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May 8, 2018

We had a chance to sit down with the one and only Alex "Machine" Richardson to have him grill us about what we're doing at Rivalry.

Isn't gambling as horrible for society as porn and hard drugs? Turns out...nope, it's not. Yes there are some shady actors in the space but we at Rivalry are looking to change that in a big way.

  • Why would anyone bet? 02:32
  • Limiting how much a customer can bet 3:02
  • What makes Rivalry any different than other esports betting sites? 5:50
  • Licensing and regulations; background checks
  • Customer protection 8:15
  • Other sites (regulated and unregulated) 9:35
  • Transparency ^
  • Valve & Skins = Crypto? 11:07
  • Why would anyone choose Rivalry over other sites? 15:05
  • We can do loot crates too (we have a license for actual RNG) 16:25
  • "No ones parents were Fnatic fans" 17:28
  • Match fixing 19:00
  • Teams produced for the sole purpose of match fixing 28:55
  • Deposit bonuses 32:50
  • Identity verification (KYC) 36:30
  • Ads vs Content 42:40
  • Betting as a proven business model 44:00
  • How does Rivalry make money? 44:50
  • Making it simple with Ryan, closing out 47:03
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