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Jun 11, 2019

The StarLadder minor is truly the last chance saloon for many teams, the final opportunity to work towards a spot at The International. That is, of course, the future of these teams, but what does their past look like? Interestingly enough, if you put their lifetime winnings alongside their odds to win the minor, there's a pretty good correlation in most cases.

dota 2 starladder minor winnings
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While Team Anvorgesa and Team Sirius are tough to categorize (as even if the orgs are "new", the players are not necessarily so, after all), the real story here revolves around the final push of Alliance and Mineski, both fighting for a chance to turn things around at the last opportunity à la OG last year. NiP, technically in a fairly safe position, are the bookmakers' favorites, but seeing how they're sitting pretty in the DPC standings at eighth, one has to wonder whether their closest rivals are more motivated to push on the same way their closest rivals are. Lest we forget, they are fifteenth and sixteenth in the standings respectively, despite their historically higher earnings. Of course, EHOME are right on the edge as well: the eighteenth-highest earners for a single game team could very well miss out on TI9 if things don't go their way.

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