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MPL Singapore

Prize Pool
$100,000 (SG)
May 4 - Jun 16th, 2024

Bet on MPL SG with Rivalry! | Live Odds & Favorite Teams

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is taking over the world one country at a time! Next up is MPL SG, otherwise known as Mobile Legends Professional League Singapore.

Eight franchised and well-established teams battle it out to win thousands of dollars and the coveted title of "Best MLBB team" in their region! Thousands of fans are eagerly awaiting the next MPL Singapore season as the seventh edition of the professional league begins on May 4, 2024.

Do you know what pairs well with MLBB viewing? Live betting! Spice up your MLBB viewing experience by betting on your favorite teams today with Rivalry! We even have welcome bonuses and other promos for you to use on MPL Singapore Season 7. Keep reading for our expert betting tips, tournament format, favorite teams to win, and more!

MPL Singapore betting

Background of MPL Singapore

MPL SG, short for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Singapore, is a pro-esports league dedicated to the namesake MOBA game, MLBB. It is one of several professional Mobile Legends regional tournaments, among famous ones like MPL Philippines, MPL Malaysia, and MPL Indonesia.

MPL Singapore was first established in 2017, providing a platform for talented MLBB players to showcase their skills, compete at the highest level, and represent their country.

MPL Singapore fosters a well-rounded group of MPL teams, serving as a hub for the growing esports community in the country. Viewership numbers are growing with each new MPL SG season, reaching 70K peak viewers in Season 6 in 2023 when Team Flash clinched the win.

MPL SG's esports calendar is split into two, with one MPL SG season in April/May and the other in September/October. The Mid-Season Cup in June and the M6 World Championship in November are between each seasonal split.

MPL Singapore Season 7: Format

MPL Singapore Season 7 will kick off with the Regular Season on May 4, 2024, which will continue until May 25. Like other regional MPL leagues, MPL SG follows a structured format, including a Regular Season and Playoffs.

The Regular Season typically has a single round-robin format, with all matches being Bo3, to keep fans and the competing teams on their toes.

During the Regular Season, the eight teams will gain points based on their individual games and matches won, using the point-scoring system below. The top six teams will advance to the Playoffs, which begin on June 14 and end on June 16. 

  • Three points for winning 2-0 games
  • Two points for winning 2-1 games 
  • One point for losing 1-2 games
  • Zero points for losing 0-2 games

All matches in the Playoffs are played as a double-elimination bracket. The top four seeded teams begin in the Upper Bracket, while the bottom two teams from the Regular Season are in the Lower Bracket.

Most matches are Bo3, except the Final Upper Bracket, Lower Bracket Semifinals and Lower Bracket Final are Bo5. The Grand Final is Bo7. The winner gets automatically invited to the Mid-Season Cup, or MSC, and the lion's share of the $100,000 SG prize pool.

You can follow the MPL Singapore Season 7 action with our dedicated event overview, which will include the complete schedule, match results, and prize pool distribution.

MPL Singapore Season 7: Teams

MPL Singapore: Teams

As always, eight teams will compete in MPL Singapore Season 7, some with championship titles under their belts. Six teams are well-established franchises, while the remaining two teams have earned their slots through Qualifiers.

Here are all the teams competing in MPL Singapore Season 7 and their player rosters.

  • Team Flash: Diablo, Hadess, KurTzy, Vanix, JPL
  • RSG Singapore: (entire roster is TBA)
  • Evil: Twistt, PoWerFuL, Seliah, JsisJejsj, Carrot
  • Vanguard Esports: (entire roster is TBA)
  • Bleed Esports: S4gitnu, Joxx, Jayy, Seiji, Gear
  • HomeBois SG: (entire roster is TBA)
  • Asteris: (entire roster is TBA)
  • Exco Esports: Super Ryan, Slowly, Jet, Gira, BearTzy

MPL Singapore: Venue & Where To Watch

All MPL SG matches, from the Regular Season to the Playoffs, will be broadcast across all official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang platforms, including YouTube. MPL Singapore has its own TwitchTikTok, and Facebook pages, where all matches, highlights, and player interviews will be shown.

The venue for MPL Singapore has yet to be revealed, but it'll likely be the same as previous seasons. The Regular Season will probably be held at the ZW Studios, and the Playoffs will likely be at the Suntec City Mall Atrium (Tower 1 & 2). We'll update this section as soon as we have more information.

MPL Singapore Betting Markets

MPL Singapore Betting Markets

Our Rivalry esports betting center features a super accessible and smooth UI, making betting a breeze! Through the Mobile Legends Bang Bang section, you can check out our various MPL Singapore betting markets.

All our betting odds are showcased as decimal odds to express an outcome, like a win or a loss. For example, if Team Flash is listed at 1.15 odds and you choose to bet on them, you'll stand to win 1.15x your original bet if/when they win that match!

  • Quick Combos: Want to take the thinking out of your next wager? Try our hand-crafted Quick Combos, which are featured at the top of the page! These bets feature exclusive, limited-time odds so ship your bet while you can!
  • Match Winner: Exactly what it says on the tin; you can predict the Match Winner before the game has begun or even during with our live, updated odds! 
  • Map Winner: MPL SG matches are typically Bo3, Bo5, or Bo7, meaning every game spans several maps. This betting market lets you bet on the winner of an individual map (Map 1, Map 2, Map 3, etc) rather than the outright overall matchup winner. 
  • Totals: Hedge your bets on the total maps played (Over/Under) Will one team bag the win in two maps ezpz, or will it go right down to the wire? 
  • Handicaps: With map handicap bets, you can bet on the favored team to win 2-0 in a Bo3 series or the underdogs to win just one map. For example, if you bet on Blacklist Rivalry -1.5 maps, they’ll need to win 2-0 for your bet to be successful.

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RSG Singapore are the most successful MPL Singapore team.

MPL Singapore: Favorite Teams to Win

The competition is fierce within MPL Singapore, making it a tough decision for MPL SG bettors to know who to hedge their bets on. Here are our top three teams for you to watch during the tournament.

RSG Singapore

RSG Singapore is ranked higher across all MPL Singapore seasons than any other team. Refreshed after the winter break, they're dedicated to bringing their winning A-game back to the league. They were runners-up in MPL SG S6 and came in the 5th—8th bracket in the MLBB SEA Cup in 2023.

Team Flash

Team Flash is the most recent MPL SG champion, having won a challenging game 4-3 against RSG Singapore in Season 6. They also came in the 9th-12th bracket in Games of the Future and M5 World Championship.


As the 3rd place team from MPL SG S6, Evil are another team looking to improve upon their recent performances. With a refreshed roster and revitalized strategy, they're gunning for the win in MPL Singapore Season 7.

MPL Singapore betting tips

MPL Singapore: Betting Tips

Betting on any tournament can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you're a newbie. Luckily, Rivalry are on hand to guide you with some simple tips and tricks to help you make informed betting decisions.

First things first, we recommend thoroughly researching all eight teams competing in MPL Singapore Season 7. Are they on a win/loss streak? What are their recent results looking like? What are their current player rosters? What team compositions do they gravitate towards? All these questions, alongside matchup statistics, are things you should consider when considering MPL Singapore teams to bet on.

While it may be tempting to yeet all your cash at an underdog with excellent odds like 5.0+, we advise you to be more considerate with your money. They're called underdogs for a reason and will always have a smaller shot at winning. Check out our online learning resource, Rivalry Academy, for more in-depth guides to understanding our esports odds and profitability.

Since Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a free-to-play mobile game, you can still learn the game yourself. After all, why would you bet on something you don't understand? Once you're in the game, you can learn the meta heroes, best item builds, team compositions, and more. Head to our blog page for valuable MLBB guides, including how to get free diamonds, the best beginner heroesML ranks, and more.

Using these simple tips above can help you get a winning edge over other uninformed bettors. You could choose an underdog with good odds and bag a huge jackpot when they win the match.

Our best betting advice would be to pick an MPL Singapore betting site that is legal, licensed, and reliable. Luckily for you, you're already in the right place with Why wait a second longer? Create a new Rivalry account to take advantage of our welcome bonus and win big by betting on the MPL Singapore betting!

MPL Singapore betting FAQs

FAQs About MPL Singapore Betting

Is betting on MPL SG legal?

Yes! Betting on MPL SG and other esports is 1005 legal, safe, and compliant with all local laws when done with Rivalry. Our platform is fully regulated and licensed under the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission.

How do I start betting on MLBB?

Make a Rivalry account today to get started with MPL Singapore betting! Use any of our pre-approved deposit methods (MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, PayMaya, and more). You must be in a verified jurisdiction to place any bets.

What country do I need to be from to bet on MPL SG?

Rivalry supports many countries getting involved in the wonderful world of betting, including Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and more! For a list of currently-unsupported regions, check out this list.

Are there any welcome bonuses for MPL SG betting?

Rivalry offers a generous welcome bonus for all new accounts, so you can get in on the MPL Singapore action immediately. Check out our promotions page for any hot new promos being released!

Where can I watch MPL SG matches?

MPL Singapore has its own TwitchTikTok, and Facebook, which will broadcast all MPL Singapore matches live, so you don't have to miss a second of the action.

Who are the favorite teams to win MPL SG?

Team Flash is currently the favorite team to win MPL Singapore Season 7 as the current defending champions. RSG Singapore is also a fabled team with deep roots of success in MPL SG and has the potential to return to winning form in 2024.