We have created Dota 2 wallpapers for 5 Dota heroes, and are some of the signature heroes of Fnatic's 2017/2018 lineup:

  • EternalEnvy - Terrorblade
  • Abed - Meepo
  • Universe - Faceless Void
  • Pieliedie - Bounty Hunter
  • DJ - Enigma

Here's the full dota 2 wallpaper with all 5 heroes combined into one glorious image.

Dota heroes wallpaper

If you like that then you'll probably also dig this piece we did: Darkheart Pursuit. It can be used as a mobile wallpaper or a print, made by the same artist.

P.S. Check out the speedart in the link above, it's incredible.

Now onto the individual dota 2 hero wallpapers. Let's kick this off with EternalEnvy's signature hero, Terrorblade:

Terrorblade wallpaper Dota 2

Of course, best Meepo player in the world, the one and only Abed, gets the squad together:

Meepo wallpaper

And next up Mr. Purple, aka Universe. It just had to be his signature hero, Faceless Void:

Faceless Void Wallpaper

Remember those courier snipes? We surely do, as they solidified Bounty Hunter as pieliedie's hero:

Bounty Hunter Dota

And last but not least, one of the best Black Holes in competititve Dota, with DJ's signature hero wallpaper we went for Enigma:

Enigma immortal wallpaper

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