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May 6, 2020

FaZe can secure their playoff spot today as Fnatic continue to battle back from a poor start at ESL One Road to Rio. Meanwhile, Asia and Oceania also begin their quests for the Regional Major Rankings points, providing an insane amount of CS:GO action for the day.

ESL One Road to Rio - Oceania matches

Prediction: Ground Zero

Prediction: Renegades

ESL One Road to Rio - Asia matches

Prediction: Vici Gaming

Prediction: Beyond

Prediction: TyLoo

Prediction: D13

ESL One Road to Rio - CIS matches


Prediction: Hard Legion

Prediction: Na'Vi

ESL One Road to Rio - Europe matches

Prediction: Fnatic

Prediction: Team Vitality

Prediction: NiP

ESL One Road to Rio - North America matches

Prediction: Team Envy

ESL One Road to Rio stream

You can check out the main broadcast below (you can find the B stream at and the C stream at, big surprise,

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