. With less than three days until the event starts, we can't wait to see who claims the Chengdu crown! If you want to stay informed, it's easy! Subscribe to a Rivalry account today and bookmark this page to keep up-to-date with all the latest tournament news, including match results and standings updates.

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