The multiverse of Riot Games, Runeterra, and League of Legends continues to grow with the next TFT set release! Riot Games' ever-evolving strategy title, Teamfight Tactics, is now gearing up for Set 11 after the bright lights and action of the music-themed Set 10: Remix Rumble. 

With a release date of March 20, 2024, TFT Set 11 will bring plenty of fresh content to the table. From the "Myths and Legends" theme to the likely inclusion of Augments and Portals, anticipation is definitely building as players await the newest TFT set. Although most details about TFT Set 11 are still scarce, we have enough tidbits and bonus information available as Set 10 winds down.

If you're looking to get ahead on all the changes coming to TFT Set 11, you've come to the right place! Read on for all the details, including the Set 11 theme, mechanics, and more!

Teamfight Tactics: Set 11 Release Date

Mark your calendars! The TFT Set 11 release date will coincide with Patch 14.6, hitting live servers on March 20. TFT updates follow the same schedule as the League of Legends patch releases for 2024

As with all new sets and mid-set updates, Riot Games will make the proposed changes for TFT Set 11 available on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) for testing for two weeks before release, launching on the PBE on March 6. Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming TFT Set 11 patch notes, coming soon.

Players can start diving into the PBE to see the new champions, game modes, and mechanics in action on the PBE. Be aware that while on the PBE, you may have connectivity issues, bugs, and other finicky problems as Riot continue to develop the new set before release.

Teamfight Tactics: Set 11 Theme

Exciting news for all TFT fans! The TFT Roadmap for 2024, unveiled in December, has revealed that the theme for Set 11 will be "Myths and Legends." This announcement has sparked a lot of curiosity among players, as it may bring back the folklore-inspired charm of the Shan Hai, and recent Chinese mythology skins, with champions like Neeko possibly making a reappearance.

While TFT Set 11 details are scarce, the TFT Set 11 artwork on the Roadmap shows the Blood Moon Aatrox skin, implying that other legendary beings from the magical realm of Runeterra will make an appearance. This could include dragons, mythical creatures, and more.

Teamfight Tactics: Set 11 Mechanics

Even though TFT Set 11 is right around the corner, we don't yet know if there's a new mechanic involved. We can expect that the new set is likely to feature similar or the same set formats, PvE encounters, and some mechanics as the previous set.

We are also still in the dark about the new champions and traits involved in TFT Set 11. We'll keep you updated with all the latest details as soon as we know more!


TFT Set 11 will likely feature Augments, one of the most popular features ever introduced. They provide three randomized bonuses through the game to aid your units or help with your team comp. They add a degree of variance to every game, making each match unique. If you pick your Augments wisely with the right TFT builds, you can sprint ahead from the get-go.


Portals are reappearing in TFT Set 11, last seen in Set 9: Runeterra Reforged. When a new game begins, the entire lobby can vote on one of three portals offering different bonuses and buffs, chosen at random. These added bonuses can range from gaining free units early on to changing PvE rounds into Scuttle Crabs or boosting your units' Attack Damage. No two games are ever the same, as Portals add another layer of excitement to every match.

No Legends

Riot Games have heard their player base's cries and removed Legends from TFT Set 11. They'll continue working on balancing and tweaking Legends in the meantime, but they are unlikely to re-release them until they flow better in the game.

Final Thoughts

As TFT Set 10 reaches its end, many players will welcome the revitalized gameplay and freshness that TFT Set 11 brings, with its release date on March 20, 2024. As always, Riot Games is keeping its cards close to its chest as major details remain largely under wraps. Expect more information on this page as the Set 11 release date draws closer.

While TFT Set 11 hasn't even been released yet, players are already considering what the rest of the 2024 Teamfight Tactics Roadmap has to offer for the year ahead. This includes Set 12, themed around Magic and Mayhem, a brand-new game mode coming in June 2024 to celebrate the game's 5th anniversary, and even an upcoming Set Revival in July.

Plenty is going on in the magical multiverse of Teamfight Tactics! If you want more TFT and League of Legends content, visit our blog page. We've got all champions by their release datesummoner spells, the latest patch notes, the rarest skinsdragon buffs, and more!