Seeing this on Reddit and HLTV a lot, "how to get into FPL Challenger?" - we thought we'd try to answer some of the FAQ's regarding that. We’d all like to play on the big stage one day, and the FPL circuit provides a pretty decent opportunity for talented players to work towards becoming a professional. Getting into the Challenger League is the promised land in the FACEIT universe – though that really is only the beginning of the story –, a long and arduous path where only the best will make it.

Since there is no such thing as a free lunch, your first step has to be to fork out some cash for access to the 5v5 Premium leagues where you are required to reach an ELO rating of 2000 during one of the monthly seasons in order to get into the Premium Master League – the highest one out of the ten leagues offered. From that point on, the next step is to rank in the top 100. That will allow you to play in the FPL-C qualifiers where this three-figure field is then whittled down to just five players.

Of course, the final rungs of the ladder are the hardest to climb upon, but there’s a reason why the FPL Challenger is called “Challenger”: the top 100 participants of that league get into the ultimate qualifier, and the top two can make it to the actual FACEIT Pro League. We hope this somewhat answers the "how to get into FPL Challenger?" question, and we hope to see you on the circuit soon!