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Jun 1 - Sep 8th, 2024

LPL 2024 Betting Guide | Bet on LoL with Rivalry

The League of Legends Pro Series, or LPL, has cemented itself as a popular component in the League of Legends esports ecosystem, gathering reoccurring viewership figures of over 200K. With high stakes and top-tier talent clashing on stage, the LPL has ample exciting betting opportunities for viewers to dive into, especially with Rivalry having the best League of Legends odds and markets available. 

Dive into our extensive LPL betting guide, including the league's history, format, favorite teams to watch, Rivalry's LPL betting markets, and more below! 

What is LPL?

LPL odds

There are four main professional League of Legends leagues across the globe: the LEC in Europe, LCS in NA, and LCK in Korea. The final league to complete this quad squad is the League of Legends Pro Series, or LPL, in China. 

The LPL was officially created in 2013 by Tencent, the parent company of Riot Games, based in China. The aim was to create a solid and competitive league in China and expand the presence of competitive esports in the region. Positive Energy was the winner of the inaugural season. 

Over the years, the LKPL eventually strengthened as more teams were added to the roster. A franchising model guaranteed some teams had a permanent slot. Between 2018 and 2019, LPL started to gain international success, as Invictus Gaming became the first Chinese team to win LoL Worlds. From here onwards, LPL would consistently go toe-to-toe with LCK, another global LoL powerhouse, asserting China's dominance in the LoL esports scene. In the 2023 LoL World Championship, Weibo Gaming came second, losing to T1. 

LPL 2024: Format

The LPL 2024 season will be divided into two splits: the Spring and Summer Split. The 2024 Spring Split begins on January 22, 2024, for over nine weeks of intense professional gameplay before the Playoffs begin in April.

LPL Spring 2024 will kick off with the Group Stage, as all 17 teams compete in a single round-robin format where all matches are Bo1. 

The top ten teams then advance to the Playoffs, which consist of two phases. Phase 1 has a king-of-the-hill structure, with 3rd, 6th, 7th, and 10th in one bracket and 4th, 5th, 8th, and 9th in the other. Only the top four participants advance to Phase 2, a double-elimination format. All matches are Bo5 for maximum intensity. 

The LPL Summer Split began on June 1, 2024.

LPL 2024: Prize Pool

The LPL boasts a $590K prize pool, equating to ¥4,200,000 CNY in local currency, divided amongst the top six teams. Check out how the prize pool is shared amongst the teams below. 

  • 1st: ¥2,000,000 ($281,270 USD)
  • 2nd: ¥1,000,000 ($140,635 USD)
  • 3rd: ¥500,000 ($70,317 USD)
  • 4th: ¥300,000 ($42,190 USD)
  • 5th - 6th: ¥200,000 ($28,127 USD)

LPL teams are compete for Championship Points in the Playoffs. The teams with the most points by the end of both splits get invited to LoL Worlds later in the year. 

LPL 2024: Teams

LPL Spring 2024 teams

In contrast to other professional League of Legends leagues like LEC, which have eight teams, LPL Spring 2024 features 17 participants, maintaining the same lineup as 2023.

Here are all the competing teams, including their player rosters. We'll update this before the Summer Split if there are any changes. 

  • Anyone's Legends (AL): Hery, Croco, Shanks, Hope, Kael
  • Bilibili Gaming (BLG): Bin, Xun, knight, Elk, ON
  • EDward Gaming (EDG): Ale, Jiejie, Fisher, Leave, Vampire
  • FunPlus Phoenix (FPX): xiaolaohu, moyan, Care, Deokdam, Life
  • Invictus Gaming (iG): YSKM, Tianzhen, Crying, Ahn, Wink
  • JD Gaming (JDG): Flandre, Kanavi, Yagao, Ruler, Missing
  • LGD Gaming (LGD): Burdol, Meteor, haichao, Kepler, Jinjiao
  • LNG Esports (LNG): Zika, Weiwei, Scout, GALA, Mark
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP): Shanji, AKi, Rookie, Photic, Zhuo
  • Oh My God (OMG): Cube, Xiaofang, Angel, Able, ppgod
  • Rare Atom (RA): Xiaoxu, naiyou, VicLa, Assum, Zorah
  • Royal Never Give Up (RNG): Breathe, Wei, Tangyuan, Lwx, Ming
  • Team WE (WE): Wayward, Heng, FoFo, Prince, Iwandy
  • ThunderTalk Gaming (TT): Hoya, Beichuan, ucal, 1xn, QiuQiu
  • Top Esports (TES): 369, Titan, Creme, JackeyLove, Meiko
  • Ultra Prime (UP): Decade, H4cker, Yuekai, Doggo, Jwei
  • Weibo Gaming (WBG): Zdz, Xiaohao, Xiaohu, Light, Crisp

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Same Game Combos: Explained

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LPL Betting FAQs

LPL odds

Is LPL betting legal?

At Rivalry, we always play it by the book! All League of Legends and LPL betting is entirely legal and safe here. We are an online sportsbook completely licensed and regulated under the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, for your peace of mind. 

Do you offer any bonuses for LPL betting?

We offer welcome bonuses for all new accounts. Just enter code WELCOME100 with your first qualifying deposit to get started. Terms and conditions apply. 

What is the LPL prize pool?

The LPL prize pool for 2024 currently stands at ¥4,200,000 CNY, which roughly converts to $580-90K in USD. This is split amongst the top six competing teams. 

Can I bet on LPL from my smartphone?

Bet on the go with Rivalry! Our website is 100% mobile-friendly, so you can place LPL bets straight from your smartphone, so long as you're connected to the Internet. For our users in Ontario or the Philippines, we've got an app just for you—just type in "Rivalry - Esports Betting" in the iOS App Store to get started. 

Who are the favorite LPL teams?

The LPL has 17 teams competing, but there are a few teams you should most definitely keep your eyes on. EDward Gaming, Royal Never Give Up, and JD Gaming have the top-four finishes in LPL's history, making them firm favorites for the 2024 season. 

How many teams from LPL go to the Mid-Season Invitational?

The top two teams from the LPL Spring Split will automatically get invitations to MSI 2024, which will be held in May. 

What are the current LPL standings?

As of writing, the LPL Spring Split has yet to start. Feel free to check out our LPL Spring 2024 event overview for the current standings, schedule updates, and more.